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Emotional Guidance Scale [How it Works]

Spiral Stairs The Emotion Guidance Scale

Esther and Jerry Hicks (or, if you prefer, Abraham Hicks) invented the emotional guidance scale to help people feel better and raise their vibration gradually. On the surface, it may not appear this is related to the law of attraction. But the emotional scale and attaining success with manifestation have a lot to do together.  To create and attract what you desire, you need a higher vibration emotion.

There is an old saying that sounds something like this: If you want to learn something new, you first need to forget something old. That’s why you need to learn again what emotions are.  From feeling overwhelmed, guilty, sad, disappointment, doubt, and angry to being powerless, you need to raise your emotional scale from negative emotions to positive emotions to harness the Law of attraction successfully.

Emotions are conversations between you and your non-physical mind, between you and your soul. They provide you instant feedback on the vibration of your thoughts on an emotional scale. This is crucial when it comes to attracting the things you desire or in your wildest dreams.

What is The Emotional Guidance Scale?

In their book, Ask and It is Given. Abraham- Hicks explains the scale as the following:

It is a scale of our feelings and emotions, in sequence from our highest vibrational feelings to our lowest.

Abraham-Hicks goes on to mention the role of your emotions and the non-physical play. Because without the non-physical, we wouldn’t feel emotions.

“When we came to this world, our non-physical told us: Feel free to go there. You are stepping into the contrast. You are going into something that you may not like, you are going into something that will cause you to have desires and wishes. I will expand, and to you, I will send the guidance, with the help of the emotions.” 

What does all that mean? It means that you need to ‘go with the flow.’ It says that if you feel the emotions of high vibration. You feel right about something- your non-physical tells you that you are on the right path. Suppose you feel the emotions of lower vibration. You feel wrong about something- your non-physical tells you that you have to change something.

A good comparison to this is the game ‘Hot and Cold’ you might have played as a child. Whenever you feel the emotion of lower vibration, try to imagine your non-physical saying: “Cold, you’re not in the right place! You are moving away from the thing that you’ve created. “And whenever you feel the emotion of high vibration, that’s your non-physical telling you, “Warm, you are in the right place, you are getting closer to your creation! ”

Emotional Guidance Scale

On the Abraham-Hicks scale, we have the emotions of high vibration and low vibration.

Higher vibration emotion has to do with your better feeling emotions. This includes current emotion that gives us positive energy, makes us feel optimistic, and gives us the confidence to move in the right direction. Vibrational frequency is high when our Abraham Hicks emotional guidance scale is on the positive side. Contrarily, the Low vibration scale indicates poor or sad feelings. They are sources of lower vibrations that are characterized by negative emotions and energy. Below are the common emotions of high vibration and low vibration.

Emotions of high vibration

1. Joy, love, freedom, empowered, appreciation

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm, happiness, eagerness

4. Belief and positive expectations

5. Optimism

6. Hopefulness

7. Contentment

Emotions of low vibration

8. Boredom

9. Pessimism

10. Frustration, irritation, impatience

11. Overwhelm

12. Disappointment

13. Doubt

14. Worry

15. Blame

16. Discouragement

17. Anger

18. Revenge

19. Hatred, rage

20. Jealousy

21. Insecurity, guilt, unworthiness

22. Fear, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness

As you can see, some of the emotions of lower vibration include depression and powerlessness, fear, and greed.

You could be wondering why? Why does greed belong to the low side of the emotional scale?  Greed comes from the belief that “there isn’t enough of something for everybody. ” That is far away from the truth because there is an abundance of everything in this world. It’s the same with envy and jealousy. The people who feel these emotions believe that for them, there is no love, there is no success, there is no welfare, etc. That the better feeling emotions do not exist.

The emotions of high vibration include hopefulness, optimism or positive expectation, faith or belief, enthusiasm, passion, and the ones with the highest possible vibration are joy, love, empowered, gratitude, and freedom. They are better feelings that generate an upward spiral of positive emotions as we continue to nurse them. So that’s why they are considered the highest vibrational feelings.


How to Move Up the Emotional Guidance Scale

Now let’s observe the lowest vibration, which is powerlessness. And the highest vibration, which is freedom. If you want to raise your vibration on the emotional scale, you should know one thing. It’s far simpler and more comfortable to travel through emotions gradually up the scale. Versus aiming for a quantum leap.

For example, if you are feeling powerless, it would be easier to achieve a vibration that resonated with guilt or jealousy than trying to leap to the feeling of freedom or joy. Even though guilt and jealousy are still low vibrations. You must realize you’ve moved up on this scale. You are no longer on the lowest possible vibration.

And from there, it is easier to get revenge than anger. When you get angry, or when you get the desire for revenge, how can that be a positive thing? It’s pretty simple when comparing them with the emotion of powerlessness; it is a positive thing because when you are angry, or you feel the desire for revenge, that means that you think that you have some kind of power now.

And that’s why these emotions are placed higher on this scale. They still are the emotions of lower vibration, but if you’ve got there from the “bottom, “that means that you are rising on the scale and that you can move higher. It’s just a matter of time. After that, if you feel the emotion of disappointment, that’s an improvement, too. That’s good because you are no longer powerless. You are no longer angry or desire revenge or hate or feel discouraged or worried anymore.

All of this means that you are raising your vibration on the scale to a new emotion. Wow, how much you went up! From disappointment, you can move to hope. Optimism. And so on, and so on.

Whenever you feel emotions like sorrow, anger, sadness, the desire for revenge, hate, pessimism, your non-physical tells you this is not your path. Not those thoughts. Move your focus. That belief doesn’t serve you in a good way.

When you understand that, then you can start changing your beliefs and focus. With that, then you start moving up on the emotional guidance scale. You are doing all of those things so you can raise your vibration. When you do raise your vibration, you are witnessing miracles in this reality.

To recap, Abraham-Hicks’s emotional guidance scale is a series of over 22 emotions and feelings.  The purpose of the scale is to help you raise your vibration from feeling bad to feeling better. No matter what you are currently experiencing.  Simply, find what you are feeling on the scale, and create thoughts that will gradually move you up the scale. Until you ideally arrive at joy/freedom.

Below is a picture of the scale you can easily save for later use.

The emotional guidance scale


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