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Using the Law of Attraction for Healing Others

Using The Law Of Attraction For Healing Others

Do you know that you can use the law of attraction for healing others and yourself? If not, you are about to find out a great secret. And for those who have heard about the concept, you are about to find out all you need to know about healing others by connecting with the universe. Understandably, health issues are unavoidable in life.

From genetic-based diseases such as spinal muscular atrophy to emotional stress and mild headache, we often experience different kinds of health conditions at one point or another. While sickness can be painful, it’s even more heartbreaking to see our loved ones on the sickbed.

Many people suffer a mental breakdown when they realize there is no known medical treatment for their sick friends or families. However, with the law of attraction, there is a less-known yet effective solution. Interestingly, using the law to manifest healing for our relatives doesn’t require money or connecting with influential people.

All you need are moments of meditations, affirmations, visualization, and positive energy to attract good health for our sick friends. We recommend perusing this article to learn the secrets of triggering self-healing processes for others.

What is the Law of Attraction for Healing Others?

The law of attraction for healing others is a method of initiating a self-healing process in others by connecting with the universe. By practicing the technique, we are merely attracting good health for the sick ones and, as a result, curing their diseases. A good thing about using the law of attraction is that it doesn’t require funds to carry out. All you need is to harness the power of the universe.

Understandably, some might be skeptical about the process. However, the law of attraction is like understanding the concept of gravity. Even though we can’t see gravity, we believe it exists. Besides, the idea of connecting with the universe has been backed by different scientific findings. Furthermore, before you can benefit from the law of attraction, it’s essential to believe in the universe to help manifest your desires.

Using the law of attraction doesn’t require worshipping a god or something. Instead, the important thing is to focus on what you would like to experience in reality. This is because the law of attraction works on a theory that likes attract likes. Hence, if you keep thinking about good health for another person and believe in its manifestation, you can leave the rest to the universe.

As you continue to affirm, visualize, and feel the desire for good health, your subconscious mind will release positive vibrations to the universe. This vibration serves as an instruction to the universe to ensure the manifestation of your desire.

Who is Abraham Hicks?

Abraham Hicks is the name given to the teachings of Esther Hicks. Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker, author, and pioneer of using the law of attraction. Esther Hicks released several books and held workshops on the law of attraction and how to use the concept to our advantage. Esther Hicks, alongside her husband, Jerry Hicks, refers to the word “Abraham” as a consciousness group, which emerges from the non-physical dimension. Also, couples believe that everyone is whatever we think that we are.

Esther Hicks mentioned that we experience source energy when we feel moments of love, happiness, and satisfaction, which is what “Abraham” is all about. She referred to the concept of “Abraham” as the infinite intelligence, while Jerry called it the finest form of love that anyone can experience. Over time, the tenet of Hick’s teaching, which is that humans create their reality from attention and focus, becomes the modern “Abraham-Hicks” teachings.

Four-Step Process for Healing

Before you can utilize the law of attraction for healing others effectively, it’s essential to understand four key areas. These steps are as follows in the right order:

Step 1: Establishing your belief

Using the law of attraction begins with a belief. This belief centers on “yes, I can,” “self-healing is possible,” and any other thoughts that support manifesting your desire. It would help if you had the self-belief that the healing is close, and things will fall back in place. A good way to start building your belief is acknowledging that humans have immense potentials, which includes miraculous healing and magical solutions. Also, you should bear in mind that every soul has the infinite power to heal itself.

Regardless of the pain, sickness, or suffering, the soul is capable of recovering from it. This includes freedom from emotional bondage and psychological insecurity. All these powers lie within every individual. Besides, we must remember that the human body is a miracle machine capable of self-healing. Even science has shown that somebody’s mechanisms help recover from a health condition, including mental and physical issues. However, for some recoveries, we need a strong belief and focus. And this is where using the techniques of the law of attraction to keep the belief that we can self-heal and recover from any illness comes in.

Step 2: Gratitude

While showing gratitude in moments of our troubles can be challenging, it’s a needed effort to heal others. This is because gratitude has significant power for manifestation. As you become grateful to the universe, you’ll feel positive from within. Despite the current unfortunate moment, the gratitude feeling will attract happiness into your life. And remember that there is hardly any medicine as strong as pure happiness and joy. So, during the process of healing others, appreciate almost everything around. From the doctors, nurses, air to light in your surroundings, you should express gratitude.

Whenever someone comes to visit your loved ones on the sickbed, ensure that you show genuine appreciation. Feel free to say “thank you” to the helper taking care of your sick relatives and cleaner in charge of maintaining the hospital. Be grateful for the food you are eating, the water passing through your mouth, and the cloth on your neck. This also includes expressing gratitude for the medicine being given to the patients. Take your act of gratitude to the level of feeling thankful for practicing healing for others. By raising your spirit of gratitude consistently, the power of positivity will be channeled towards healing your sick one. If you are not alone, you can explain the process to others and ask them to practice the method together. Combined positive healing energy will increase the rate of recovery.

Step 3: Using affirmations to create your feelings

Here is the stage where people fail in a bid to use the law of attraction to heal others. Despite having the belief to attract good health to others, they still have an iota of worry inside. With such a small doubt, it’s impossible to develop a feeling of healing required. Thus, learning how to get rid of disturbing thoughts becomes essential.

First off, you should know that the worry stems from the fact that you are yet to believe fully that the method works. A practical approach to clear your doubt and reinforce your belief will be to use affirmations. These positive statements are powerful enough to reprogram your subconscious mind and develop a new belief and feeling. Also, using affirmation helps create a focused mindset with clear intentions. Several affirmations are available to use during such moments.

Some good examples are “I possess the infinite power, and my body is a healing machine,” “I am getting healed as my cells and tissues are beaming with life,” and “At this moment, I am becoming healed with great strength.” Also, you can use affirmations such as “He/she is powerful, healthy, and energetic,” “Xoxoxo is self-healing and recovering greatly,” etc., for the person you are trying to heal. You can use affirmations early in the morning and before going to bed. If possible, ask the patients to repeat the self-healing affirmations when possible.

Step 4: White divine light process

This is the final stage of healing others with the law of attraction. It’s about transferring the healing energy within you to your loved ones. By developing belief, expressing gratitude, and repeating affirmations to reinforce your belief, you are already creating your white divine light. This is immense energy that can be channeled to a specific destination for manifesting physical healing.

At some point, you’ll start feeling immense positivity after a few hours or days of practicing the law of attraction for healing others. Now, it’s about time to transfer the energy. As your intuition directs, start focusing on the patients and free your light to heal your sick loved ones. If possible, you can also practice meditation and visualization to increase the focus of your mind.

In the moment of your meditation and visualization, see the patients as healing and recovering from the sickness. Regardless of your choice among the manifestation techniques suggested, it will help enhance the recovery process. Once you start seeing the positive results, continue to practice gratitude for the robust self-healing process.


Regardless of the sickness or injury, using the law of attraction for healing people starts from belief. It’s important to express the constant and powerful belief that you possess an immense power of self-healing and healing energy.

By practicing the steps listed herein, the healing power will start beaming within you. As you feel the emergence of your white divine light from within, start sending healing energy to your sick ones by focusing the energy on their recovery.

Many people have used this manifestation process successfully, including me. So, bear in mind that you have nothing to lose by practicing the method. On the contrary, you’ll be saving your friends and relatives from pain and agony with simple yet effective manifestation techniques that cost nothing. Start healing.

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Using the Law of Attraction for Healing Others

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