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The Origin of Law of Attraction & Myths Exposed

The Origin Of Law Of Attraction & Myths Exposed

Who can blame anyone for wondering about the origin of the law of attraction, given its amazingness and effectiveness. Understandably, some who are new to the concept may be wondering how manifestation came to be. Yet at the same time, there many individuals who are already using the law of attraction who have no clue how it all began.

The inadequate knowledge about the origin of the law of attraction is quite understandable. The reason is that most articles and books on manifestation focus more on the practical aspect and what it can offer to you. After all, everyone tends to be more concerned about what we can gain from a particular event or phenomenon. However, if you are skeptical about manifestation or desire to have a greater understanding of the law of attraction, then you should know the history. Learning the origin will also help clear off some doubts about the natural phenomenon. 

Is it a new phenomenon? For how long has manifestation been discovered? Where does it start? And more importantly, what are some myths about the law of attraction? A detailed explanation has been provided to all these questions and doubts in this article. Enjoy reading!

Beginning of Law of Attraction

Several ancient practices and teachings from the Eastern part of the world have elements of the law of attraction. Although it wasn’t known by the law of attraction in the past, Christianity and Buddhism writings entailed information about the phenomenon. According to Buddhism teaching, we are a result of our thoughts. Also, Jesus Christ spoke a lot about the unlimited power of humans to create. “And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive” (Mathew 21:22). Also, the Scripture reads in Mark 9:23 that “If thou can believe, all things are possible, to him that believeth.” An even more specific verse about the use of thought is found in Proverbs 23:7 – “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” These and many more verses confirm that using thoughts and belief for manifestation is nothing new to humanity. Over the years, many individuals believe that the law of attraction plays a crucial role in our existence. As a matter of fact, humanity sustains subconsciously through its own awareness. However, the name “Law of attraction” was first used by Madame Helena Blavatsky is one of her works in 1877.

History of Law of Attraction 

While the origin of the law of attraction starts way before 1877, the 19th Century served as the beginning of the New Thought tradition. From the tradition, manifestation earned public consciousness across various regions. Notable among the early proponents of the law of attraction is Thomas Troward and Helena Blavatsky. Starting with the woman who first introduced the name “the law of attraction,” Helena was known for giving spiritual instruction and guidance in various countries. Gradually, she gained a considerable reputation for spiritual gifts. During her time, she wrote a book called “The Secret Doctrine.” A significant part of her writing and belief tallies with the elements of what is now known as the law of attraction. Helena opines that human thoughts and identity define who we are and what we are capable of doing. She emphasized the human’s ability to determine reality and exceed limitations. As for Thomas Troward, he was viewed as the brain behind many modern Law of Attraction manuscripts. He shared a similar opinion with Helena by believing that humans can learn significantly by combining teachings from various spiritual traditions. 

During the 20th Century, the law of attraction achieved further prominence. After the inspiring body of works from Helena Blavatsky and Thomas Troward on the law of attraction during the early 20th Century, several other authors also published their different views about manifestation. Most focus relayed the success of the natural phenomenon in their lives. That aside, many of the authors introduce the techniques and terms that are now synonymous with the contemporary law of attraction. These authors are as follow:

  • William Walker Atkinson (1906)

Here is one of the most renowned authors in origin law of attraction history. Atkinson encouraged practitioners to concentrate on improving their willpower. Also, he was a promoter of developing magnetism for attracting glad tidings into people’s lives. William Walker wrote over one hundred books. Although he practiced law, he was known for encouraging and spreading words about manifestation. A significant part of his work on law of attraction comes from Hindi spiritual teachings. So, he had to collaborate with many practitioners of Hindus. Today, most practitioners use teachings and techniques discussed in his work for improving vibration.

  • Wallace Delois Wattles (1910)

Widely known for “The Science of Getting Rich,” Wallace Delois Wattles was responsible for showing many individuals the use of the law of attraction. For many decades, millions of people continue to learn from his ideologies. He introduced the idea of developing our manifestation potential individually – and not focusing on techniques learned from an expert. Wattles loved to collaborate with other New Thought practitioners and delivered lectures while publishing his books. The popular author was reputable for introducing clear techniques for the law of attraction, especially in desiring abundance. A notable method from Wallace Delois Wattles is visualization, which remains an integral part of manifestation.

  • Napoleon Hill (1937)

Although Napoleon Hill started as a journalist, he wasn’t famous until he developed the law of attraction methods. All his techniques are clearly explained in his book entitled “Think and Grow Rich.” In his book, he used his challenges to show people how to surmount obstacles and utilize a manifestation tool for progress. Also, he was credited for showing how negative thoughts can generate more negativities. Napoleon Hill was not influenced by religious leaders like other law of attraction authors.

  • Jerry and Esther Hicks (1980)

By Mid to late 20th Century, the law of attraction has become widely known for influencing many’s lives. In the 1980s, Jerry and Esther Hicks became a popular figure for their contribution to the law of attraction. They purported ways to channel messages from inanimate things. Esther Hicks wrote nine books, which are collectively known as “The Teachings of Abraham.” In the book, she provided a well-detailed explanation of the modus operandi of the law of attraction. The body of work also includes information on using the concept for manifesting our desires.

  • Other Authors of the late 20th Century

Other New Thought authors include Louise Hay, Richard Weiss, and W. Clement Stones. Louise Hay, in particular, was renowned for introducing the idea of affirmations in achieving goals. She promoted the use of self-love and self-compassion in boosting vibration and increasing the manifestation ability of practitioners. Stone worked alongside Napoleon Hill in developing books about attracting success. As for Weiss, he is known for associating the law of attraction with the principle of non-resistance. He claims that humans are capable of attracting things by putting energy into resisting them.

By the 21st Century, the law of attraction is already a widely practiced concept. The popularity increased when Rhonda Bryne published “The Secret” alongside an associating firm. The book talks about the views of several renowned names who use the law of attraction. Words of wisdom from Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, and Jack Canfield are well-documented in the book. The accompanying film expressly portrays manifestation, setting goals, reflecting on negativity, and developing novel methods for achieving our desires. The book and movie received wide public acceptance and commendation. They influenced many individuals into believing that their success lies in their own hands. Some top personalities who gave credit to Rhonda’s work include Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.

Myths of Law of Attraction 

While gliding through social media space, you might have come across some funny claims and opinions about the law of attraction. Most of these assertions are nothing but a mere myth. Below you’ll read about the most common myths about manifestation as we explain the truth behind them. Keep reading.

Myth I: Manifestation is magic

Here is arguably the most widespread myth about the law of attraction. Some individuals claim that manifestation is magic as most people are becoming aware of it and using it effectively. However, the reality is that the law of attraction only works like magic; it isn’t supernatural in any way. The only difference between a law of attraction practitioner and a non-practitioner is that the former is making intentional use of the phenomenon. This is because everyone releases a sort of vibration to the universe daily. Whatever we release to the universe will be sent back to us; even scientific principles support the law of attraction.

Myth II: Every visualized element will manifest

This is very far from the truth. Admittedly, visualization is an essential technique for attracting one’s desire. However, visualization doesn’t manifest every desire, nor does it make every aspiration fall on your lap. For instance, if you visualize a vehicle for several months on the same spot, it will never drive itself to you. The importance of visualization is to reinforce your thoughts and focus your vibration on what you desire. But if your emotions and beliefs do not backup your visualization, then manifestation can’t work for you. In other words, a combination of belief, thoughts, visualization, and conscious effort makes manifestation works. 

Myth III: A practitioner’s thought may endanger him or her

Our thoughts indeed influence our lives significantly. However, it’s not potentially dangerous to our existence. On the contrary, you should be happy that a positive thought is a potential route towards a happy life for you. So, rather than getting scared away by a negative thought, you should harness the power of the universe with your positive mindset. Remember that whether you choose to use the law of attraction or not, you’ll naturally think and release vibration to the universe. So, why don’t you show gratitude for learning about manifestation and happily use your given ability to change your life positively?

Myth IV: The Law of attraction is recent

Here is another misconception about the law of attraction. However, from the historical account of manifestation given earlier, apparently, the law of attraction has existed for many centuries. Although the concept was named in 1877, it’s a concept in existence since the period of the ancient Mayans. So, do not fall for the wrong notion that some individuals just created or discovered the law of attraction recently.

Myth V: The Law of attraction is ineffective

You might have encountered some claiming that manifestation doesn’t work. Many people use the law of attraction unsuccessfully because they thought it’s magic. Manifestation is not magic, and it doesn’t work instantly. It takes conscious effort and time. For instance, if you seek abundance or wealth, don’t expect everything to happen overnight. Building wealth takes time and gradual effort, physically and mentally. So, you might want to give it some weeks or months. The law of attraction might also not work because of the user’s intention. If you are using a negative mindset to request your desire, you will most likely experience the negativity. Finally, using the law of attraction doesn’t mean that a practitioner should stop working. In fact, the law of attraction should be an additional source of motivation to make an intentional effort towards achieving your goal. In short, a manifestation is real, and the law of attraction works.

Origin of Law of Attraction Conclusion

Hopefully, you have learned the origin of the law of attraction and how popularity grows over time. For many decades, several reputable individuals have contributed to the application of the law of attraction. And interestingly, it has worked for millions of people worldwide. As long as you can develop the right intention, belief, and focus for a specific desire, the universe will come to your aid. From there, all you need is to make a conscious effort towards achieving your dreams continuously. Before long, you’ll realize your dreams and achieve your goals. Now that you have understood the beginning of law of attraction learn about the techniques and start harnessing the universe’s power. Good luck!

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What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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