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Change & Attract the Right Money Mindset

Change & Attract The Right Money Mindset

For those who have some blockage (s) when it comes to money. If you apply the advice within you will get the chance to change your money mindset, and because of that, you will be able to attract more and more money to your everyday life, without any conscious effort.

What’s Your Current Money Mindset?

First of all, you need to be honest with yourself. What do you feel when you hear the word “money”? Do you feel good or bad? Ask yourself, what did you learn from your experiences, what did you adopt in your childhood? Money doesn’t grow on trees or maybe money is hard to get?

When you look at Paris Hilton or the Kardashians, do you get annoyed? Does it bother you when you see the price of the Mercedes or Rolex? Do you have any negative emotions related to money and to those people who have the money?

If you do have some negative emotions when you think of money- those are your blockages, and those are the things that move you away from getting that same money.

When you truly understand that the energy of money is ultimately the same as the energy of love and the energy of health, then you will understand everything.

If somebody asks you do you want love, and do you deserve to have the love? You don’t have a problem proudly saying that you want the love and that you deserve it. It is the same situation with health and happiness. Then, why is it so hard to say the same regarding the money? It’s because of the programs and deep beliefs that you’ve adopted as a child.

If you want to attract the money, then you need to change your money mindset and your deepest beliefs about money. You need to understand that money has a wonderful purpose in this world, just like love and health.

Changing Your Money Mindset

So, the first step in changing your money mindset is, to be honest to yourself and to admit what your emotion is when you think of money. Deep inside, do you feel like you deserve to have money or no?

Avoid Scarcity

Another common belief is that there is not enough money for everybody. And that is so wrong! The belief that there isn’t enough money is also blocking every possible flow of the money towards you.

Change Your Vibration

So what can you do if you want to change your money mindset? It would help if you changed your emotions, your vibrations, and your beliefs about the money. And now, we will give you some advice about that.

How can you change your vibration about the money and why it’s so crucial that you do that? Because of the lack of money enters all pores of life. The lack of money can harm your health and relationships, etc. It can be the cause of your bad mood and bad behavior to other people. Worrying about money often has terrible consequences because when you worry- you are on a low vibration.

Again, if you want to remove the blockages and the negative beliefs about the money- open up your mind and open up your heart. Observe the people who already have a lot of money, observe what they do, and do the same thing. It doesn’t cost a thing to try something new.

Buy a Red Wallet

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For example, one of the methods you could try is to buy a red wallet. You’ve probably heard already that a red wallet brings money.

It is said that red is the color of life (think of the blood in your veins) and is used to energize. It is a color of happy energy and having a red wallet is one of the best ways to energize your life for wealth and income.

Write a Check

Another thing- write the “check from the bank of the Universe.” Sounds crazy? Well, try it, and after your results, you can tell us whether it is crazy or not. How can you do this? Take a piece of paper and write the imaginary check from the bank of the Universe. Write down the amount of money that you want to attract, write down your name and put a date when you want to get that money. Put the check-in your wallet and wait for the results.

Be a Willing Receiver

Open up yourself to receive the money from expected and unexpected sources. Money can come to your life not just from your parents, from your salary, etc. If you truly open up yourself for receiving it from the unexpected sources, you will be amazed at what will happen to you. You may find it on the street or anything like that.

If at the moment you are dealing with a lack of money, you can use a method “I can have it, but I don’t need it.” Go to a shopping mall and observe all of the things that you want to buy. Go on and try new dresses, new shoes, etc. Enjoy this game, and say to yourself: “I can buy this, but I don’t need it right now.”

Lottery Visualization

Increase your vibration with “lottery visualization.” Imagine that you’ve won the lottery. But, as you know, when you win some money on the lottery, you can’t get that money right away, you must wait for a few days. So, act like you’ve won the money, imagine all the things you are going to buy after you’ve got that money. Write a list of things you’re going to buy. The Universe doesn’t know the difference between real life and imagination. The Universe reacts only to your vibration. So, fake it until you make it. Use the power of visualization to raise your vibration, and you will be amazed at how soon you will get the answer from the Universe.

Money Mindset Affirmations

Besides these methods, you can also use affirmations. Take a piece of paper and write down positive statements related to money and repeat them every day.

Some of the affirmations could be:

“Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources.”

“I deserve to have the money.”

“I deserve to enjoy spending money.”

“Spending money on me and other people makes me happy.”

“I earn money with ease.”

“This year, I’m going to earn more money than ever before.”


Additional Money Mindset Resources

Below I’ve listed some cool items to help you along your journey.

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Conclusion on Money Mindset

Feel free to choose the method or methods that suit you the best. Enjoy in this journey of changing your money mindset and open up yourself to enjoying the energy of money.

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What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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