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The Fundamental Principles of the Law of Divine Oneness

The Fundamental Principles Of The Law Of Divine Oneness

There are 12 universal laws that make up the universe. The law of divine oneness is one of these laws of the universe. It is what drives the cosmos and provides all that we see and know. The law states that all energy, matter, space, and time are one. This means there is a collective awareness that connects everything in existence to each other.

The collective pure consciousness is a group of connected minds. They work together to make up a single consciousness. The law of divine oneness posits that this collective consciousness gives rise to the perception we have about our physical surroundings. We are aware of it because a collective group is thinking for us.

The law states that all energy, matter, space, and time are one. That is, the thoughts of a person in China can affect those of a person in Canada equally and the other way around.

This means there is a collective awareness that connects everything in existence to each other. To some extent, all people on Earth form part of this collective mind, and our collective consciousness shapes what happens.

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What is the Law of Divine Oneness, and how does it work in our lives?

Unlike many other universal laws, the law of divine oneness states that everything in the universe is interrelated. From a physical standpoint, we live and breathe to exist as a collective part of this relationship with one another. In other words, the universal mind energy includes the life force from each individual.

The law of divine oneness is a spiritual law that applies to all aspects of life. The believers say it refers to the unity of God. It does have this meaning, but its principle is much greater than just that. It has practical applications, which we will look at shortly, for your life and the lives of others.

The way it works in our lives is through our relationships. Once you realize that every person is on the planet at this time for a specific reason, then you will know how to approach your interactions with those people.

For this universal law to work in our lives, it requires a change or shift in consciousness. You can achieve the divine ideal of unity consciousness by recognizing nothing exists except that one consciousness.

Once that part of our consciousness is cleared, we can see the potential between us and all humans on Earth. It has nothing to do with cultural or racial boundaries but everything to do with our vibrational frequency as human beings and our collective consciousness.

How to use the Law of Divine Oneness for a better life?

Regardless of the human race that you belong to, you can use the law of divine oneness constructively to enhance your quality of life. For example:

1. How you use your time will determine how well your life will turn out. You may spend a lot of time waiting for something to improve. However, in reality, it lies within yourself and how you use the present moment. Practice the law of divine oneness by using the time appropriate to what you are doing.

2. When you encounter negative people, try not to take their negativity into your own life and thoughts. You do that by changing the focus of your attention away from them and placing it somewhere else. When someone is giving you negative energy, give them more positive energy than negative.

3. Whenever you meet or greet someone, start to see them as a part of God. See them in terms of their divine oneness and how they were created for something specific. Do not judge anything they have done, but instead, look at what they can accomplish by using their unique gifts and abilities.

4. Start to see yourself as one with your environment by recognizing that you cannot separate God from anything in your creation. As you start to come closer and closer to the divine oneness of all things, more amazing things will start to happen the way they should.

5. Understand that all people are equal regardless of their status, position, wealth or human experience. If you want to make more friends and improve the quality of your relationships with others, start by letting go of any previous judgments about them and their personalities.

5. You can use this universal law in all aspects of your life but first recognize it is definitely a spiritual law. It will not work unless you are clear about your spirituality. If you are not in a state of grace with God, this law will have minimal effect on your life.

6. Remember that there is only one consciousness, and you are part of it. There is no separation between us, so we must accept the responsibility as human beings for our acts to each other.

7. Most importantly, you must remember that this law is a useful tool as a spiritual philosophy and practice that will help you reach your divine potential by perpetual transmutation into the best person that God intended for you to be. Do not expect any miracles from the law of divine oneness but do expect changes inside you.

Ways to apply the Law of Divine Oneness in your everyday life

1. Learn to accept yourself and the people around you as one with God’s creation and belonging to the whole universe.

2. Practice using your time appropriately so that you will spend more of it on the things that matter most in life, such as helping others and pursuing spiritual growth in a positive sense.

3. Deal with differences among us by not taking them personally and instead try to find the commonality between us.

4. Be forgiving of others when they do not live up to your expectations or share your point of view.

5. Realize that there is only one consciousness in the universe, so you must be part of it and therefore responsible for all things going on around you.

6. Realize that you can never truly separate from God, and therefore He will ultimately take care of any circumstances in your life.

7. Understand that all people are equal regardless of their status, position or wealth.

8. Disregard the attitudes and opinions of negative people as they tend to hold us back from accomplishing the goals that we all strive for, and instead share your positive energy with them.

9. See yourself as one with nature and begin to understand how you are a part of every living creature. This will help you realize the importance of protecting our environment from any form of exploitation by man to preserve its beauty for coming generations who will enjoy it as much as we do.

10. Understand that there is no separation between the people of every race, religion, and culture, so always treat everyone equally regardless of their background.

11. Realize that discrimination only hurts the person who is discriminating against someone else by keeping them in a negative state and preventing them from using positive

The benefits that come with applying this law to your life (i.e., more peace, less stress)

  1. You will feel less stress as you start to see yourself as one with your environment and all of God’s creation so that there is no more separation between you and the world around you.
  2. You will also experience less stress by worrying about things and instead focusing on being present in the moment. This will help you get more out of life and less out of it simultaneously.
  3. By not taking things personally, which is the outcome of seeing yourself as one with others, you will be able to deal with differences among people positively without being concerned about what they might think or feel about you because that does not matter.
  4. You will also see peace coming into your life when you understand the importance of treating people equally regardless of their religion, status, or wealth. That is how we all came into this world, equal in terms of abilities and opportunities.
  5. You can achieve a higher level of spiritual growth by following the law of divine oneness. This is the only way to truly understand God’s intention for you and how one must lead a selfless life to succeed in whatever they choose to do, such as being successful in business, politics, or any other professional field.
  6. You can also enjoy more spiritual growth by realizing that there is only one consciousness


This article has covered the fundamental principles of divine oneness. The law states that all energy, matter, space, and time are one. All people are equal regardless of their status or wealth because we all came into this world as equals in terms of abilities and opportunities. By living your life by these principles, you will experience less stress, more peace, higher spiritual growth, and a better understanding of God’s intention for you to have success in whatever it is you choose to do in life! Let us know how embracing Divine Oneness has impacted your everyday life below so that other readers can also benefit from what they learn here about one of the universal laws!

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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