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Law of Attraction: Letting Go to Manifest Your Dreams

Law Of Attraction_ How To Let Go & Manifest Your Dreams

Whether it is fantasy, desire, hope, grudge, wish, failed affair, or a dream, most people have something they are not letting go of. Admittedly, it’s alright to have a plan, hope, or a wish. As a matter of fact, these feelings are encouraged, especially for the law of attraction practitioners. However, if you have been holding onto a grudge, fantasy, or dream for several years, it is about time to consider using the law of attraction for letting go.

Undoubtedly, letting go is not as easy as it sounds. It is even more challenging when the desire or fantasy makes you feel important to yourself. However, with every passing day, the frustration of enjoying nothing more than a dream might start to gain momentum. And at some point, it can lead to a poor or negative mindset such as a feeling of resentment, bitterness, regret, etc.

Well, you don’t have to subject yourself to such torment. Contrarily, you can use the law of attraction letting go to your advantage. Whether it is letting go of your ex, letting go of your fear, or whatsoever, by the time you complete reading this article, you’ll find it easy to let go of any unproductive fantasy. Read on.

What is Letting Go? 

Letting go is your willingness to detach from the outcome of a situation or event. Letting go doesn’t mean that you are not asking. It merely means you are ready to accept the reality and give the law of attraction a chance to spring up to its magic. Thus, the law of attraction letting go is the release of negative emotional connection, vibration, and thoughts out of your body. In this way, you’ll be gaining the freedom of mind and clarity to move on with your life. 

More importantly, letting go brings about contentment while having a positive view of the universe. In this way, you’ll believe that the universe will make all your desire to come to reality when it is time. Worry, resentment, bitterness, and anger will have no place in your existence. However, remember that believing in the unseen is the key to making use of the law of attraction, letting go. You need to think that by keeping positive thoughts and beliefs, the universe will manifest your desires. In short, using the letting go approach is about shifting your perspective positively.

Types of Letting Go 

Depending on the individual, people are usually attached to different emotions, thoughts, materials, or fantasy. However, to gain a good understanding of letting go, we’ll be discussing two common types of letting go herein as follow:

  • Letting go of fear

Fear is an emotion that is shared among everyone. Whether it is the fear of height, fear of water, fear of losing your relationship, fear of unacceptance, or whatsoever, everyone has one thing they fear deeply. However, do you need fear? Or are you simply not giving yourself a chance to break yourself free? You don’t have to keep tormenting yourself with the poor feeling. And the good news is that breaking yourself free from fear is not as difficult as you probably imagine. Here are some tips to let go of your fears.

First off, it’s about acknowledging and embracing the feeling. To show your “affection” to the fear, you can write, paint, or channel them through other activities such as dancing, boxing, or running. While spending your time with the fear – through writing or other forms – you’ll realize that the fears have actually been ridiculous, and overcoming them is not as difficult as it seems. 

Take note that you may uncover some other fears in the process. Don’t be alarmed; it shows that you are on track to let them go for good. Instead, continue to show love to them, and keep your mind open. Also, doing some good deeds during the period will help send the fear out of your life and maintain a positive mindset. Over time, you’ll realize that the fears are nothing more than thoughts in your head that you have to get rid of.

  • Letting go of an ex

Here is another common form of letting go. Almost everyone has an ex, which they connect deeply with. Therefore, it is usually difficult to get them off our minds. The strong “hang on” is more challenging to erase when you hold on to the belief that they are the perfect person for you – which is not precisely the case. Firstly, always remember that the person who is meant for you will come your way. Tell yourself that the person is meant for another person, and you’ll come across your own. 

While keeping such a positive view, try to find love within yourself. Human beings are not only relational but loving beings. In other words, everyone is capable of manifesting love from his or her within. During your moment of emotional stress due to breaking up, ensure that you show love and affection to yourself. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself if you are at fault. In this way, you are showing love to yourself. 

That aside, you should know that you’ll encounter a lovely being that will love you again – even better than what you had. With such faith, you’ll feel a deeper connection with the right person who you are yet to meet. Despite still absent, the feeling will console you and make you believe that your true partner will soon arrive. By keeping the faith, belief, and positive attitude, you won’t know when you’ll finally let go of your ex for good.

Why Letting Go is Good

So far, you’ll agree that the law of attraction letting go is beneficial in multiple ways. For you to understand how much you stand to gain by letting go law of attraction, let’s discuss some top reasons why you let go.

i.                    Kill off the pressure

Harboring a fantasy, fear, or thoughts negatively in your mind will only continue to put pressure on you. And if you want to manifest your life dreams and goals, tranquility is non-negotiable. You have to be at peace with negligible worry. Killing off the pressure is not about taking a nap or sleeping; it is about feeling calm and collected during your moment of reality and visualization. Nothing should cloud your thinking and imagination. However, if you have something you are holding on to, it’ll be impossible to visualize or think without the fear or fantasy striking your heart. So, by letting go, you’ll be killing off the pressure for good.

ii.                  A feeling of attainability

Another beautiful thing about letting go is that you can encourage your subconscious mind into believing that something is attainable. For instance, if you want a luxurious vehicle and you’ll naturally feel excited whenever you see it. The heart will beat faster, and your toes may curl. However, by letting go of the strong desire and believing that you’ll afford it when the time comes, you’ll no longer feel antsy about it. Naturally, the subconscious mind will not rebel against your ability to purchase the vehicle anymore. Instead, it will believe that it is nothing special and can be attained. In this way, as you work towards it, you’ll be releasing positive vibrations needed to use the law of attraction to your advantage.

iii.                Manifestation happens quicker

Considering that holding on to something leads to frustration and bitterness, in the long run, we end up having negative feelings about getting it. And the universe doesn’t recognize the negative or positive; it works based on what you emanate from your being. As you continue to express bitterness and focus on not being about to get the material or affair, the universe will work accordingly. However, if you let go, take an ordinary view of the issue and express a positive mindset over it, the law of attraction will work for you sooner than later. Remember that writing it down is a good way of letting things go and free your mind.

iv.                Improve confidence

Understandably, it can feel scary or overwhelming to let go of what you have been holding onto for a long time. Sometimes, you might be wondering that by letting go, it will probably never happen. This is not the case. Letting go is like telling the universe that you are leaving everything to it and that you believe in the unseen. As you start believing, your confidence will jumpstart. With time, you’ll realize that holding on has not been doing you any world of good. And as a result, your confidence will continue to build. Only by letting go can you get such confidence.

v.                  Enhance your mental state

If you have ever held on to something tightly for many years without coming to fruition, you’ll agree that it can be draining. This is because the worry, bitterness, frustration, anger will be sucking the life out of your mental state. From time to time, you won’t stop asking yourself how, when, or where the expectation will come into reality. In this way, you’ll continuously subject your brain to unnecessary stress. Sadly, the energy-draining stress won’t help your manifestation; contrarily, it will kill it. However, by letting things go and focusing on loving yourself, it’s not only the subconscious mind that will experience a positive vibe, but the brain will also get a feel-good factor.

vi.                Introspect and Regain

As suggested already in this article, letting go helps declutter your brain. By clearing your brain, you’ll have a clear head to introspect and ask yourself why you have been holding on to the feeling, thoughts, or materials for such a long period. Is it really worth it? By hanging to the feeling, are you getting better or worse? Do you feel relieved when you let it go? All these questions will help you see that you are taking a step forward, and you are better off without fear. Also, during your moment of clarity, you may realize where you have got it all wrong or remember where you dropped a lost item and regain it. Thus, again, letting go helps bring your desires into reality.

Law of Attraction Letting Go Conclusion 

Undoubtedly, letting go may not be straightforward in the beginning. However, it is a start to your mental and emotional liberation. And more importantly, you stand a better chance of manifesting your desires when you let go than when you keep holding on to something. Bear in mind that failure to let go only leads to frustration, desperation, worry, and bitterness over time. If it is the case of a failed relationship, it can lead to resentment. In short, emotional unrest and internal conflict can make life unbearable.

But you don’t have to subject yourself to such self-inflicted torments. All you need is to give yourself a chance to love and show kindness to yourself. Free your mind from the attachment by taking a moment to reflect, embrace, and let go of your attachment. Before you know it, positive feelings and vibes will start engulfing your mind. By so doing, the universe will come to your side through the law of attraction.

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Letting go and law of attraction

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