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The 9 Best Law Of Attraction Journals for 2023

Updated on 9/20/22

What is the law of attraction? The concept has been gaining steam over the last couple of years due to current events in our world. It has led to significant interest and boost in sales in all law of attraction products, such as a law of attraction journal. 

In simple words, the law of attraction believes that anyone can create and control their fate by using power residing in their minds. The law of attraction pulls everything you require into your life and proximity so that you can quickly achieve it. 

What is pulled depends on your thoughts; positive thoughts lead to a positive outcome, while negative thoughts lead to a negative result. It is the feeling of drawing like energy to like energy.  

With positive vibes come good things that you want to achieve, and if you give off negative vibes, you will attract bad things. 

What is a Law of Attraction Journal?

Law of attraction journal is simply a journal, and any journal can be a law of attraction journal. It is a medium through which one can manifest the powers of the universe. The thing about the law of attraction is that the user has to picture themselves having what they want. Journaling makes all of this fun, easy and effective way of imagining yourself. 

The journal allows you to live your ideal life in the manner you deem it to be. All you need to do is feel that the manifesting is working for you.

Keeping and using a law of attraction journal helps you boost a positive attitude and develop a clearer vision of your desires and dreams. The goal is to be sure of what you write and how you want your life to be.

What Should I Write in my Law of Attraction Journal? 

After reading the definition of the law of attraction, it becomes clear that you should write positive things if you want positive things in your life. The most common thing one can write about in a law of attraction journal is gratitude. 

Write about the things you are thankful for. You can even write about the things you want to remember. As you write with a heart full of gratitude, you let the universe know that you are a source of positive vibrations. 

Many things can be written, such as your life goals, desires, wishes, etc. You can use the journal as a daily, weekly, or monthly planner or personal diary. It is up to you. 

 Here are some of the best law of attraction journals:

1. Super Attractor Journal 

When the topic of manifestation arises, the name of Gabrielle Bernstein shines the brightest. The Super Attractor Journal is the companion journal of Gabrielle Bernstein. The fans of Gabby just love her teachings and love to put them into practice.  

The book is in itself an invitation to all to come back and realize one’s abilities, find your value and power, and simultaneously learn how to co-create the 

super attractor journal law of attraction journal

life you desire, want, and need. It is about sending a wish out into the universe and hoping for the best.  

Through the Super Attractor Journal, Gabrielle Bernstein provides you with the practical tools you need and require to put your dreams onto paper and manifest them into reality. The product holds enough space for you to practice all the powerful methods from Gabrielle’s Super Attractor Journal. 

The quantity of this law of attraction journal is insane. The back and the front covers are sturdy, and the paper is durable and thick, so don’t worry about any unnecessary wear and tear. The pages are beautiful with different watercolor designs on them. With each page, the interest of the writer just keeps on increasing. 

On different pages, you will find various attraction mantras and prompts, as well as many blank pages where you can let your imagination wander free. Artist Micaela Ezra crafted the watercolor illustrations to complement the inspiring Gabrielle Bernstein. 

All of this will provide you with the needed visual aids to boost your manifesting practices. This journal is best if you like to write a lot when working within the law of attraction and prefer the flexibility of using the journal the way you desire.  

If you prefer to practice the law of attraction methods such as scripting, 55×5, or simply want to deepen your connection with your inner spiritual force, then this journal is best for you. The journal allows you to get with the flow of the universe and tap into the infinite source of support and love. 

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. Effective 
  2. Uplifting and beautiful cover 


  1. It could be more interactive. 


“I love Gabby Bernstein, and when I got into this journal, it helped me in different ways to manifest and heal, in ways I could never fathom. I strongly recommend this journal.”

2. The Law of Attraction Planner

The Law of Attraction Planner is a majestic planner. You will find a personal development journal, a bullet journal, a daily journal, a gratitude journal, and a lot more for improving your life and guiding you to your manifestation. This law of attraction journal has everything you are looking for.

The product combines spiritual guidance and manifesting abilities from the law of attraction, including tools you will need to achieve short-term and lo

Law of Attraction Planner law of attraction journal

ng-term goals like self-motivation and wealth-building principles. 

The journal is ideal for both men and women, perfect for people from any professional background such as professors, architects, college students, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to make their dreams come into reality. 

The product’s vegan-friendly cover is a leather cover-like look containing 274 life-changing pages with 71 journal pages. The product comes in B5 size; the cover comprises animal-friendly PU leather with various artworks. The product has about 350 stickers and a 12-month calendar. 

The journal also features weekly overviews of your work, vision boards, feel-good and gratitude lists, etc. It also has a pen loop, open flats, and two bookmarks. It is artistically embossed to inspire the inner creativity in you, to bring out a positive outlook for every day of your life. 

This law of attraction journal uses a unique and scientific 8-step process to guide you and help you manifest and achieve various things in life. The 8-step process guides you through multiple stages of life such as career, health, family, relationships, life goals, emotions, and many other things. The product is quite durable, even with heavy use. 

These unique features make it a compelling way to shift one’s old habits and create new ones that help you live an exciting and happy life. 

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. The product is effective.
  2. It uses a unique 8-step process.


  1. Expensive 


“The planner has all the elements I ever wanted from a law of attraction journal. Both of my personal and professional needs were satisfied. It helps you plan your daily tasks. The thing I loved the most was that you wholly account for your goals and dreams. “

3. The Magic 

The Magic is a law of attraction journal that changed the lives of millions. This list wouldn’t have been complete without including the  Magic journal. The journal was created by Rhonda Byrne, the mastermind behind the documentary, The Secret, which swept away millions and changed their lives for the better. 

the magic law of attraction journalRhonda Byrne’s book The Secret is one of the bestselling books, and The Magic has also become one of the most selling books attributed to her. The product is, well, not a journal per se. It wasn’t created to be used as one. It doesn’t have the space to write, but you can write over the blank areas. 

Through the Magic, Rhonda Byrne reveals to the world some life-changing information. The journal takes you on an incredible and majestic 28-day journey. The author teaches you how to apply the various principles and knowledge of the law of attraction in your day-to-day life. 

As you start the journal, the author provides some basics of the law of attraction. As you advance, Byrne provides 28 magical practices specifically designed to teach you how to harvest the power of positive expressions and gratitude. And the use of these as a catalyst for your manifestations. 

It would be best to do these exercises consecutively throughout the 28-days, and you will learn to integrate positive expressions and gratitude into your own life. You shall work on your appreciation of what you currently have in life and what you had in the first two weeks. 

Then, over ten days, you shall try to move this power of gratitude towards your desires and dreams. In the last part of the exercise, you shall learn how to saturate gratitude and positive expressions into every cell of your body, turning yourself into a living manifestation machine.  

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. Effective 
  2. Short and revealing 


  1. I can’t write much 


“I don’t believe in positive vibrations or the law of attraction. The practices in the book have been beneficial. They helped me find focus in life. “

“Because you become more focused on the positive aspects, you are more likely to become aware of opportunities coming your way. Otherwise, you might miss them.”

4. Deluxe Undated 90-Day Daily Planner 

The Deluxe Undated 90-Day Daily Planner is a planner known for its looks and works. The planner helps you to become better mentally, physically, and interpersonal. The law of attraction journal uses an 8-step unique path to help you achieve manifestation. The eight steps are:  

  1. Awareness and self-discovery 
  2. Make a vision and mission 
  3. How to set goals 
  4. Create your life statement and vision board 
  5. Make a clear strategy deluxe undated 90 days planner law of attraction journal
  6. Take action and make a clear plan 
  7. Feel good and manifest faster 
  8. Reflect and celebrate 

Following the eight steps mentioned above, as the author recommends, can help you increase productivity and create happiness in your life.

The journal is one of its kind, with a design based on scientific studies with proven results to increase happiness and productivity. The product has a foldable vision board to keep you focused with morning and evening power questions to help you manifest. 

The journal also features mind maps, reflection pages, back pockets, gratitude journals, habit trackers, and many more things compared to other planners. The Undated Deluxe version comes in a B5 (6.9″ x 9.8″) size. The planner comes with a law of attraction roadmap that helps you find goals

The product has 288 pages of awareness about the law of attraction, including 90 daily planning pages with 6-month overviews. The journal features 30-Day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see results within 30 days, you can return the product and get a refund. 

The product uses Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, thus making it both eco and vegan-friendly. This law of attraction journal is ideal for both men and women and features an A-5 hardcover made of animal-friendly PU leather with affirmations and artwork. 

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. Helps you focus 
  2. It prevents you from procrastinating.
  3. It helps you break down goals. 


  1. Requires a lot of time commitment 
  2. Monthly reflection questions can be overwhelming. 
  3. No tabs 


“I was just happy and excited ordering my new 2021 planner as last time I couldn’t get a Rose Gold in stock, but this was a pleasant surprise. The stickers, affirmations, coupons, and so much more are so lovely. The cover is quite beautiful, and all of the visual ideas kept me motivated.”  

5. Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal 

The Gratitude A Day and Night Reflection Journal help you center your day around gratitude and positive feelings. When the topic of the law of attraction comes up, the key to success is vibration.  

If you wish to have what you truly desire, you must make sure that your vibration is a perfect match with what you desire to bring into your life. 

gratitude day and night reflection journal law of attraction journal

The best way to achieve what you truly want is by having gratitude. This is where Gratitude A Day and Night Reflection Journal comes into action. 

The journal will allow you to keep a high vibration, through which you can easily practice the law of attraction. The product is the perfect place to celebrate and record anything and everything you have ever been grateful for and preserve precious memories. 

This 90-day law of attraction journal provides you with a path to create a daily gratitude habit that you can learn and carry onwards throughout your life. The idea of cultivating gratitude is one of the most effective and vital mindfulness techniques. 

The concept of thankfulness has proven to affect an individual’s mental and general well-being positively. Each page of the product includes proper space for you to record your expressions of gratitude, memories of positive interactions, personal affirmations, and commentaries on the significance of life. 

It has 184 lined, acid-free pages created from archival paper, allowing proper movement of pen and pencil over it. As you fill the journal with the statements of gratitude, you will keep collecting a personal trove of beautiful reflections, which would inspire you in your future endeavors. 

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. Uses the power of gratitude 
  2. It is effective.


  1. It may not be challenging enough for a few. 


“The journal is simply gorgeous and easy to follow layout formed for morning and evening gratitude check-ins. There are multiple designs in it, making it feel like a special and unique work of art. The cover is quite beautiful too.”

6. The 100-Day Guided Manifestation Journal 

The 100-Day Guided Manifestation Journal is a timeless journal that creates results and guides people through a journey in which they feel the miraculous power of desire and experiences the blessings of life. You can release the power of scripting to help you manifest through a few steps. 

The power of attraction will burst from your unbroken imagination as you move through the journal to create great results for experiencing the life you have been chasing. As guided, readers who commit themselves to the journal will change their lifestyles through observations. 100 day guided journal law of attraction journal

This product aims to show you how easy it is to change your life and how beneficial it can be. As the name suggests, it is an undated journal that guides your life through 100-days of the law of attraction through quotes, tips, guidance, and writing prompts. 

As you move through the journal, you will start to observe the significant changes in your life, forming the habit of kinetic belief journaling. The journal will challenge you to make the concept of the law of attraction an integral part of your daily life. 

The 227 premium pages will guide you through a 100-day journey of renewal. Each page is beautifully tailored with a thoughtful quote or an explanation followed by a blank space to express yourself. The pages are thick and smooth, with no ink bleed-through.

The law of attraction journal will guide you to become the original and the perfected version of yourself, not only on a mental level but also at a physical and interpersonal level. The journal is one of a kind, written by a founder of kinetic belief. It is based on what the leading quantum physicists have observed in the world. 

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. Proven to be effective 
  2. It has a lot of pages 


  1. Not for those new to the law of attraction 


“Genius exists in each one of us; I love this journal. As 2020 rolled in, I knew I had to keep a positive mindset. This journal helped me achieve that. It’s encouraging, informative, and has a cool design. I felt so motivated to use it. Definitely buy it.”

7. 555 Challenge Workbook 

The 555 Challenge Workbook is a 5-day law of attraction journal containing daily prompts and lines for writing. All this will help you understand and work through a rather powerful and effective manifestation technique called 55×5. The method is a manifestation technique that acts as a restructuring system. 

555 challenge

This restructuring system is for your subconscious mind. Prepare yourself by getting into a relaxed mood, being mindful, and starting to write lines, thus allowing your subconscious thoughts to come up easily. The workbook works through changing your subconscious thoughts over five days. 

As you become relaxed and engrossed, the aim of this journal becomes apparent, which is to reprogram your thoughts so that you can make a good association with the vibrations of your true desires and needs. You must stay clear when writing about what you want to manifest in your life. 

It is recommended that you work on one goal at a time for at least five days consecutively. As you select the goal, you will start writing your manifestation intentions on top of the page and then write it again 55 times. You are expected to do all this for five days. 

The goal is to keep gratitude and emotions while writing. Do not confuse this with homework, as that will restrain your true desires from being fulfilled. If you wish to achieve what you want using the 55×5 method and need a beautiful book, the workbook is for you. 

As you practice the vibrations, get into a high place. Try to visualize how you want to live your life. The journal makes this a challenge for all, which is worth trying. As you complete this challenge, you will have successfully manifested your goal. Remember your success or failure for future references. 

Note: This book doesn’t explain the method or how to manifest but instead acts as a workbook. 

Check price on Amazon here


  1. Easy to use 
  2. It uses the 55×5 method 


  1. Not for beginners 
  2. Require proper attention and time 


“I thought this was some sort of advice book, but I realized that it was actually a journal when I bought it. So, I kept it anyway, and I’m thinking about buying a few more of these journals for the wonderful ladies in my family. I love it.”

8. Unlimited Journal 

The Unlimited Journal properly lays a strong foundation for those who want to work and test the theory of the law of attraction. The journal allows for an easy and simple understanding of the things that underlie attraction law. The book provides you with exercises for 40 days. 

All these exercises work to help your manifestation come true. As you move through the journal pages, you will be guided by the various mind-

deluxe undated 90 days planner

spirit exercises that will shift your viewpoint and direct your mindset towards the universe and how the universe affects your life. 

These exercises will open the flood gates of the abundance of various ideas and technologies through which you can change your life. Through this journal, you can turn around your whole life in just 40 days, and it will guide you through your journey of change.

The first section of the journal deals with the basics and basis of the law of attraction theory. The terms are easy to understand, and the author explains everything effortlessly. This is great for all those interested in the law of attraction and don’t know where to begin. 

The author Zehra Mahoon simplifies the law of attraction through the key components of meditation and visualization. Zehra uses practical examples that will allow you to apply the law of attraction in your own life. The second section acts as a workbook for people. 

Each day in the journal starts with a law of attraction teaching, followed by two pages to practice that teaching. Each exercise is of a similar kind to root your manifestation practice. 

You will be doing a short meditation in the morning, then writing a gratitude list, doing a visualization, writing your intentions for the day, and doing a few prompts. As evening approaches, you will go through your day, write what thoughts you had and do pre-bed paving. 

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. Good for beginners 
  2. Proper explanation of Law of Attraction 


  1. Expensive 
  2. Not for advanced practitioners 


“I appreciate this 40-day LOA manifestation workbook. I have read it in tandem with one of the author’s other books, Thrive. Together they form the intellectual and practical foundation for a structured practice on how to become a master manifester. I particularly appreciate Zehra’s ability to write clearly and her care and commitment to guiding others.”

9. Life Mastery Planner

Imagine having a planner to plan each aspect of your life and increase your work capacity and happiness. The Life Mastery planner is a deluxe law of attraction planner that helps you become the best version of yourself mentally and physically. 

life mastery plannerIt is all this while being a law of attraction vibration guide tool. The product is a 12-month journey to crush your goals increase positivity, productivity, happiness, and passion. Through 212 pages of life transformation, you can achieve all this. 

The planner is made for 52 weeks- 12 months of planning overviews and reflection. The product has 45 journal pages, mind maps, habit trackers, morning and evening routines, and an out foldable vision board; all these allow you to harvest the universe’s energy. 

The planner allows you to achieve your goals, learn how to set goals in life, manage your time, and follow the methods used by successful people worldwide. You will need to try the law of attraction methods to succeed in your endeavors. 

The product is one of the best instruments for achieving your fantasies, and make sure to keep on recording your failures and successes. The product strolls through everything. Therefore, you will be focusing on your goals wants, accomplishing different things, and accelerating towards your desires before you even know it. 

The law of attraction journal comprises Faux leather and is eco-accommodating in nature. The product has attractive bookmarks and ribbons. The binding is done with perfection, allowing you to work on both sides of the pages spread across the planner. 

Check price on Amazon here.


  1. Attractive cover 
  2. Lots of space to write 


  1. Expensive 
  2. Lengthy in nature 


I love this planner! It allowed me to set goals for this year, and now those goals are slowly becoming habits for me. 

I appreciate all the effort and thought that went into developing this planner. It has been invaluable to me.

Best Law of Attraction Journals Conclusion


What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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