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How to Create Your Vision Board Online

Online Vision Board

Unlike before, many people are aware of the law of attraction. In fact, more people feel confident and comfortable using a vision board to manifest their dreams. However, a major stumbling block for many is laziness to set up a physical vision board that demands cutting pictures and getting magazines. And for others simply making the time to do so.

If you fall into any of the categories above or keep postponing your vision board here is a solution: A vision board online. This is merely a digital version of a physical vision board. And more excitingly, the online vision board is more comfortable and less stressful to create.

A vision board online saves you time. You can spend your time on the internet, creating a board that can manifest all your desires into reality. All you need is to learn the process and understand some handy websites that support creating a vision board online. Read further to learn about this effective manifestation technique.

In a hurry? Here are my top picks:

  1. Mind Movies
  2. Canva

What is an Online Vision Board?

When you collate a representation of everything you wish to achieve in life, you have just created a vision board. Once you decide to do the collection on the internet, you are establishing an online vision board. Also known as a digital vision board, this manifestation technique helps get a clear idea about what you desire. Whether it is a car, mansion, happy relationship, dream vacation, trip, or career, you can add a picture, article, cut-out news, or any other representations of your desire. 

Having representations of what you desire on a vision board gives you extra motivation to work towards your goal. It helps retrace your steps when you start straying off your goals. More importantly, it reinforces your thoughts and beliefs. As a result, you’ll continuously emit the energy to manifest your desires. What happens is that as you think regularly and deeply about your wants, your subconscious mind will resonate with a vibration that matches that of your wishes in the universe. In return, the universe will start attracting your desires towards your reality.

Before an online vision board can work for you, it’s crucial to ensure that the board contains everything that genuinely desires in life. Since you are creating the vision board online, you can easily find articles, newspapers, images, and magazines to drag and drop on your online vision board. It’s easier and fun to develop. However, the most important thing is that the vision board must represent your desires. 

Benefits of a Vision Board Online

The online vision board is a highly effective and beneficial manifestation technique. Below are some of the advantages of developing a vision board on the worldwide web:

Quick development: Here is the most obvious benefit of an online vision board. Considering that you can get the perfect representation of your desire with a few clicks, using apps and sites to create your dream board is always fast and easy.

Multiple applications: Unlike conventional vision boards, the online dream board allows different uses. For instance, you can decide to print some copies, paste some on your private social media pages, or use them as wallpaper on your phone or desktop. Some even use a printed online vision board as home décor.

Appealing Display: You’ll agree that setting up an image online can be quite exciting and attractive. Given that you can easily find different attractive photos representing your desires, you have multiple options to come up with an appealing vision board.

Numerous custom options: From layouts, color gradients, watermarks, design to text fonts, designing your vision board online allows for customization to your taste. The online vision board enables users to choose the most befitting appearance that will make them happy.

Supports confidentiality: Not everyone would like people to know what they desire. If you belong to this group, an online vision board is one of your best options to manifest. You can quickly develop your vision board online and put it under a password to keep a secret.

How to Create a Vision Board Online

If you check the internet today, you’ll find many websites and apps that support the creation of an online vision board. While some require registration and payment to use, others are free. However, you’ll find any of the four sites below useful to achieve your online dream board.

1.   Canva

One of the most popular design websites is Canva. Despite the wide variety of images, fonts, and other customizing tools on the app, designing on the site is entirely free. Besides, the website runs on an app that allows designers to work while on the move. Thus, whether you choose to create your vision board on the phone or desktop, Canva will meet your needs without charges.

Once you have a clear idea of your dream in mind, visit the website, or download the app to begin. Now, choose a template to start creating your vision board. Afterward, you should select your preferred font – a larger font is advisable if you plan to print your online dream board. From there, select your favorite grid where you’ll collate different images about your dream. The next thing is to start adding photos that represent your life goals. Advisably, you can also add motivational quotes and reports that relate to your dream.

After setting up your inspirational vision board, you can share it on your social media platform or save it on your desktop or phone. You can also print a few copies and paste them around your house – it all depends on what you find convenient and promote your happiness.

2.   Design Wizard

Here is another highly versatile online vision board app worth using. Aside from images and texts, Design Wizard allows users to create videos. So, with the site, you can develop a movie mind to manifest your desires. Design Wizard offers several customization tools. From grids, layouts, pictures, text size, fonts, to color, you’ll find several design tools to develop a motivational vision board. 

Visit the website and click on create for free. Afterward, you can choose to use the video editor or the image editor. Since you are creating a vision board, you can start with an image editor. Now, select your preferred template size, among A5, A3, and A4. Also, it is possible to change the template size with a few clicks. Try to take advantage of the long list of images on Design Wizard; it will help design an outstanding online vision board. More so, all the tools are easy to use, even for a layman in graphic design.

Once the vision board is ready, please take a look to check whether it encompasses everything that you want to manifest. Feel free to re-customize and adjust as you deem fit. After a satisfying design, you can then download and keep where you can see it regularly.

3.   PicMonkey

On PicMonkey, you have the perfect platform to develop a vision board online. Those who would like to design a vision board on the desktop, visit PicMonkey’s homepage. While on the page, choose a suitable blank canvas based on your ideal size. Afterward, you can add your favorite images by clicking on the top of the tab’s image. From there, you can design as you like by adding inspirational texts, phrases, and designs. You can now download the vision board on your computer or forward it through email to your interior designer.

If you want to use PicMonkey on the phone to design your vision board, it’s realistic. Download the app from the app store. After downloading and installing, click open the app. Then, choose a blank canvas to begin. On the bottom left, you’ll see the option to select size – pick your preferred dimension. Now, introduce your color or pattern and click on next to proceed. At this point, you can add photos by clicking on stickers. The app also allows you to choose from some exciting designs. From there, you can save your vision board in Hub or your phone.

4.   Mind Movies

While mind movies is not exactly an app, it is a suitable method and platform to create your online vision board. A mind movie is about adding images that represent your life goals and dreams to create a video. This development can serve as a reminder to serve as motivation regularly.

Once you make your one-time fee, you’ll gain access to a simple, yet highly useful interface. The platform allows you to make an outstanding movie about your dream future. As long as you have a clear idea of what you desire in the future, the platform will help bring the dream right before your eyes. For instance, if you want a prosperous and peaceful life, pictures about meditation, abundant life, and affluence will help meet your needs. Also, you should include some relaxing music and tones.

After adding images and music, you can also add motivational statements to drive home your points. Once you are done contributing representations of what you desire, take your time to watch the movie for the first time. If the movie clearly shows your desired future, save it for constant watch every morning – you can choose other times depending on your schedule.

If you are interested in Mind Movies I have an extensive 4,000-word review on the platform you can access by clicking here:

Vision Board Online Examples

Below are two examples of an online vision board:

Let’s assume that you seek an executive position at work. You can develop a vision board containing successful business directors. Feel free to add an image of yourself wearing a nice suit and looking as if you are already in the role. Add an inspirational quote that talks about leadership, responsibility, and other core values.

If you want a happy relationship, starting with your favorite couple’s images will be a good beginning. Find a news report about old-aged couples who have lived together successfully for a long time. Add texts that say, “I deserve a happy relationship” “I love myself and people who love me,” among other positive affirmations. Don’t be shy to add magazines talking about love and companionship. In short, ensure that the representations reflect your dream. 


Consider an online vision board as a daily mental and mind workout to remind yourself about your lofty dreams. When you see your dream future, you’ll have the extra inner strength to connect with the universe. As you continuously think and believe in your dream, you have a better chance of manifesting your imaginations.

If you believe that you are the type who procrastinates, you can ask a friend or family member to start developing an online vision board. Like going to the gym in a group, you’ll have the extra motivation to develop a picture-perfect vision board for yourself with ease. From there, all you need is to keep the inspirational board where you can regularly view it. Finally, you need to exercise patience, show perseverance, and allow the universe to have its way. You’ll be surprised when your representations start becoming realities.

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Can you do a vision board online?

Yes, it’s possible to create a vision board online. In fact, it’s more comfortable and more exciting. Also, several websites and apps are available to create a visualization board effortlessly. All you need is to open the site, choose your preferred template, and design your dreams as you deem fit. The internet provides a long list of articles and images to bring your dreams onto the board.

What is the best vision board app?

While Canva appears to be the best free vision board app to use, several other options are also available. From Design Wizard, Mind Movies, PicMonkey, Corkulous to Dream Vision board, many platforms enable users to develop a vision board with useful templates and tools. Any of the options listed will come in handy.

How do I make a free vision board online?

It’s easy and straightforward. Choose a suitable platform to design. Access the website or app from your desktop or phone. Now, enter the editor’s homepage. Select among the available templates or blank canvas. View the available grids and layouts and choose an option containing a couple of representations about your dreams. Start adding images, texts, quotes, and designs that reflect your desire. Finally, download the vision board.

What is a virtual vision board?

A virtual vision board refers to a collection of data that represents your desires and aspirations. These data may include pictures and texts. After collecting and creating your vision board online, you can print and paste on your wall or save as wallpaper on your phone or desktop as a reminder.

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