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Start a Law of Attraction Journal [23 Hints to Maximize Your Journal]

Start A Law Of Attraction Journal [23 Hints To Maximize Your Journal]

If you reached this page, you are most likely familiar with the law of attraction.  And of course, you have been there done that with visualization and affirmations. Yet, you might have had trouble putting it all together to manifest your dreams successfully. That’s where a Law of Attraction (LOA) Journal or planner comes in.

Using a law of attraction journal can significantly enhance your vision on what you truly desire in your life and assist in more explicit manifestation.

Now you might be wondering where to start with your LOA journal. Have no worries. Below I’ve listed 15 tips and eight ideas to hit the ground running with your journal. Feel free to use these as you wish. Ultimately, only you will know what’s most effective for you.

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life; it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

15 Tips to use Your Law of Attraction Journal Effectively

1. Find a notebook that you like. It may sound strange, but this is important. Maybe you’re familiar with the saying: “Don’t judge the book by its cover,” but let’s be real, we all sometimes do that. Feel the notebook with the covers that you enjoy to watch. It s vital that when you take that notebook in your hands when you look at the cover of this notebook, you feel satisfaction, joy, or any other emotion of high vibration.

2. Find pencils, crayons, or anything that you need for writing in this journal. If you are a one- color type of person, use just that one pencil in your favorite color.

If you are a colorful person, find as many colors as possible, and feel free to use them all. It’s your journal, and you are choosing how that journal is going to be. Again, the only important thing is that you are happy with what you’ve chosen.

3.Time to start writing in your journal. Make sure that everything that you write down is in the present tense. Every sentence needs to be written like that is happening to you at this moment.

4. If you “make some mistake” while you write, don’t worry! It is your journal, you are the boss, and you can quickly correct every “mistake” that you make.

5. Pay attention to your emotions. In the law of attraction, emotion is crucial because your emotion vibrates. That is how you are communicating with the universe.

Make sure that you are writing in your law of attraction journal ONLY when you feel good. Only when you are feeling emotions of high vibration. Because when you are vibrating high, you are very close to manifesting the things you desire. After that, it is only a matter of time when you are going to witness the manifestation in your reality.

6. It is ok to skip a day or two writing in your journal. That is entirely understandable if we observe today’s modern world, the rush, etc. But, in this rush, don’t give up from writing your journal with your pen, with your hand. Of course, writing on your cell phone or your computer is much easier and faster, but it seems more effective when you record your thoughts in the old-fashioned way.

7. If you are a person who “talks a lot” and at the same time, “writes a lot,” don’t limit yourself with using just one notebook for your journal. Feel free to take a new one every month or every two months. Follow your tempo!

8. Use as many methods as you want to use – feel free to use visualization, affirmations, “telling a new story,” meditations. Use everything that makes you feel good.

9. If some method makes you feel bad or lowers your emotion- get rid of that method, you don’t need to use it just because somebody said you should. The only thing you must do is that you choose to do ONLY the things that help you rise on the vibrational scale.

10. Use the power of gratitude every day. Gratitude is a virtue, and you will become an expert if you practice that every day.

11. Specify a time in the day for the law of attraction journaling. Decide if you want to do it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, or before you go to sleep. It is your choice what period of the day it will be, but it would be good if you continue to do this at a specific time.

12.If you have the urge to write something that’s bothering you, something that is not perceived as “positive,” go on and do that. And when you are done with writing the “negative stuff,” take that page out of your journal, go to the toilet, say “Thank you, I don’t need you” and flush that piece of paper.

13. When you write things in your Law of Attraction journal, remove all the boundaries from your head. Feel free to write ANYTHING. The universe will understand, and it is not your concern anymore about how the universe is going to solve your situation and help you to manifest anything you want. Allow the universe to do the job for you.

14. When you write down something, don’t go back to read that. One of the most critical steps of creating is “to let something happen.” And you can’t do that if you continuously go back and observe that.

15. Hold your journal close to you, from time to time. Hold that journal in your hands, and send it love. After all, your journal is helping you create the life of your dreams.

I hope these tips may be helpful in your journey.

Next, I will break down some methods or ideas to implement in your journal. Just be careful, use only those that are helping you achieve the emotions of high vibration. Only the processes that are making you feel good should have a part in your journal.

8 Ideas for your Law of Attraction Journal


Use your journal to express gratitude for all of the blessings that you have in your life. Count them all, write them all because gratitude is one of the emotions with the highest vibration.


Use affirmations, but again, only the ones that make you feel good. Or maybe even more critical- write down the affirmations that you believe.


Write down every single manifestation that happens to you. Everything that you’ve succeeded in attracting to your reality should have its place in your journal.


Write down all of the things that you want to attract to your life in the future. And feel free to write down everything that comes to your mind.


And start with writing and creating the scene of your movie for the next day.


Make the vision board in one of the pages of your journal. Use the pictures and photos and put a date when you want that to come true.


Find some sentence or quote that helps you raise your vibration, that inspires you and put that in your journal too.


Write down or print&stick a calendar in your journal and circle every day when you’ve written something in your Law of Attraction journal. Aim to not break the chain by skipping a day. Once you see your chain growing with each day. You will want to continue building your chain.

Good luck, enjoy writing your Law of Attraction journal and expect miracles and beautiful manifestations!

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how to start a law of attraction journal

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