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25 Signs From the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

25 Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking Of You

In some cases, we just have a strange feeling, a dream, or thought taking us back to remember someone special. Usually, these are signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you. This could be a friend, colleague, and most often, a spouse. Ideally, it is usually someone we share a connection with. However, it is not unusual to dream about someone who is yet to meet as well. If you are also interested in getting signs from the universe, you can read that post here.

Getting signs from the universe that someone is thinking of you occurs when another individual misses you or wants to be with you. This is possible because we are all connected through our individual energy. Hence, an element in the universe can attract another by releasing a matching vibration into the universe.

When you fill another person’s subconscious mind, they are likely to poke the universe into sending attraction signs to you. When this happens, below are the common signs someone is thinking of you.

25 Signs from the Universe that Someone is Thinking of You

1.   Random Hiccups

Ordinarily, hiccups tend to occur after eating or drinking too quickly. However, random hiccups can also take place without any specific reason. Also, many traditions link hiccups to psychic signs someone is thinking about you. Understanding the law of attraction and the energy in the universe has made us realize that hiccups are one of the possible signs to pay attention to.

Whenever you get hiccups without natural causes, such as abdominal surgery, medications, excessive food intake, or nerve-irritating diseases, the universe is trying to get your attention for someone due to their intense thoughts about you.

2. Dreams

 While sleeping, we often encounter personified thought-forms. Besides, it is possible to share a single dream space with another person. This happens when the conscious mind is at rest, and our higher Self tries to connect with other souls trying to reach out to us. The reality is that those who join our dreams may not be doing so consciously.

Hence, the subconscious mind will keep releasing a matching vibration even while they are asleep. If you ever experience others in your dream state, try to document your encounter. Dreaming is a spiritual practice that can guide your life actions, especially towards the person.

3. Sudden twitching of the eyes

From nowhere, you can realize that your eyes are itchy or twitching for no particular reason. This could also be a sign from the universe that someone is thinking of you. Ordinarily, eyes can twitch while reading books or driving a car. But if you realize that you can’t stop the twitching temporarily, it’s most likely to be a sign.

Many traditions also agree with this. The only downside is that you don’t get to determine exactly what they are thinking about you, specifically if it’s positive or negative. However, the bottom line is that you are in someone’s thoughts.

4. Cheeks blushing or burning

This is a more informative sign from the universe compared to the sudden twitching of the eyes. If you notice that you are making unexplainable blushes out of the blue, you are likely in someone’s romantic thoughts. In addition to the blushes, you can notice cheek redness or a slight burning sensation. This shouldn’t be embarrassing; feel free to embrace the warm feeling.

On the contrary, if you notice a burning sensation in your ears due to no medical reasons, there is a high chance of an individual speaking ill about you. Hence, signs from the universe can go both ways.

5. Goosebumps

While at work, reading for your exam, or performing an exercise, you may have goosebumps that are entirely unrelated to your current activities. It can occur as a draft of cold wind or pleasant sensation. When this happens, it is usually due to intense thoughts and passion about you from another individual.

As the individual continues to think about you, you are likely to experience the feeling more. Goosebumps are among the most common psychic signs you can experience, especially when you are in a romantic relationship with a sweet spouse.

6. Sudden thoughts about another person

You are capable of entering another person’s thoughts. Likewise, individuals who couldn’t stop thinking about you can also enter your thoughts suddenly. As a result, you may keep seeing the pictures or memory of the person in your mind throughout the day. If the person’s picture is someone you share an intimate activity with, this is not new, and it usually happens between lovers.

However, if the person is someone you rarely talk to or had any significant encounter with, the person is most likely thinking about you too. In a situation where the sudden thoughts continue daily, you should be conscious of the frequency and pattern. A persistent pattern means you should try to reach out to the person because they likely need your help or attention.

7. Spontaneous sneezing

 A common symptom of a cold is sneezing. Other medical conditions can also cause sneezing. Sometimes, spontaneous bouts of sneezing can occur without any medical conditions. When this happens, someone may miss your presence. Some traditions also support the belief. In some Asian regions, people who sneeze are asked to take three numbers from the closest person around. Add the single numbers together and check the corresponding letter on the list of letters.

The name of the person who misses you is likely to start with the corresponding letter. Some traditions also believe that you can also use the number of times you experience the sneeze to determine the type of thoughts from this particular person.

8. A feeling of a non-physical touch

Here is arguably the most powerful sign from the universe that someone is thinking of you. When you have a non-physical sensation on your body, it is an indication that the person shares a deep connection with you. Also, he or she may possess psychic power. Sudden non-physical touch is usually soothing and reassuring about the person’s love or commitment.

Also, people who recently lost their beloved to death get a similar experience. This is because their higher Self could still be lurking around to provide comfort to their beloved ones.

On the flip side, an individual could also be having bad intentions towards you. The funny thing about the law of attraction is it can also serve as a day-to-day life guide. If the person’s thoughts are strong enough, the universe will manifest the thoughts and send the signs to you as a negative experience invading your thoughts.

9. Synchronistic engagement

This happens more often than many signs discussed so far. While thinking about a specific person, you get a call from them. When this happens for the first time, it is usually quite surprising. For those who have spent some years in a relationship with their lovers, this is nothing new to them anymore. Also, while having someone in mind, you can suddenly encounter them in a shopping mall or bump into them at a junction.

This is not a coincidence, neither is it a manifestation. As you think about this person, your precognitive and intuitive abilities will be active. As a result, you are likely to undertake actions or movements that will attract you to the person’s mind. The same thing happens when someone couldn’t stop thinking about you. Despite not seeing in a while with little to no chances of meeting, you can end up having a synchronistic engagement with them because they have you in mind.

10. A sudden need for someone

Here is another common sign from the universe that someone misses your presence. If you truly love someone, a sudden need for the person can occur due to your thoughts and the person’s mindset and thoughts. At such a moment, you start wishing that you are with the person all of a sudden.

Additionally, you can start wishing for a date, the first meal together, or a road ride. Interestingly, these are thoughts that you never imagine having in a while. Don’t be alarmed; it is simply reflective, positive energy vibrations from an individual who shares intimacy and has a strong passion for you.

11. Unexplainable emotional swings

Emotional swings are known in females. However, men also experience it. In other words, having emotional swings for no particular reason could mean that you are having a psychic connection with another person. This is even stronger when both of you are thinking about each other at the same time. Hence, sudden emotional swings are common among couples who truly love each other.

As the person keeps having a stronger mood for you, you might keep having strange feelings because you feed off the person’s energy subconsciously. By the way, you are not responsible for the emotional swings; it’s a resultant effect of the psychic connection between you and the individual.

12. Shares stuff that you like

Although finding someone interested in what you do or like is a longstanding universe sign, it is more common nowadays due to digital space. For instance, you could be strolling your social media pages and realizing that the same person keeps smiling at a joke you make or sharing content you like. This can happen to anyone, but the fact that you keep noticing a specific person and the relevancy of the stuff to you means a lot.

Hence, when you realize that someone’s content on social media keeps driving you towards them, you should take note. There is a high chance that the person is trying to reach out to you, consciously or subconsciously, with untapped psychic abilities.

13. Recognized by their friends and family

This universe sign is most meaningful when you have never met their family and friends before. Or perhaps, you are yet to be introduced to them formally. However, you keep having a feeling that the people know a lot about you. In this case, you can notice that their friends keep using endearing words for you.

Also, they can crack jokes or tease you about the other person. If you notice that they, alongside friends and family, cannot stop talking about you, then they are interested in you. Don’t be surprised if they start to talk about how much they like you openly in the long run.

14. Remembers the details

If someone likes you, they are likely to remember every little information about you. From your choice of TV series, coffee preferences, cloth, to nail polish, they will pay attention to you closely. The close attention is a reflection of their thoughts. At the same time, it can lead to thoughtfulness about you.

This is when you realize that the person gives the perfect gift or makes the right statements around you. They can also remind you about appointments, classes, or meetings that you have forgotten. As you continue to notice the hyper-awareness from the other person, you are also likely to get attracted to him or her.

15. Start blushing in your presence

Another sign from the universe that someone is into you is their reaction when they see you. An individual who thinks a lot about you will likely have burning desires in their eyes once you walk into a room. This is when you notice the person smiling, giggling, or even waving at you with a cheerful smile. With your presence, you have made their day already.

This apparent sign is exciting when you have not seen each other for weeks or months. They missed you and are excited to have you. If you are not in a relationship with the other person, but you notice that the person’s face light up every time they see you, it’s a positive sign of affection.

16. Frequent little gifts

Hardly will you find a more apparent sign that someone thinks of you than getting little presents from them. An individual who cherishes you will always try to get you something now and then. This doesn’t have to be a big gift. It can range from offering to assist you in your assignment, covering up for you, having coffee delivered to you, or getting you a souvenir whenever he or she goes out of town.

Without anyone telling you, you’ll feel the positive energy radiating from the person towards you. This is a sign in the form of kindness.

17. Shows interest in your plans

For someone far from you, don’t be surprised if they couldn’t stop asking questions about your plans. The fact that you are far away from each other alone is bothersome, not to mention how badly they must have missed you for not being close to them.

An individual who thinks a lot about you will ask about your day, whether you are busy, your next hangout location, or even who you are currently with, depending on your level of intimacy. This is a way of ensuring that they are on your mind, especially for guys. It also serves to comfort their feelings.

18. Sudden impulsive smile

The universe has a way of making you smile for goodness coming your way. At the same time, you can enjoy a pleasant feeling, alongside an impulsive smile, when someone has you firmly in their thoughts or want to share the good news with you.

If the universe has chosen this method to keep you abreast of the situation, you can find yourself smiling subtly and suddenly more times than ever until the good news comes your way or you finally get to meet the person.

19. Notice butterfly or white feather frequently

Here is a common sign when someone that loves or loved you leaves. More often than not, you may start noticing white feathers or butterflies around you. It’s a sign that the person still thinks about you. With deep thought and concern, the universe will be involved and try to inform you.

Usually, a white feather symbolizes a message from those who love you, and it’s a sign that they are in a better place. A butterfly usually denotes a message from someone who was intimate with you but passed away recently. They are both psychic signs that they are okay and would like you to move on.

20. A few likes on old social media posts

If you notice an individual clicking likes on your old photos without any recent encounter with you, it’s a sign that they think about you. They are probably finding it hard to let go of the past. With the modern way of dating, this sign is quite common. Also, a secret admirer can surf through your pages and scroll to your posts from four or five years back.

Accidentally, they can like one or two of your old posts. While this could be embarrassing for the person, it’s a sign that someone thinks of you.

21. Aware of stuff that you never mentioned in person

Anyone could be guilty of this, regardless of gender. An acquaintance can ask you something. Then, for a moment, you realize that you have never told them about it before. Such an individual might also be a colleague at work or a mutual friend on social media. Given that the individual thinks about you, they are likely to check your posts or try to know what’s up with you from other means with who you share mutual connections.

Unless you suspect any form of harm, knowing that someone knows stuff about you is a sign that they are into you. They are just deep in thought and struggling to get closer to you.

22. Like to know your opinion

Guys do this more often than girls. For instance, they can ask you whether he should get a particular shirt or not. He might want to know what you think about his recent haircut or the one he will be doing very soon. With time, he can start seeking your thoughts about life-changing decisions he needs to make about his own life.

This is understandable because men are largely independent creatures and love to keep to themselves or ask a male friend for help. Hence, if he starts choosing to know your opinions suddenly, then something is brewing.

23. Start noticing elements that trigger your memory about them

After a good night’s sleep, the day started normally as it always does for you. As you stepped into the kitchen, you began noticing weird signs. For instance, the coffee foams form a letter starting someone’s name. When you opened the closet, you noticed the cloth worn the previous day that you met the same individual.

Now, as you started the car, a love song that included the person’s name began. At work, the boss came into your office and told you about a new colleague. On entering the meeting room, guess who the new colleague is? No, it’s not the special one. However, they share the same middle name.

It won’t be strange if this continues until you manage to pick your phone and call the special one or they put a call through to you. They miss you and can’t wait to hear from you.

24. A familiar feeling about the person

Another common sign from the universe that someone is thinking of is hearing or feeling them as if they are close to you. As explained earlier, it’s because this one person keeps sending their thoughts in the form of energy into the universe. When this energy reaches a particular threshold, you might start feeling or hearing the person with your inner senses.

This is particularly common between spouses who share a deeply intimate connection. If you ever feel this way, don’t be alarmed. The other person is only trying to reach out to you, regardless of the distance between you.

25. Unknowingly feeling your partner’s mood

Finally, you may experience your partner’s sudden emotional changes subconsciously. A typical case is an empathy, in which you share an everyday mood with someone that misses you so much. When your spouse misses you and thinks about you strongly, you may feel a sudden sadness that you cannot explain.

Also, you may realize that your partner or someone who cares a lot about you is going through a hard time and needs you close. Hence, if you feel a sudden, strange mood, consider trying to get across to your partner or family to know whether things are alright – or perhaps, they miss you greatly.

Signs From the Universe That Someone is Thinking of You Conclusion

Whether the other person confesses their thoughts or desires to you or not, the universe has its ways of sending signals of their thoughts to you. When the energy and connection between two individuals grow more robust, the signs will likely become more apparent and frequent.

From your house, office to an evening stroll, you can start getting signs that remind you of the other person who keeps thinking about you. These signs are usually random, and you might think they are irrelevant at first encounter. However, as the signs keep repeating themselves, you’ll become conscious of it. Now, the onus is on you to ignore or understand the message being passed to you.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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