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Being Realistic and Manifesting into Existence

Being Realistic And Manifesting Into Existence

“Being realistic” is one of the most used phrases when we have to make life decisions. “To be realistic, I cannot pass the exam,” “Realistically, the goals are too lofty to achieve,” “I don’t see myself winning the contracts to be very real.” These are limiting statements that we often make. Even though such words often seem like sound reasoning, it does more damage to the chances of achieving success than we know.

In life, giving too much attention to reality often keeps us stuck. Sometimes, we need belief, imagination, strong determination, and setting realistic expectations to achieve the impossible. Otherwise, we will only remain in the loop of “we can’t.” If you want to know why and how being unnecessarily realistic can limit your progress in life and how you can break free from it, you should read this article.

What Does Being Realistic Mean?

In a simple term, when you base a possible future occurrence or outcome on the current situation only, you are realistic—being real means accepting the facts without giving a chance for hope or other possible eventualities. Realists see things as they are and deal with them in a practical way only.

Admittedly, being realistic is a sensible and appropriate way of reasoning. When you have a good grasp of a situation’s reality and understand what is possible and impossible, you are realistic. However, being a realist means that you are not ready to entertain any thoughts about impossibility or impractical eventualities. Being realistic makes you see the world through a single lens and never allows the possibilities of innovations. It may significantly hamper your possibility of positive thinking.

If everyone keeps being realistic since man’s creation, there is little to no chance for innovations. We need to see beyond reality to give room for creativity and inventions. Over the years, many innovations have stemmed from constructive visualization of what seemed impossible back then. Today, those situations or materials that used to be impossible to create are now in our realities. Hence, while it is a sensible way of reasoning, it is a limiting thought against innovation.

Thus, before you continue doing the jobs that you hate, live in a space that kills your dream, or staying stagnant in a comfort zone, ask yourself whether you are not unnecessarily realistic or not.

Pros and Cons of Being Realistic

As suggested earlier, being realistic is a rational way of thinking. Understandably, thinking rationally is a good thing and can be beneficial in multiple ways. Thus, it has its advantages. At the same time, being real can be limited to the person in question. Therefore, it doesn’t exist without disadvantages as well. For these reasons, being realistic features the following pros and cons:


Being realistic helps make practical decisions. This means that you’ll be taking steps that are likely to end intangible results.

Being realistic gives you a feeling of assurance and certainty; rather than depending on faith and hope.

Being realistic helps you prepare for the absolute worst, which could be for your mental health in some cases. Instead of hoping for a miracle, you will always be ready for the worst that could happen to you. Hence, you’ll never be caught unprepared.

Being realistic will encourage you to develop a backup plan. Since you are already preparing for the worst, you’ll start looking for an alternative before the worst happens.

A realistic individual will get the thing done when necessary. Once you see the reality of a situation and what could emerge from it, you will commit to it to achieve the best possible outcome on time.


By being obsessed with reality, you may find it challenging to make desired changes. Also, you can struggle with issues such as deciding between a desire and reality.

A realist focuses only on what they can see and intellectual computation – and not the feelings, emotions, and inner-talk that give an edge in decision-making.

Being realistic makes an individual lose control over personal choices, behaviors, and optimistic thinking processes. Thus, you can end up being counter-productive and losing your ability to be creative.

Individuals who focus solely on reality often end up blaming themselves when the supposed “reality” doesn’t occur as expected. As a result, they can become resentful, frustrated, and hopeless. When all these happen, it can lead to a loss of confidence.

An individual focused on the existing situation often gives little to no consideration to lessons learned from previous mistakes and experiences. Also, for people who had past trauma, or toxic relationships in the past, often find it difficult to talk about it because they only focus on today’s reality. Thus, they stay hurt inwardly because they choose not to discuss their past underlying issues.

Obsessively realistic people often find it challenging to accept uncertainty. Since they are focused on a single reality, they don’t give room for a change that can happen at any time.

Being Realistic vs. Manifesting into existence

For those wondering why you keep experiencing the same situation repeatedly and things are not getting better, here is one of the possible reasons. Perhaps, you realize that the relationship doesn’t work out for you, or you keep losing your job. The “reality” is that you are stuck in your reality. The behind-the-scenes power responsible for that unwanted situation is known as “observation and reaction.”

Whenever life presents itself, you are essentially observing the situation and acting according to reality. For instance, when a bad situation arises, you become angry. If a good thing occurs, you become happy. In this way, you are living yourself strictly without freedom of mindset, behavior, or emotion. You never entertain unrealistic optimism.

With such a lifestyle, you are stuck in a cycle of sameness and “own limitations” due to the Law of attraction at work. The Law of attraction doesn’t work as a filter that helps remove the bad or the good. It is open to everything. Hence, when you react angrily to a bad situation and keep thinking about it, you’ll attract more of it unknowingly. The more you focus on a sad and unwanted reality, the more you will release the vibrational energy that can attract such an occurrence from the universe. This is how realistic thinking and manifestation cross paths.

However, it’s never too late. All you need is to learn being unrealistic in some cases. When life brings about an unwanted situation, be grateful – and not be angry. Thus, rather than focusing your mindset and thoughts on unwanted occurrences, you’ll be releasing energy that will help attract wanted situations or goodness towards your life. Even when life is not challenging, you should always stay positive. Instead of getting stuck to a specific reality, you should visualize what you desire. From getting a new job, house, or partner to a vehicle, allow your mind to entertain your imagination. Spend time thinking about what you would like to have in real life.

An important thing to always remember is that the brain doesn’t differentiate between actual reality and visualized reality. Hence, as you continue to imagine your desired events, the subconscious mind will focus on them and release a matching vibration to the universe to make it happen. In short, endeavor to utilize the power of deliberate creation and be more flexible about it. In this way, you’ll never be stuck in the cycle of sameness.


Hopefully, you have learned extensively about setting a balance between realistic beliefs and entertaining unrealistic optimism. Also, you have seen how it can be a stumbling block towards achieving greatness. We don’t need to stick to a specific reality or set negative expectations at all times. As many self-help gurus will say, humans are created to innovate, think and believe for a reason – and we should use these abilities. Keeping a positive thinking and maintaining a firm belief are useful values to harness the universe’s power and avoid psychological distress.

To stop yourself from being one of the “realistic people,” using the manifestation will come in handy. And interestingly, you don’t need to learn from a London school to begin. For a start, you can begin with visualizing “easy,” realistic events or materials. By so doing, you will be gradually stretching your limits. From there, you will start to expand your thoughts and free your mind to think outside the box. Once you start visualizing loftier dreams, you are essentially telling the universe that you deserve more incredible things, and it will oblige accordingly.

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