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Your Health and Law of Attraction

Your Health And Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction possesses a vast power that can be used in every aspect of life, including achieving your health goals – all you need is to learn how to unleash the power. With some manifestation tools, you can obtain various desired health conditions, such as improved overall health, weight loss, getting a great body shape, and overcoming a severe health issue. Read further to learn about how to utilize the law of attraction for the benefit of your health.

Develop Your Health Targets

While setting the health goals that you want to achieve using the law of attraction, it is crucial to be specific rather than using a general statement such as “I want to become slim,” “I want to eat well,” etc. It is motivating to set goals; however, you should have specific goals that will direct your efforts towards your health areas that need improvement.

Endeavor to set goals that can be quantified. For instance, set goals such as “entering the gym and training four days in a week for three months,” rather than using “getting great shape.” Also, try to have benchmark goals that align with your schedule. You should also consider giving yourself a treat after reaching a specific goal. Furthermore, ensure that you set realistic goals. If not, you might be discouraged by your plans when you notice no desirable improvement.

Using a vision board is a great idea to boost your motivation. It is merely about posting a collection of words and images that stimulate your feelings towards achieving your goals on a piece of corkboard or poster-board. Additionally, you can include inspirational quotes and images that express your goals to the vision board. For instance, get some pictures of fitness celebrities, which you aspire to become, and add them to the board. Ensure that the board is positioned where you can see it daily, then try to look at the board a few minutes daily.

The Use of Visual Imagery and Affirmations

Among the components of a successful law of attraction is mental imagery, also known as visualization. Performing visualization in a meditative state helps develop a force of energy that draws some changes which you need to accomplish your health targets. It is possible to improve several aspects of your health with the use of guided imagery.

Find a noise-free area and sit down for some minutes. Ensure that you shut your eyes, then breathe deeply. By so doing, your mind will relax. Afterward, you should see yourself in front of a movie theater seated. Envision yourself pressing a button on the seat’s armrest to put on the screen.

In the movie, the main character is you. Ensure that you feel every bit of detail vividly, including color and sound. Then, open a door on the screen by pressing a button on the armrest. Now, enter the movie as you get off your chair.

For those whose health goal is to cut out high-calorie fast food from their diet plan, imagine yourself in a scene where you are susceptible to cravings. For instance, at your front is every favorite of your high-calorie food, and you are alone at home. Try to perceive the aroma coming from the food and its eye-pleasing color. Don’t stop the cravings from getting higher. Afterward, see yourself clearing away those foods, and consuming a healthy salad – endeavor to engage your color, smell, and taste senses in the vision. Get a feeling of having a strong metabolic system while the food being consumed helps improve your muscular growth. Also, try to feel that the food helps maintain a healthy and fit body. Eat while engaging all your five senses.

Bear in mind that you are a character in the movie – not just a viewer. Thus, imagine yourself as the first person.

For those who desire a great shape, visualize yourself working out in the gym. Imagine the surrounding of the gym, as well as the available instruments, such as stakes of iron plates, racks of dumbbells, rows of machines, etc. See yourself engaging each exercise, every run, set, and rep, then feel your tight skin and lean body. Furthermore, visualize yourself sweating, feel the pace of your breathing, feel the burning sensation in your muscles, and the feeling of weight in your hands – see yourself as working out flawlessly. In your imagination, try to see yourself as progressively changing into the great shape that your desire.

When you are done, position yourself in front of the mirror to see a fit and nice-looking body with the desired weight. Cherish your new look as you say the following affirmations repeatedly:

  • I am sound in body, mind, and spirit.
  • I spontaneously release my desire to eat foods that are not good for my body.
  • I am getting closer to achieving my ideal body daily.
  • I have all it takes to change my life positively.
  • I always push through the pain.
  • I love and approve of myself.
  • I am confident in my body.
  • I visualize my ideal body and work to make it happen.


Overall, to use the energy of attraction effectively for your desired fitness, you should think more about health and think less about sickness. Also, do away with thoughts of an unhealthy lifestyle. Always remember, the law of attraction will react according to your thoughts.

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