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59 Prosperity Affirmations to Ignite Abundance

59 Prosperity Affirmations To Ignite Abundance

 While everyone wants to be financially stable, many individuals wish for something more. From abundant money, peace of mind, happiness, success to multiple valuable assets, people want to be prosperous. However, many get it utterly wrong by speaking about their lack of money – rather than focusing on prosperity affirmations.

Speaking about lack of funds will only lead to one thing – more lack of money. These are negative affirmations that help foster poverty and paucity. The reason is that as you continue to dwell on your deficiencies through thoughts and words, the universe will agree with you and your thinking and ensure that you get more.

Mind you, the universe is not wicked. Instead, you are the one who is misusing the Law of attraction. If you can change your negative thoughts to positive desires, words, and intentions about prosperity, the universe will listen and ensure that you experience prosperity. To initiate the change, using prosperity affirmations will come in handy. For those who are not used to the concept of affirmations, let’s start from the basis!

What are Prosperity Affirmations?

In simple terms, affirmations are statements that help change our thoughts from a negative state to a positive state consciously and subconsciously. Affirmations are in different forms depending on the goals attached to them. From love affirmations, peace of mind affirmations, relationship affirmations to prosperity affirmations, people tailor positive statements according to their desires.

As the name suggests, prosperity affirmations are a declaration to improve one’s abundance, wealth, money, and assets. Whether you have chosen to speak it out loud or write it down, prosperity affirmations will change your beliefs from paucity to abundance. It will influence not only your thoughts but also your mindset. You’ll see yourself in abundance and give yourself a chance for transformations. 

Right from within, positive affirmations will help you feel the desire to have in abundance. The negative affirmations used to hold you back from reaching for lofty goals will be nowhere to be found. In this way, you’ll take more actions that are aligned towards becoming prosperous in life. 

As you continue to live every day with positive statements about your prosperity and take positive actions, your emotions, behaviors, and beliefs will be reinforced positively. Subconsciously, you’ll be releasing a matching vibration to attract prosperity towards the universe. 

What is Prosperity? 

Although the words “abundance” and “prosperity” are often used in the same context and interchangeably, there is a notable difference. Prosperity has to do with monetary values, a high standard of living, and valuable possessions. 

On the contrary, abundance is subjective and personal as what is considered abundance by one person might be small to another person. Abundance includes possessions that you view as “overflowing” or “in excess.” For instance, you can have money, cars, houses, or lands in abundance. It is possible to have abundant peace of mind and people.

Prosperity and wealth have a lot in common as well. However, wealth is closely related to monetary gains, while prosperity covers money and possessions. Hence, many individuals often prefer to center their affirmations on prosperity – rather than wealth. By living a prosperous life, you are most likely wealthy and living in abundance. Thus, prosperous life is strongly recommended while stating your desires and trying to tune your vibrations for a better life.

59 Powerful Affirmations for Prosperity 

For those who are not familiar with manifestations, developing prosperity affirmations for themselves might be challenging at first. However, don’t worry. There are plenty of affirmations that exist that you can use. As you continue your manifestation journey, you’ll get better at tailoring your affirmations for your good. For a start, you can consider using any of the following positive affirmations:

1. I feel delighted today, and money comes to me in every way.

2. I am open to receive prosperity in the universe.

3. I am deeply compensated for every work that I do.

4. As a magnet for prosperity, money is drawn to me every time.

5. I allow myself to receive goodness from the universe.

6. I move into prosperity thinking, and a positive change in my finances is a testament.

7. I am rich and successful.

8. Success and prosperity always find me.

9. I take delight in my constant financial security.

10. I am receiving a continuous inflow of money.

11. I am attracting prosperity and wealth from the universe.

12. I have abilities to attract financial abundance.

13. I am more than capable of manifesting success and prosperity.

14. Now, I draw goodness from expected and unexpected ways.

15. Being successful and prosperous is natural for me.

16. I am financially blessed as I give my talents freely.

17. I receive an inflow of money freely and endlessly.

18. As an unlimited being, I receive unlimited money and wealth.

19. I have a right to be successful, rich, and happy.

20. As a prosperous being, I am grateful.

21. I am conscious of my true worth in life.

22. I am thankful for my money.

23. Money loves me, and I love money.

24. I receive prosperity effortlessly.

25. I am confident that there is enough money for everyone.

26. I express generosity with my abundant money.

27. The world blesses me with money.

28. I deserve every abundance that comes my way.

29. I love to share money and receive money.

30. I am in line with the energy of prosperity.

31. I am prosperous.

32. I free every resistance against attracting money.

33. I am open to receiving the best for all from the universe.

34. I confidently achieve my money goals.

35. I am open to giving the best for all.

36. I deserve more money and prosperity.

37. I have overcome my obstacles and enjoying wealth.

38. I am grateful for becoming rich, healthy, and happy.

39. Every day, I am becoming more prosperous.

40. I am getting limitless wealth.

41. I support others becoming wealthy, and in return, the universe supports me in wonderful ways.

42. Every word from my mouth is charged with prosperous power.

43. There is always wealth for me everywhere that I go.

44. I do what I love and get paid for it massively.

45. I believe that I am blessed, and everyone around me is blessed.

46. I am smart and talented, and I get a reward for it.

47. I am ready to share my blessings with the world.

48. I am the most prosperous being in the world.

49. I choose to be successful in everything.

50. I am open to unlimited opportunities.

51. I live in a harmonious universe and abundance.

52. I am worthy of success and prosperity.

53. Goodness finds me from everywhere.

54. The universe provides for all my needs.

55. I radiate prosperity, happiness, and freedom.

56. I pay my bills with love, kindness, and happiness.

57. At this moment, massive wealth and abundance are available to me.

58. I allow joy and prosperity in my life.

59. I am in love with prosperity and abundance.


Regardless of your existing state of mind or pocket, always remember that you are sorely in charge of your life. With a single change, you can move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. All you need is to decide right now that you are already transforming your mindset, thoughts, and reality. Right within you, you possess every necessary element to be prosperous.

Now, you need to take action. For a start, you can choose to experience abundance in a specific area of your life. Choose from the wide-ranging prosperity affirmations listed herein. However, ensure that you pick a few that matches your desire. Alternatively, you can rewrite it to suit your desire perfectly. After having a few options, write the affirmations in your journal eight to twelve times every day and say them aloud.

Advisably, you can also get a sticky note and pin it in a position where you see it frequently. A phone reminder that shows up every hour is also a suitable method. The idea is to ensure that you visit, read or say the prosperity affirmations as frequently as possible. The more you do that, the more you will reinforce your positive thoughts, intentions, and vibrations about prosperity. In due time, the universe will fill your reality with prosperity.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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