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Create Your First Vision Board

Create Your First Vision Board

The law of attraction clearly explains how human thoughts become a reality; those who have an understanding of the law will know so. Things come into our life as a result of our thoughts. However, to transform dreams into reality, it is necessary to think about a specific material repeatedly in a conscious and subconscious state, then use your belief to empower your thoughts. But mere thoughts do not suffice to make the law of attraction work; you need to develop and possess a firm belief. One way to do that is by combining visualization with the creation of a vision board.

“Where your attention goes, energy flows and results show”

Vision board entails thinking about images that symbolize our desired success, learning about motivation quotes that can drive our passion, as well as keeping our focus with affirmations. All these elements combined will develop into a motley of dreams. With this effective method, you will be able to utilize your mental strength and motivate yourself to work harder towards realizing your current goals. To learn about how to develop an empowering one, keep reading until the end.

Develop Your First Vision Board

Creating a vision board doesn’t follow a specific set of rules; it is subjective to every individual. While it is possible to buy pre-made vision boards, it’s a lot more popular to create your own physical boards from corkboard, poster-boards, or whiteboards with your drawings.

Also, you can go digital by creating one in an app like mind movies which you can which anywhere at any time.  For some people, the door of a fridge is a useful area to build and keep vision boards using magnets and pictures. In short, feel free to create your vision board in any way you want.

Plan from the Beginning

Sit down and think about what you would like your vision board to entail, how it will look like, and the life goals that you want to include. Do not be shy of choosing any future goal, including personal growth, career, finances, health, social life, education, spiritual growth, and relationships. After selecting a goal, spend time envisioning how you want the associated areas to look like. If you wish, you can use a big board; however, you can also use many small boards to express several goals.

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A crucial area of the process is placement. It is pointless to position your vision board in areas where you hardly visit. It would be best if you placed your vision board in your bedroom to see it from your bed. By so doing, you can easily visualize your goals regularly.

A Simple Ritual to Follow

You need to adhere to a small ritual to develop a powerful vision board. Look at your schedule and choose some stress-free periods when you can create your board – weekends are also recommendable. Regardless of your choice of the period, ensure that you will be free of disturbance. Also, you should set up a calming atmosphere while making your dream board; play soothing music, and burn a candle to match. If you ever have some doubts or discouraging thoughts, endeavor to breathe deeply and calm down your mind. Afterward, you can start setting up your vision onto the board.

Setting Up the Board

In some old magazines, you will likely find pictures and expressions that represent your feelings, thoughts, experiences, and life desires that you would like to attract – feel free to add images of your desired future location, vehicle, house, among others. Cut the images with scissors, then use tape, pins, or glue sticks to place them on the board.

While at it, you can be creative with images and quotes collected from the magazines. Also, you are allowed to use stickers, fun markers, and other stuff that can make your board quite interesting. Additionally, add some pictures of your memorable moments in the past, such as ceremonies, gatherings, vacations, among others. However, ensure that they are images that encourage you.

Furthermore, you can add any material of inspiration to your board; inspiring quotes and positive affirmations are great ideas. Feel free to also include what you want your mood to be like daily, for instance, being “fearless,” “healthy,” “joyful,” and many more. But ensure your board is not filled with words that do nothing for you.

Create a neat and innovative vision board –  a chaotic board is not advisable for the process as a whole.

Make changes to your board as you feel fit and whenever your goals, desires, and aspirations evolve.

When you are happy with your board now it’s time to mount it somewhere, you will see it daily, multiple times a day.

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Vision Board Conclusion

You should use at least five minutes while gazing at your vision board daily. Look at your designed and desired future wholeheartedly with engaged emotions.

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