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Overnight Millionaire Review: All You Should Know about Wesley ‘Billion Dollar’ Virgin and the System

Understandably, the online world is filled with millions of ways of getting rich. Yet many of these programs discuss business tactics and the ‘How-To,’ only a few work on developing the right mindset that can work for any business. Among the few is the Overnight Millionaire System

PLEASE before you roll your eyes. The system does not claim to make you a millionaire overnight. The creator named it that because that was what he was nicknamed after launching a product that made him $1 million in 30 days.

What the system does is change your mindset and shift your beliefs via mind-hacks that help wake the subconscious mind and direct it towards positivity. 

Furthermore, the system offers tips and tricks on utilizing the power of meditation, visualization, and manifestation to gain wealth and financial independence. You’ll also learn how journal writing can help raise your financial state from the bottom to the top. 

In this review, you’ll learn about the Overnight Millionaire System in detail. Also, we’ll be sharing important information about the creator Wesley ‘Billion Dollar’ Virgin. With this review, you can finally decide whether the system is worth your time. Enjoy reading.

Who is Wesley ‘Billion Dollar’ Virgin?

Wesley Virgin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, motivator, mentor, and self-made millionaire. According to him, he became successful from utilizing uncut mind hacks in many business ideas. Wesley’s father was a pastor while his mother also worked in the church. Even though God-fearing parents raised Wesley, he had a less than stellar childhood. He dropped out of college after the first year and subsequently switched from one job to another.

Eventually, he spent four years in the Army before he was discharged. For some time, Wesley Virgin worked in the fitness field. Afterward, he decided to create a fitness program online. Sadly, the program failed to generate any substantial income during the first six years. However, Wesley didn’t give up as he redesigned the fitness program and mindset model every day for over a year.

During the period, he learned a few control techniques from his military friends who served in the CIA. Wesley discovered several mind-hacks through different methods. Later, he realized that the hacks brought about incredible changes in himself; things started working out for Wesley. 

After relaunching his fitness and mindset program, he made over 5,000 sales on a single day. Before the end of that year, he started earning $1 million monthly. Presently, Wesley Virgin companies are on pace to earn $50 million in 2020. 

What is the Overnight Millionaire System?

The system is designed to change lives through a series of digital resources created by Wesley Virgin. The Overnight Millionaire System offers mind-hacks, which are usually utilized by wealthy individuals to make more money. The program helps get the right psyche to develop and monetize your business ideas. 

The audio files, textbooks, and videos on the program also teach how to persuade wisely using the right attitude. From the program, you’ll learn how to think like a real business visionary and achieve astounding wealth. In short, all the materials on Overnight Millionaire centers on developing the right mindset towards gaining financial breakthrough.

What’s inside Overnight Millionaire? 

Below is an overview of what you’ll find in Overnight Millionaire system:

  • Overnight Mindset Hacks – Here are five-track audio files that help remove limiting thoughts from your conscious and subconscious minds. 
  • Fast Start Mind-Hacks Execution Cheat Guide – Created to gain financial freedom in no time. 
  • Mindset Hacks Guided Transcendental Meditation Experience – Learn how to use transcendental meditation to change your life positively.
  • Untold Secret Behind Journal Writing for Manifestation style=”font-weight: 400;”> – Use a manifesting journal to track your success progress in life.
  • How to Visualize and Manifest Things Quickly and Creatively – Discusses how to imagine and manifest what you want or need in the best way.
  • How to Develop Multiple Lines of Income Without Spending a Dime – In this module, you’ll find out things about you that can generate income for you.
  • How to Become a Master of Persuasion – Discover how to win people over in different social situations.

How Does the Overnight Millionaire System Work?

The system’s main goal is to hack your mind.   More specifically how your mind thinks about wealth and money. The system creates a massive mindset shift through hypnosis and brainwave entrainment.

Many people like you and (old me) are not consciously aware of the hidden mental blocks we have about money. We have been conditioned to ‘believe making money is hard’ or ‘all rich people are evil’.  These types of beliefs are the ones that actually prevent you from becoming wealthy.

The system also focuses on how to break your mental chains about having a 9-5 job and how you can gain freedom and wealth by making money online. 

Overnight Millionaire System Review

One thing is to desire wealth; it is another to have the right mentality to achieve it. Overnight Millionaire is a platform that provides mindset hacks needed to become a millionaire within a short time. The system features a series of audio files, videos, and textbooks to guide your decision-making and improve your mental strength. Undoubtedly, you’ll find the system and the process to be quite simple to use and enlightening. 

The Overnight Millionaire System consists of five main audio files. Each file ranges from two to sixteen minutes. Overall, the five files last for about 35 minutes. In the audio, you’ll learn about some techniques that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) uses to implement beliefs. These techniques include – but not limited to – hypnosis, brainwave manipulation, Neuro-linguistic programming. Advisably, you should download the files to your computer or smartphone, and ideally, listen with a pair of headphones. This helps you be more reason is that you may not see any effect in the first few days. However, before completing the 30 days, you’ll start experiencing the wonder.

Aside from the audio files, buyers have access to enlightening video sessions. These videos contain motivational talks and other little-known secrets about becoming a millionaire. In the system, you’ll come across the following hacks:

  1. The Untold Secret about writing journals to manifest your wants and needs quickly.
  2. The technique of visualization to manifest things.
  3. How to establish yourself as a person of high value to attract more customers.
  4. The methods of listing to the right person to secure your wants quickly.
  5. How to develop a strong belief to get fast results.
  6. The methodologies of establishing multiple lines of income with minimal effort.
  7. Learn the persuasion skill easily.

As a bonus, you’ll come across some videos and audio that discuss the following topics:

  • Body Stimulating Formula
  • Supernatural Wealth Frequencies
  • ‘My Millionaires Morning Ritual’
  • Underground Techniques and Mind Hacks

Finally, the system provides secure links to download Bonus Execution Guide, How to Become an Alpha Male Fast and Bonus Millionaire Meditation.

The Cost of  the Overnight Millionaire System

Specifically, you need to pay $37 to access the core training of the Overnight Millionaire System. Despite the low price, the system offers major bang for the buck. With only this system you are well on your way to extreme mind shifts and beliefs. 

However, it’s worth noting there several One Time Only (OTOs) offers to additional products from his Wealth Mindset Series you should invest in. Even though the upsells are optional, they have been found to offer extreme value.  

For those who would like to advantage of the full system (including the upsells), you are advised to budget anything from $67 to $500. With this budget, you’ll learn everything about moving from ground zero to millionaire mindset status, as Wesley ‘Billion Dollar’ Virgin did.  It’ll also cover any cost of advertisement if you want to go into affiliate marketing to make money.

Refund Policy

There is a 60-day no question asked money-back guarantee. So you will have a full 2 months to decide if this program is for you or not. Furthermore, the product is sold on one of the most credible digital product stores in the world. In other words, they will make sure you get your money back.

Overnight Millionaire System: The Pros and Cons of the System

Even though the Millionaire System by Wesley Virgin offers many benefits, it has some drawbacks too. Read further to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the overnight millionaire system in detail.


Setting a Detailed Plan for Significant Revenue: Overnight millionaire system shares useful knowledge about how to plan for any business idea. It focuses on developing a realistic plan to get unrealistic income with little effort.

Stories as Motivation: Most of us become motivated when we hear success stories. During the program, you’ll find out about people who have failed many times but end up becoming successful in life. The stories will give you important details to start your own success story.

Effect of Wealth: Among the outcome of riches are lavish lifestyles, including smart homes, and supercars. The program motivates the audience with the result of wealth, holding their heads high, and remain confident in becoming successful. Knowing the outcome of richness also helps cushion the effect of loss.

Known Celebrities: In the program, you’ll learn about celebrities that can influence your life positively. When you realize how well they are doing, it’ll become trapped in your brain, and you will gain extra motivation.

Gain Self-confidence: The most crucial aspect of marketing is how you present yourself. If you can pitch your product with full confidence, you are more likely to win more customers. This program ensures that you develop high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Recognize the Right Person: Once you start moving towards success and getting some wins, some people will try to drag you back. Thus, recognizing the right people is crucial to becoming a millionaire. In the program, you’ll master the art of staying away from harmful characters and getting along with people of the same winning mentality.


Digital Only: Overnight Millionaire System is only available online. Hence, people without basic computer knowledge may find it hard to utilize the program effectively.

Repetition is Key: This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But the program demands regular practice. You’ll need to have some free time at hand and be disciplined enough to complete the program. One of Wesley’s mantras is ” Repetition is the mother of skill”.  So listening to the audios and watching the videos on a daily basis is the key to absorbing the consciousness of a Multi-Millionaire. 

Get Rich Quick: Some people market the program as a quick rich scheme. For this reason, some individuals may overlook it.

Not a Business Course: It gives no solid training on how to establish a real business. However, he has a product available in one of his other programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Wesley Virgin get rich? 

Wesley Virgin became a wealthy entrepreneur after he decided to quit his 9 to 5 job. According to him, making millions of dollars wasn’t the most challenging part; his biggest challenge was believing he could make millions of dollars.

The hard part is to have the mindset that you can achieve your dreams. After quitting his job, he asked himself a crucial question “What did I really want?” He considers this question as empowering, which spurred him into taking massive action.

Before long, Wesley created his first fitness program called 7DayFitness. Sadly, the ROI on the program was not encouraging. However, he continued to redefine his business model until he came up with The fitness program generated Wesley’s first $1 million in 30 days.

He was able to gain a vast audience for his products by promoting them on Clickbank. After realizing that marketing products online was and is quite lucrative. He shortly after created the Overnight Millionaire System. Since then, Wesley has invested in several niches online and offline. Currently, he’s profiting over $20,000 a day in profit from his businesses. 

What is Wesley Virgin’s Net Worth? 

Since 2018, Wesley’s net worth has continued to rise steadily. Considering that he already owns several properties, investments, and online businesses, he’ll continue to generate cash flow through different means. Also, Wesley makes money from motivational videos and live sessions. Like other millionaires, Wesley’s wealth is likely to continue growing as he invests more and impacts lives.

As of 2020, the net worth of Wesley Virgin is over $10 million. There are many figures out there stating its $20 to $30 million; however, Wesleys makes it clear these figures are the annual revenue of his companies.  

His companies are currently on pace to finish this year (2020), with over $50 million in revenue. Or over $4 million a month.

Does Overnight Millionaire System Work

It depends…

If you are expecting to be a millionaire overnight. It will not work.

Are you committed to listening to the system consistently and actually taking action?!

Then yes, it will work to literally change your mindset to one of abundance and attracting money.

I purchased the program 7 weeks ago at the time of this writing. And I have listened to it every day since.

My results over that time in my side gig has been nothing short of amazing. Because I  started getting my first commissions in several affiliate products I am offering.

At this time I am pace to make $3,000 on the side.

Check it out for yourself here: Overnight Millionaire System

Is Overnight Millionaire a Scam?

As stated before its really up to you.  This isn’t a magic bullet. Or a listen to it 1-time type system. Many of the people claiming it is a scam… did just that.

Repetition is the mother of skill.

There is so much any program can do without you putting in work.

Also, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of testimonials on how the system has changed people’s lives.  On his Youtube channel Wesley


Hopefully, you have learned a lot about Wesley ‘ Billion Dollar’ Virgin and his famous Overnight Millionaire System in this review. Before concluding, it’s worth stating that the program will come handy for someone who wants to achieve success and wealth. Also, if you want to improve your self-confidence and attract positivity, consider buying the system. Lastly, the program is ideal for someone who works hard but has nothing to show for it.

Regardless of the bucket, you fall in, the system’s effectiveness depends on you, what you want to achieve, and actions taken. To gain considerably from the system, you should be ready to practice regularly and see the system through. If you can show a goal-getter attitude in the process, you’ll have the right mindset and business acumen to start earning significantly with little to no effort.

Get it here:

Overnight Millionaire System



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