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Power of Self Care & Relationships

Power Of Self Care & Relationships

Naturally, humans thrive on emotional connection, intimate relationships, self-care, and interaction with other human beings. Positive emotions are crucial to satisfaction in life, and they are mostly generated from relationships. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that the chance of survival is increased by 50 percent through relationships.  I believe it is because survival is threatened by isolation.

There is an inseparable connection between mental health and happiness and intimate affairs. Perhaps you are a victim of saddening relationship, would like to change your lousy relationship to an excellent one, or wish to bring a special person into your life, then consider using the power of attraction.

Some Insightful Questions to Ask Yourself

Only a few things beat a happy and healthy relationship. With the law of attraction, you can achieve your relationship goal. However, you need to do something simple, but crucial to personal transformation:

To understand yourself. Think about yourself and ask yourself some breakthrough questions such as:

“What brings you happiness?”

“Between career and family, which one is more crucial to you?”

“Who inspires you and who exhausts your energy?”

“What are the things that you are avoiding – responsibilities?”

By answering the answers to the questions genuinely, you can find some crucial aspects of your life that you should improve. Check out the following questions.

How often do I the things that I love? And do I show myself love and respect, which I believe I deserve?

If the only answer you can give to these questions is NO, then consider improving your self-love. By showing love to yourself and doing things that bring happiness your way, others that do the same will be attracted to you.

Do I love spending time alone? If you find no happiness in spending time with yourself, then it will be challenging to find others that would like your company.

Unlucky people in terms of love often see themselves as being in an unfavorable condition. As for them, they believe that they are not worthy of love. Without self-love, unknowingly, they will start blocking the path for others who can show love to them. Consequently, keeping a healthy relationship or finding the right spouse will become difficult. As they start feeling of being alone in the world, they will begin to attract further loneliness.

Why Self Care is Important

Indeed, a definition of self-care can be subjective; various people can have a different meaning for it. However, self-care is simply about caring for your needs, happiness, and health. When you continue to neglect yourself for the sake of others, then you may jeopardize your self-esteem.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is alright to consider yourself last if you are in a relationship. But always putting other people’s needs first and your own last may result in attracting more of the same type of relationships. Failure to believe that you deserve extra attention may cause your mind to subconsciously ruin your relationships.

The Significance of Gratitude

In some cases, healing a broken relationship doesn’t take more than pure gratitude. Ask yourself about how often do you truly show appreciation to those that make your life better? When you have an appreciation feeling towards your partner, you will find new positive characteristics in him or her, which can enhance your relationship positively. One of the most crucial tools to bring the love of your life into reality is gratitude.

Write down the attributes that you cherish about your partner, and be grateful for his/her existence in your life. Additionally, list out the positive qualities of your partner and be thankful for them.

Try to remember how you and partner connected at the onset whenever you feel lonely in your love affair. Reminisce some joyful moments together and take note of them. During your gratitude exercise, free your mind from any current negative happenings in your relationship. Bear in mind that when you place your focus on the negative side of things concerning your affair, then you are unwittingly requesting the universe to put more negative happenings into your relationship. On the contrary, by focusing on gratitude, you will be asking the universe to provide more causes to appreciate your love life.

Bringing your Soulmate into Reality

Sit or lie down in a convenient and noise-free area, then take a deep breath. While breathing out, say “relax,” then allow your mind, heart, and body to calm down. Ensure that you shut your eyes.

Afterward, try to see yourself on a great date, staying calm and collected with yourself and your partner. In your imagination, see yourself as having fun and being conversational with your dream partner. Envision your partner clearly and present the best form of yourself. In your vision, perceive the fragrance in the air, feel the touch, the sunshine, and the sensual chemistry between you and your dream partner. Free the positive energy to touch every aspect of your body. In this state, spend some time with your partner, then breathe a few times deeply before you open your eyes.

Conclusion on Self Care and Relationships

Don’t neglect self-care and underestimate the power you attain by taking care of your self. Don’t be a slave of your love life; instead, be the master. You can bring your dream relationship to existence as you would do with any other thing in life. The path towards discovering genuine love maybe, long in some cases. However, with a strong belief in yourself, you will be guided by the universe. In other words, the universe will provide the support and direction towards your desired love.

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