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Law of Attraction Detachment: Tips to Let Go

Law Of Attraction Detachment Tips To Let Go

The “law of attraction detachment” could sound strange for those who are more familiar with manifestation. This is more unfamiliar for the law of attraction newbies. However, if you are reading this, it means you want to learn beyond the peripheral part of the manifestation.

The reality is that there are two sides to the use of the law of attraction. On one side requires working activity to send matching vibrations of our desire to the universe by using a manifestation technique that resonates most with you. On the other side, there is the detachment part, otherwise known as letting go.
As a manifestation practitioner, you should understand the concept of letting things flow naturally to get the attention of the universe quickly and more consistently. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should jeopardize the first side. Instead, you should consider the two sides as equally essential to become a pro at the use of the law of attraction. To learn extensively about the law of attraction detachment, here is an enlightening read for you!

What is Detachment in the Law of Attraction Mean?

Within the context of manifestation, detachment means letting go of your desires. It is like admitting that what will be yours will happen in your manifestation. And if it doesn’t show now, you are completely fine with it. In other words, the law of attraction detachment doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams and ambitions. On the contrary, you believe that everything will be fine, choosing peace and continuing to trust the universe to act in your best interest.
When you practice the law of attraction detachment, your belief will center on two aspects: Ask and receive. Unexcitingly, many people don’t realize these factors while practicing manifestation. This is because some don’t really understand how to perform manifestation, especially using the visualization technique. For instance, you can be manifesting for a four-bedroom flat. Most likely, you want a kitchen, bathroom, and a balcony. These extras must be considered while trying to manifest your dream. And regardless of how long it takes for the house to manifest, you need to keep believing that you will receive it when it’s time to manifest.

More importantly, you need to ask and believe that you will receive because you will be cultivating doubt by not so doing. When this happens, nervousness, impatience, and anxiety will likely set in. These unfavorable elements will block the required energy to create the right vibrations for your manifestation. Consider it as ordering for pizza, only for you to cancel your order without knowing that you have canceled, then waiting for the delivery man to come around.
A lack of belief to receive creates negative emotions and feelings, which you don’t need for manifestation. To get rid of such a belief, you need to take your mind off it. In other words, you should let go or detach yourself from the desire. Understandably, practicing the law of attraction detachment could be challenging. However, the first thing to know is that letting go comes from a place of faith. It is pertinent to believe in the universe that the right thing will be done at the right time. The earlier you come to terms with such belief, the earlier you are likely to bring your dreams into reality.
By detaching from your desires, there is a higher chance of having a positive look at life. You will be less expectant while enjoying more freedom and happiness at the core of your heart. In this way, there will be little to no chance of keeping negative emotions, energy, or bad vibrations that can hamper your manifestations. Hence, you should simply detach yourself by letting things unfold like a miracle.

How to Detach Yourself From the Outcome

Now that you understand the importance of the law of attraction detachment. Most individuals often ask how I would stay detached from the expected outcome of the law of attraction? In reality, while some can manage to detach from their desire, they often soon return their focus to it. Thus, let’s discuss how to detach yourself from the expected outcomes of your manifestation and keep to it. Below are the best practices to achieve such objectives:

  • Grow your faith

Here is arguably the first step to letting go of your desires to foster your manifestation process. It is considered the foundation of detachment. First off, you should start growing the mindset of having immense faith and confidence in manifestation. As you continue to sustain the faith, it will invoke a powerful feeling that produces the matching vibration needed to continue believing that your desire will manifest at some point. To start growing your faith, the first step is to be conscious of your focus. In other words, you should always be mindful of what stays on your mind. If you realize that staying for a long time on social media is jeopardizing your reasoning and giving you negative thoughts, take some time out or control what you are exposed to.
Also, you can read soul-lifting books that will fill you with hope and belief. Understandably, these practical actions might not be possible every time; just try to implement them as much as possible and keep yourself happy. This will help limit your exposure to negative influence and brew positive energy in the long run.
Another practical approach towards growing your faith is positive affirmations. Right before going to bed, tell yourself that everything you ask for is already on its way to you from the universe. This doesn’t have to be loud statements, just a few utterances as you lie peacefully on your bed. Using positive affirmations will help reinforce your immense faith at the subconscious level of your mind.

  • Get a clear view of your desire

Many individuals find it difficult to get their minds off a desire, not because they really need the outcome of their expectations. However, the reality is that they don’t have a clear picture of what they want yet. Hence, they keep thinking about it. When this occurs, you will continue to create an ambiguous desired outcome and imagine different unpleasant scenarios. As a result, the mind will never be settled.
For this reason, you are best advised to have a crystal-clear idea of your desire. By so doing, you will have something tangible in your mind and find it less challenging to detach from it. Thus, from this moment, you should sit down and relax. Now ask yourself, “What do I truly want?” If necessary, you should take a paper and pen, then write them down as they come to mind. You can also use your notepad. The most important thing is to write as clear as possible. Note down the emotions, color, figures, feelings, numbers or whatsoever detail that you can imagine with your desire. Also, try to experience how you’ll feel when you finally manifest your desires. The more information you have on your desire, the better. Admittedly, you could get something that is slightly different from what you asked for or, even better, it is not necessary to focus on that at this stage. Instead, pay attention to know what you want; you’ll realize that letting go after having a clear idea of your desire is less challenging.

  • Refrain from trying too hard

Some fail at manifestation because they take things too hard. We try to get things done by force and as quickly as possible. During that time, we wait for our next desire to arrive; many are always troubled about their manifestation happening and how life will turn out afterward. Some will even start worrying about what they can do to make it happen faster than planned. Apparently, many have good intentions when trying to achieve their dreams; but trying too hard is never an option. Instead, you should simply let things flow naturally. Live your life as it has always been. Do your job as you have always done. Spend time with family as before. Take time to relax after your daily job. Eat healthily and spend the regular time that you used to use for your manifestation period. In short, don’t try to overdo anything.

When you refrain from trying too hard, you won’t complicate things and get your mind troubled. With a clear mind, belief, and detachment from your expected outcome, you have nothing to worry about concerning your manifestations. As long you ask and believe in receiving it at the right time, you should continue to trust the process from thereon. Don’t focus too much attention on circumstances that could seem to limit your chances of manifesting your desire. Simply take the necessary steps that you would take on a regular day. Keeping to your normal routine and living your life, as usual, letting go and having a free mind won’t be a problem.

  • Express gratitude

Here is a less think-about practice of detaching from the expected outcome of manifestations. However, in truth, hardly will you find any technique of using the law of attraction that doesn’t encourage gratitude. Being thankful is an incredible way to feel good about life and our existence. Do you remember that moment when someone gives you a huge smile and a heartily “thank you” after getting a gift or helping them through a situation? Can you recall the pure happiness that comes with it? That’s the power of gratitude. More interestingly, when you appreciate people, you are more likely to experience happiness as well.
More so, people will tend to appreciate you because they know you as someone appreciative. By experiencing such a pleasant situation daily, you stand a better chance of having a clear head and mind. This is because your subconscious mind will get used to the happiness, contentment, and excitement that pleasant emotions release into your brain and mind.

An interesting thing about the subconscious mind is that it doesn’t forget anything and operates independently. Despite that you are yet to achieve your objective, the mind will continue to release the positive energy needed for your manifestation because the subconscious mind has already stored the feeling. So, even when you are yet to see your manifestation happen, you should be grateful for it as you have it. By feeling good about something, you won’t feel its absence and, consequently, find little to no reason to dwell on it. Hence, start being grateful for your desires, and you’ll realize that letting go is not that hard, after all.


From growing your faith, avoiding excessive actions, having a clear view to showing gratitude, the practices discussed herein are proven methods to detach yourself from the expected outcome of your manifestation effort. Again, remember that detachment doesn’t mean that you are no longer interested in your desire or are being unserious with your manifestation process. Instead, it’s about trusting the universe to do its miracles while you put in the required physical effort to achieve your dreams.
Take some time to sit and try to note down the activities that can strengthen your faith. You may find out many more options, aside from those discussed in this article, as we are different. Try to implement them in your daily activities. When people help you, or you help others, show gratitude and be opened to gratitude – it works both ways. Spend time to have a clear idea of what you want from the universe; it will save you from a troubled mind. Finally, take a simple approach towards manifestation as you do towards life. All these will help foster your detachment effort.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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