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12 Proven Steps to Activate Subconscious Mind

12 Proven Steps To Activate Subconscious Mind

Not everyone understands the power that lies in the subconscious mind. Yet every human is blessed with it. Also, the number of people who know how to activate the subconscious mind is limited. In short, it is one thing to know about the subconscious mind; it is another thing to understand the means of activating it.

The subconscious mind is, arguably, the most fascinating and powerful part of humans. With a healthy mind, we are capable of controlling many realities in our lives. It can help nurture our growth and development. When the subconscious mind is unlocked, it comes in handy for achieving success and getting fulfilled effortlessly. From manifestation to, strong determination to connect with the universe, the subconscious mind has an endless list of powers.

However, it’s pertinent to activate your subconscious mind to use its latent abilities for your own good and to benefit people around you. If you want to learn more about how it works, and most importantly, how to activate the subconscious mind, then you should read this article diligently. 

What is the Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind is a significant realm in the brainpower that is beyond the focal awareness. This part is in charge of the information that helps the body function, including digesting food, breathing, behaving, memories, among others. As the name suggests, everyone subconsciously saves memory into this part of the mind. Daily, we pick up information and keep it in the subconscious memory with partial awareness.

Even though we hardly think about the subconscious mind, it is responsible for a myriad of actions that we aren’t aware of. This mind deals with our self-control, intuition, thoughts, self-healing, sixth-sense, and willpower. An amazing tidbit about the subconscious mind is that it can be activated with our actions, words, and thoughts. This is something we can fully take advantage of. It is possible because the subconscious mind is capable of taking instructions from us. By sending the right message to it, we can manifest our desires or drive ourselves towards achieving specific goals. 

The information that we send to the flows as intangible energy. This mind is capable of converting it to tangible reality by sending the right vibration into the universe. In essence, the subconscious mind is designed to take our commands and manifest them into reality.

How Does the Subconscious Mind Work?

As suggested earlier, everyone owns a subconscious mind, which possesses homeostatic impulse. With this impulse, this mind regulates body functions and keep them in balance. More so, it processes information that goes into our brain without our full consciousness. 

All these pieces of information are used by the mind to determine our behavior, personality, and character throughout our lifetime. If only we can see what lies in our subconscious mind, we’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of information we carry about every day.

Interestingly, we can assess such information through many techniques you’ll find out later in this article. It’s just like trying to remember a forgotten memory. By reaching into our subconscious mind, we don’t just get to access the information but also send instructions. In other words, we can unlock the subconscious mind to align with our desire and support the manifestation of specific dreams. In this regard, we have to forward information that will help affirm and reinforce our existing beliefs and desire. 

By performing relevant actions, saying words, and keeping useful thoughts about our desired lifestyle, we’ll be reprogramming it to help us reach our goals. Such goals may include gaining an improved personality or manifesting a specific desire.

12 Ways to Activate the Subconscious Mind

1.   Meditation

Many people see meditation as a powerful manifestation technique. However, it is also an effective way to activate our subconscious mind. Meditation helps enter a certain threshold that connects us to our subconscious mind and raises our vibration level. This is usually achieved in our most calm state. At this point, a meditator will be free of stress and gain the required tranquility to access the subconscious mind and send in necessary instructions. 

Interestingly, meditation is a simple technique to practice. Find a serene place and sit comfortably with your eyes shut. Now, clear your mind as you breathe in and out slowly. Pay attention to nature while emptying your thoughts. Within a few minutes, you’ll find yourself in the realm of your subconscious mind. Endeavor to practice meditation repeatedly.

2.      Visualization

Another useful technique of unlocking the subconscious mind is by dreaming about our goals. Visualization involves seeing your dreams as a reality in your eyes. During your moment of relaxation, try to vividly close your eyes and get a clear picture of what you would like to achieve. As the picture becomes clearer, so would you be able to manifest the desires. For instance, if you want a car, visualize yourself buying the car and bringing a smile to your face. See yourself enjoying your ride with every little detail possible. From touch, feelings, sounds, shapes, and smells, submerge yourself in the pleasant feeling of achievement. Ensure that you sustain the nice feeling for as long as possible.

By visualizing your dreams and aspirations, you are auto-suggesting certain information to your powerful subconscious mind. Bear in mind that you’ll need concentration, determination, and single-mindedness to use visualization to instruct your subconscious mind. Also, consistency is required; hence, try to spend a significant part of your time practicing your visualization method.

3.      Affirmation

Here is a technique that most people who are already into the law of attraction will find exciting and straightforward. Affirmation is a useful method to give clear and direct instruction and information to your subconscious mind. By sending positive affirmations to your subconscious mind, it will unconditionally follow your command and kickstart the process of manifesting your desires.

Affirmation is easy to practice and to motivate. You can practice affirmation alone or with your family that has similar goals. All it takes is speaking positively about your desire. It’s about giving yourself a positive talk concerning your goals and happiness. For instance, “I am a millionaire,” “I am confident in myself,” or “The house is mine.” Using positive affirmations help continuously remind your subconscious mind about attracting your desires. Another good thing about the affirmation method is that it can be practiced anywhere – even in the shower. An important part is that you should do it with all your feelings and support yourself with positive-minded individuals.

4.      Mental cleansing

Sometimes, people complain about the failed process of unlocking the subconscious mind or using the law of attraction. One of the possible problems is a congested or troubled mind. Before you can utilize your subconscious mind’s power, it’s pertinent to have a clean slate. In other words, you should flush out the negative thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and doubts in your mind. This will not only help activate your subconscious mind but also improve its efficiency. 

Considering that the subconscious mind is programmed to take in every piece of information, it doesn’t recognize a thought as unfavorable. And this is where the onus lies on you. It’s pertinent to redefine your thoughts and cross out your negative intentions. Otherwise, doubts, worries, and fears will only continue wrecking the productivity of your subconscious mind. This includes the information that comes from a third party. This means that when an individual speaks ill around you, it’s vital to keep your distance from such people. Instead, focus and share moments with people that speak positive affirmations and perform actions that align with your goals. In this way, the subconscious mind will work in line with the manifestation of your dreams.

5.      Be mindful of your thought process

Like a watchman, you should be conscious of your thoughts and beliefs. This is vital to your personal growth and advancement. If you want to tap into the infinite power of your subconscious mind, then you need to be conscious of what goes into it. Be dutiful at being aware of what you think about and what you say. Always remind yourself that the thin line between a successful and unsuccessful person lies in their thought process. Thus, you want to stay on the side of those who keep constructive, positive, and healthy thoughts every time. It is one thing to clear your minds off negative thoughts; it is another thing to maintain positive imaginations, beliefs, and intentions. Advisably, keeping successful people who think positively around you will also help maintain a positive mindset. In this way, you’ll find it easy to talk and think about what you want – a common attribute of accomplished people worldwide. 

6.      Freewriting

Here is another interesting way to activate your subconscious mind. It is more or less about brainstorming and putting down your mind in black and white. Many writers and authors often use this method to beat writer’s block. But you don’t have to be a writer to use freewriting. If you feel a mental-block or are stuck on visualizing or thinking about your desires, freewriting will help clear your head and unlock your subconscious mind. 

Freewriting entails acknowledging your obstacles and challenges and facing them head-on. By writing these challenges freely, it will help clear your mind and free your cluttered emotions. More so, it helps me feel calm and relaxed. Don’t be surprised if you notice that you are getting creative at the process and you are crafting your story better on paper. Freewriting allows you to express your desire beautifully. Besides, when writing, you’ll be exercising your brain and flexing muscles that support innovation. The more you write freely, the better you’ll trust yourself. This will help develop a stable self-trust that comes in handy for reaching out to your subconscious mind. As with affirmation and visualization methods, free writing requires consistency to experience the effect. Endeavor to do free writing at least once daily

7.      Leave your Comfort Zone

While your comfort zone is relaxing, you need to step out of it if you want to unlock your subconscious mind. This method is useful for boosting brain power since the brain experiences exponential growth when it comes across new things. For instance, by traveling out of your city, the brain will naturally develop a new neural pathway. When you are out of your norm, there is a high chance of doing things that you haven’t done before. As a result, the brain will connect multiple new neural pathways. The end product is that you will reprogram the subconscious mind to think outside the box and do something different. In the long run, it boosts your confidence. So, don’t keep a routine; try to explore and inject freshness into your life. Try a new language, learn new music, eat at a new restaurant, or hold a picnic in a different area. All these efforts will go a long way in unlocking your subconscious mind and harnessing its power.

8.      A dream board

This is another easy and proactive method to utilize your subconscious mind. A dream board is simply a pictorial representation of your desired goals. All you need is to cut out pictures from newspapers, magazines, or print information and diagrams from the internet. However, ensure that all the stuff is relevant to your desires. It can even be a direct representation of your wish, such as a picture of your dream car, house, or position in a firm. Now, stick all the stuff on your dream board and place it where you can view it daily. As you view your dream board daily, it will exercise the reticular activating system in your brain, which helps attract things you focus on.

9.      Set your goals

Although this may look straightforward, it’s an effort that you need to start and keep to it. If you want to harness the power of your subconscious mind, you need to plan your life goals. Set your short and long terms, spanning from a year to a decade. The duration depends mostly on you and your goals. An important part is to ensure that you set realistic goals and pen down a reasonable date to achieve them. When planning your goals, endeavor to consider your principles, values, qualities, and motivation factors. By factoring in these qualities and setting realistic targets, it will help work on your subconscious mind. The more you check your planned goals, the more you will exercise your sub-consciousness in line with your lifestyle and reality.

10.  Frequently check your progress

Unlocking a subconscious mind is not all about work. It’s pertinent to review your progress, especially those related to your life goals. This will keep you on track, give extra motivation and excitement. Maintaining focus will become as easy as a result. Importantly, as you review your progress from time to time, it will reinforce your subconscious mind’s desires and goals. Consider a frequent checking of your progress as watering your garden every morning. As you continue to water it, the subconscious mind will flourish and grow into what you so much desire. So, ensure that you make concrete plans daily, weekly, and yearly, then check your progress frequently. 

11.  Show gratitude

From your family, friends, possessions, to help from a stranger, you should show gratitude for everything that comes your way. Gratitude activates blessing. When you are grateful, you tell your subconscious mind that you have enough and appreciate everything in your life. This will help spur your subconscious mind into attracting more positivity that will keep you showing further gratitude. So, rather than focusing on “wanting,” you should emphasize “having,” which is an element of practicing appreciation.

12.  Iterate until you get results

When we need a flat tummy or six-pack, the gym is not always far-fetched for us daily. The same way we perform exercise daily to achieve our goals is the same way we need to exercise our brain to activate our subconscious mind. However, you should have a clear idea of your desire and clear out any obstacle or doubt in your mind. If you have chosen to use visualization, affirmation, or a combination of the methods discussed so far, you should iterate the process as many times as possible. This will help establish a communication system between you and your subconscious mind. A study has shown that the brain waves are slower during the 15 minutes between sleep and awake. This moment is ideal for sending messages to the subconscious mind as it is highly receptive during the period. So communicate your desires with your mind daily and every possible moment.

Subconscious Mind Conclusion

Know that the subconscious mind is an incredible source of energy that can help change your life. If you feel bad or everything seems impossible to you, it’s about time to tap into your subconscious mind. See your mind as something programmable, and you have the power to program it into what you desire. To do this, you need a clear view of what you desire. Then, you can use any of the methods on how to activate the subconscious mind. These techniques will help tap into your mind and keep your heads up as you pursue your dreams. Remember that you don’t need any special skills or money to try out the steps discussed. Any of the steps will help manifest your dreams.

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