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The Focus Wheel: A Great Tool For Manifesting

The Focus Wheel_ A Great Tool For Manifesting

Thoughts and intentions are part of human existence as much as desires. Everyone craves something. For this reason, we are all subconsciously practitioners of the law of attraction. The only difference between a recognized practitioner and anyone else is intentionality.

In other words, people who practice manifestations consciously use the law of attraction through different techniques, such as visualization, dream board, positive affirmations, focus wheel, etc., to manifest their desires.

Suppose you want to intentionally use the law of attraction to manifest what you want and have fun while at it; one of the most effective techniques is the focus wheel. From setting up your focus wheel to using it for your manifestation effort, you’ll surely appreciate the process as you spend your leisure time building what can bring so much progress to your life.

Whether you have tried using the focus wheel but failed or want to try it out for the first time, this article sheds light on creating your focus wheel, focus wheel process, and utilizing its power effectively for your manifestations. Let’s begin!

What is a Focus Wheel by Abraham Hicks?

For those new to the focus wheel process, the manifestation technique is a self-discovery tool for transforming negative feelings using the law of attraction. A focus wheel is in the form of a circle with twelve equal parts. The essence of each part is to help develop positive feelings and to think positively. When setting up the focus wheel, the main goal is displayed in the middle of the focus wheel.

According to the law of attraction, everything human focuses on is gravitated towards them. Thus, when we dwell on negatives, the universe will naturally send negative things towards us. The same principle applies to positivity. In other words, by thinking about great things, whether achievement, feeling, or tangible material, the universe will manifest the positive thought into reality.

An important thing to note about the law of attraction and manifestation is that thinking alone doesn’t suffice. It would help if you had feelings. Understandably, when you focus on a subject matter, it is natural to have feelings about it. As you spend more time focusing on an issue, you should feel the satisfaction that comes with the desire – especially before the manifestation of the feeling. In this regard, the focus wheel comes in handy because it helps sustain your focus on a specific desire and keeps the happy feelings to get the universe’s attention and initiate manifestation.

How to Use a Focus Wheel

Using the focus wheel is one of the straightforward ways to perform manifestation. The most important part is to have something that you deeply desire. If you realize that you are finding it difficult to manifest the desire, the focus wheel can be your way out – how?

The focus wheel helps work through your feelings, regardless of your desire. The self-discovery tool helps to acknowledge and focus more on a desire that you can’t just get to connect with. Hence, it is unsurprising to see several individuals using the focus wheel for challenging manifestations such as relationships. The reason is that the manifestation tools make visualization less challenging while the positive feeling about the subject matter improves.

Daily activities are usually easy to visualize and develop a feeling for. For instance, you can easily believe and control your weight or health. Thus, the focus wheel is not usually applied for easy-to-manifest desires. However, when it comes to manifesting financial situations or love life, making a one for your manifestation companion is strongly recommended.

Sometimes, you can control different situations, but it might not feel as such. In this regard, the focus wheel process will help connect with the contributing beliefs and establish strong feelings. Using the focus wheel helps discover certain qualities about yourself that will come in handy for attracting positive outcomes in specific parts of your life.

If you want to use the focus wheel for any of the benefits above, then follow the processes below:

Focus Wheel Process

Set your focus wheel and walk around the wheel. As you walk, ensure that you read each sentence on the twelve parts animatedly to feel a strong desire and emotion.

During the process, give your full attention and focus. It is vital to read the sentences out loud to improve your concentration.

Repeat the process three times to improve your optimism and become more enthusiastic about the process.

Now, read the sentence in the middle of the circle aloud with your full attention and focus.

Using the focus wheel process correctly will foster the momentum of gratitude that can positively influence your behavior and belief system. Consequently, it spurs the attraction of your desires. The focus wheel can help develop specific affirmations for yourself since you’ll become more conscious of what you want to attract.

Hence, feel free to create new affirmations for yourself if you feel so. For instance, you can add, “I am at peace with myself, and I feel the peace of mind” if your intention is to find tranquility. Don’t be afraid to develop affirmations based on what you have written at the center of your focus wheel and your intentions for creating the manifestation tool.

How to Make a Focus Wheel

Now that you know how to use the focus wheel and its benefits, let’s discuss the process for setting it up for your specific dream or desire. Read the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Download or draw a focus wheel

First off, you can download a focus wheel from the internet or draw it by yourself. The latter seems to be more exciting if you have the time. Get a piece of paper and draw a large circle on it. It is recommendable to draw the circle so big that it almost touches the edge of your paper. Afterward, it would be best if you drew a smaller circle inside the big circle. Divide the space between the small and big circles into twelve parts to ensure that the distance between the parts is equal. In the end, the inner circle should be blank.

Step 2: Develop your negative vibration statement

After drawing your circles and parts neatly, the next thing is to write positive statements. Here, many people often get it wrong. The process is not just writing encouraging words, but recognizing and thinking about your negativities, i.e., things you don’t want. Write down those things that you despise on a separate piece of paper. These are your negative vibration statements.

Step 3: Develop your positive vibration sentences

Since you already know what you don’t want, the next thing is to change them into the opposite. You can write the positive form of what you despise below each negative statement. Although these positive sentences are not in your reality yet, they are needed to kickstart the feeling that you need to harness the manifestation’s power.

Writing your positive vibration sentences should start with “I love.” Then, add anything that would complete the life that you genuinely love. For instance, you can write, “I love a beautiful mansion that gives me happiness,” I love a nice, blue car,” and “I love a happy, funny family.”

Also, it is recommendable to include lines of gratitude. In other words, consider writing sentences that denote thankfulness for opportunities, possessions, or whatever you already have that you would like to see more.

Step 4: Note your major desire on the focus wheel center

In the middle of the focus wheel, you should talk about critical elements of your desire. These elements should connect with your feelings. For instance, your focus wheel center may read “A healthy vehicle,” “super-fast and appealing,” and “Expensive.” These are elements that show a desire for a vehicle. In this way, the universe will understand the particular type of car you want. You can also do the same for money, relationships, or anything you desire.

Step 5: Begin from the top and check your feelings

The next stage is to determine whether the written statements genuinely connect with your feelings and desires. See the wheel as spinning and yourself as not being able to get to the center. In order to connect with the spinning wheel, you should take the baby steps. First off, focus on the words in the middle. Now, try to see whether they resonate with your desires. In other words, do you experience the feelings that relate to your desires? If you feel connected, then you are good to proceed. Continue with the twelve parts and check your feelings as you reach each part.

Step 6: Exercise patience as you continue

From step five, continue to walk around your circle and read the statements. Ensure that you keep translating each statement into positive feelings. It’s completely okay if it takes some time to connect with what you have written at the start. Don’t get frustrated and continue to speak the sentences out loud.

Step 7: Build momentum

As you continue to walk around your circle and read the positive statements, you’ll notice the growing feelings from within and a burning desire. Don’t stop building the momentum. Allow the positive feelings and desire to consume you and enjoy the good feeling. As suggested in the section above, try to repeat the process three times. It will improve your focus and pleasant feelings and your confidence at using the focus wheel.

Step 8: Review the statements

Here is the final stage. After completing your session, take a moment to look at the middle and notice the improved connection between you and the truth behind those words. This will help improve your focus on the subject topic further and foster your feelings. Endeavor to try the process daily or depending on your schedule.


Before you start making a focus wheel, it is vital to clear your thought process and determine exactly what you want to achieve with the self-discovery tool. As you develop your focus wheel, ensure that every sentence resonates with you and helps improve your feelings for a specific desire. Proceed to create the focus wheel as soon as possible – don’t procrastinate or postpone if it is not mandatory to do so.

Please don’t be shy to write out your lofty dreams or the associated positive statement you feel like writing on your focus wheel, no matter how strange. The most important is to connect your desire and your focus wheel. Also, ensure that you use the tool as frequently as possible. The more you practice, the better your focus, feeling, and desire for the subject matter will be. Additionally, you should not feel bad if you feel hooked initially; it is alright. With time, you’ll get better and start to change your attraction point consciously.

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