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How to Ask the Universe a Question and Receive a Sign (Step-by-Step Guide)

How To Ask The Universe A Question And Receive A Sign (Step-by-Step Guide)

Asking the universe a question may seem strange or, better still, impossible to those who are not familiar with the law of attraction. However, an important reality that you should know is that everyone subconsciously asks the universe for one thing or another through hopes, dreams, and intentions. In other words, we put our request forward to the universe in different ways. And it might interest you to know that some consciously ask the universe a question to know the right path.

Since we know that the universe listens and responds to our subconscious questions, the onus is on us to intentionally ask questions. Whether it is about your family, work, career, next trip, or business move, everyone is capable of asking the universe a question. Understandably, when we ask a question, we naturally wait for answers. In this regard, the universe speaks back by giving signs and indications.

Not everyone knows how to intentionally ask the universe a question or read the signs that come from it. Thus, this article is written to serve as a guide for individuals who have one or a few questions to ask the universe and how they can recognize and understand the responses coming from it. Let’s begin!

How to Ask the Universe a Question

If you would like to ask the universe a question, below are seven steps to achieve your aim:

Step 1: Be specific

Even though many know the power of asking the universe a question, some still get this step wrong. Whenever you want to ask a question, it’s pertinent that you are sure about the question. You should know what you want to ask about and why you need to get the information. For instance, an individual might say, “I want to be wealthy.” The reality is that wealth is relative.

While $10,000 may seem like wealth to you, someone else might consider wealth as $100,000,000 with multiple houses and cars. For others, it can mean having enough money to feed the family, travel, and raise three children. Hence, people have different definitions of wealth.

By asking a generic question, you won’t be able to recognize the universe’s response when it eventually happens. For this reason, you should be specific about what you want to have or know. You may even ask for the right direction in life for a specific purpose. Advisably, be true to yourself and let your feelings guide you. Ask about that thing or material that you so much desire. For instance, you can request to own a white Mercedes Benz, or you can ask for peace of mind. These are sure and specific requests worth asking.

Step 2: Let go

After asking for a specific thing or feeling that you desire, the next step is to let go. It’s pertinent not to entertain any worry or negative energy about whether it will happen or not. Once you start having a second thought or doubt, you send a negative vibration that can hamper your question’s manifestation. Therefore, it is strongly advised to submit your request and let go.

Consider when you write a letter; you’ll agree that you won’t want to put the letter in the envelope and stamp until you finish writing. After writing and placing it in the stamped envelope, you need to send it to the recipient. Remember that until the recipient receives it, you cannot get a response. Similarly, until the universe responds to your message, consider it a message in transit and let go.

Step 3: Exercise patience

Some people experienced a sign in response to their question within a day, while others waited for some weeks to get a clear direction. Depending on your request, belief, and the universe, a response to your question might take some time. Therefore, you should consider the process as gradual and wait for the universe to get back to you.

More so, getting angry or impatient doesn’t change anything; it won’t speed up the process. You’ll only get more frustrated eventually. Hence, let go and keep calm; the universe will get back to you in due time.

Step 4: Look out for signs

While being patient to receive feedback from the universe, don’t overlook any less apparent sign that comes your way. After sending your request, be aware of the potential signs from the universe. Consider the path towards achieving your dreams as a maze. As you continue to live life and wait, the universe will be guiding you towards your dreams.

Sometimes, the signs may differ from what you expect. Don’t be alarmed; continue to do what you have been doing to reach your lofty height. Other times, you may experience a clear sign that supports the manifestation of your desire. Thus, it can come in different ways.

For instance, you can ask the universe to help you find a new job. While waiting, you need to be acutely aware of the opportunities that come your way. You can just be speaking with someone at a ceremony, and the person might be working at a firm that you have always wanted to work at. Don’t overlook the chance; meet the person and ask if there is an available position at their office. Such opportunities will surely come up; ensure that you take them.

Step 5: Believe the universe knows Best

Here is another crucial step to always remember. Trusting the universe is an essential step towards getting a response. We often believe that a particular action or step will give us what we desire. However, the universe always knows best. Hence, after asking a question, you might be getting a sign that differs from what you expect. You don’t have to fret; instead, you should believe that the universe will give you the best result.

For instance, you can think that having a job will give you the much-needed satisfaction and tranquillity that you ask for. However, it’s pointless if the job you are looking forward to will only cause stress and headache. In this case, the universe can give you something different but will surely get you the tranquillity and satisfaction you seek. So, if you are noticing a different sign from what you expect, believe that you are about to get the best response from the universe.

Step 6: Send a repetitive reminder

Sending a reminder to the universe is useful for those who ask the universe to solve a challenge for them. When you take some time to think about your question and resend it to the universe, you’ll be reinforcing the desire to know the answers to the question in your mind.

Over time, the subconscious mind will be so conscious of your question that it will help you subconsciously send it to the universe. A repetitive reminder is a form of re-affirmation, showing that you are serious about your need to the universe. While at it, ensure you don’t become frustrated or get angry over it; don’t forget that you need to exercise patience. Think about your question and ask the universe affectionately and calmly.

Step 7: Show gratitude

Always remember that gratitude helps unlock gifts from the universe. Whether your question has been answered or not, it is recommendable to be grateful. To program your mind to be grateful subconsciously, learn to appreciate people around you. From your house cleaner, delivery guys, to co-workers, you should always be thankful to people close to you.

This will help develop a grateful heart. As you appreciate the universe and your close people, your subconscious mind will also learn to do the same. After getting answers to your questions, ensure that you remain to be grateful. It is also highly recommendable to show gratitude for things you asked for and for the things you didn’t.

How to Receive a Sign From the Universe

Asking the universe a question is one thing; receiving a sign is another. As suggested earlier, asking a specific question is one of the crucial steps to take if you want to recognize your signs easily. Aside from asking a particular question, you can also ask the universe for a clear sign within a specific period.

For instance, you can go, “Universe, send me a clear sign in the next two days if I am supposed to go for the race.” This is an explicit request to get a sign for a specific event. From there, ensure that you reinforce your inquiry with a “yes or no” question – “Should I go for the race?” If the answer to your question is “yes,” you will get a sign within the next 48 hours. If you don’t get any sign, then the universe is giving you a “no.”

Bear in mind that the signs can come in different forms. From the unique number, radio song, phone call, bumper sticker to a book passage, you can get a response from various means. Hence, ensure that you pay attention to the details and feelings that emerge from within yourself. The exciting part is knowing in that instant when you have the feeling or see a sign. The onus is on you to take note or ignore.

For those who think they might give little to no attention to their signs, you can also ask for a specific sign – asking the universe the question is that flexible. Choose a specific object, action, or event you want to see as a sign or response to your question. This will help recognize the sign quickly and take notes.

How to Ask The Universe a Question Conclusion

Regardless of the question that you ask the universe, it always provides an answer. However, mostly, the universe doesn’t display your responses on a billboard. Most times, the responses to your questions are often less apparent. From a television commercial, a call from a friend, overheard conversation, a memo, or an event, the feedback can come in different subtle ways.

More importantly, ensure that you follow the step-by-step guide herein to effectively ask the universe a question. As long as you can be specific, exercise patience, and believe in the universe, you will notice the signs before long. Feel free to use the method to your advantage when and if necessary.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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