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Utilizing Heart Energy With Law of Attraction

Utilizing Heart Energy With Law Of Attraction

The heart is simply a major organ responsible for pumping blood and keeping us alive for most people. However, the reality is that the cardiac function does so much more through the heart’s energy. From unlocking potentials, aligning with the Universe, manifesting to making life less challenging, the heart energy is an invaluable part of our existence.

During everyone’s lifetime, we are more likely than not to experience different situations, wish for various happening, and deal with multiple feelings. All experiences, emotions, and feelings pass through the cardiac function center, which is considered the power source of living. In fact, we cannot live without feeling the heart.

The heart energy is usually positive energy until our dark or sad moments in life. When we feel loved and excited, there is a high chance of becoming highly creative and full of enthusiasm. In such a moment, we become more inspired to press on. On the contrary, you could experience negative heart energy in a moment of loss. For instance, when we lose someone dear to us. We can quickly lose connection with the infinite source of healing, love, and excitement at such a period. When this happens, using the Law of attraction intentionally becomes difficult. Read this article patiently to find out more about this little-known gift of existence. Enjoy reading!

What is Heart Energy?

Considered all-consuming energy, the heart energy often works to make life less challenging or more exciting. It comes in handy for surmounting obstacles, opening the doors of possibilities, and welcoming abundance from the Universe. When you intentionally use the heart energy, you align with the Universe. In other words, you can become the true oneness of the Universe and utilize its power to manifest anything that you desire.

Understanding how to manifest from the heart (as you would later find out in this article) means you have learned the secret of tapping into the organ’s energy. And mind you, the heart energy is boundless. But the reality is that only a few thousands of people globally understand manifestation using the heart. More so, fewer manifestation coaches consider teaching it. It’s understandable if you are asking why.

Teaching or using heart energy is not the most challenging manifestation or the most difficult to teach. However, it demands the ability to see and feel beyond our reality. You need to believe its existence just as we believe in the existence of the earth’s electromagnetic field. A determined user of heart energy needs to visit a quiet place within through willingness, bravery, and complete freedom. By so doing, you experience wholeness, internal peace and feel centered. At this junction, you become capable of manifesting anything as you experience heart coherence.

An important part to bear in mind is that manifestation using the heart energy takes time. It takes a series of practice daily. But by the time you master the process and start gaining entry into your inner self, it becomes natural and normal. Surprisingly, you’ll start wondering why you put so much energy into it and not just relax with a focus.

Take note that heart energy is beyond the emotions of love. Instead, it’s a life phenomenon that centers on unconditional love, peace, and surrender. As suggested during the introduction, it has the power to heal and, more importantly, create a future that you desire. Heart energy encompasses loving thoughts, the imagination of affections, and connection to your essence. Thus, a relationship with this energy translates into linking with the very source of creation. You can easily get rid of your fear, worry, and doubt when you do so.

In return, peace and trust will find enough space to thrive in your heart. Consider it as having direct access to the essence of intelligence and wisdom. In this case, you will start finding truth in all things. Remember that heart energy sees beyond physical realities. It demands looking inward willingly and finding your essence. To put it concisely, using the heart energy means finding true power.

Heart Energy in Action

The Universe gives everyone the opportunity to connect to their heart energy. When there is a heart coherence with the Universe, we start to feel peace, calmness, and unconditional love. Understandably, researchers believe using heart coherence serves a series of mental and emotional self-regulation techniques. In other words, the heart energy comes into action when we are emotionally triggered or experiencing stress for upcoming challenges.

This is because every individual has the capability to shift their attention to the center of their chest and smile to their heart. When this is done, we self-activate the feeling of calmness and positive emotion. The resultant effect is usually composure.

Scientifically, the heart can do this due to the generation of the most influential and extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. It is believed that the heart’s electrical field is sixty times higher in amplitude compared to the brain. This permeates through every cell in the body. In other words, the sense of calmness and positive emotion reach every part of the body. When you are in a state of gratitude or giving, the positive energy is further reinforced. This is when you become highly creative, hyped, and excited from within.

Everyone always wants such a type of energy to continue running at the optimal level. An interesting part is that you will be releasing the positive energy towards people around you and to the Universe. In return, you are likely to attract people with similar good energy and manifest the desire that is at the center of your positive feeling. Thus, it is safe to say that the heart doesn’t just support cardiac function or pull off blood pressure.

Heart Energy and Law of Attraction

If you are familiar with the Law of attraction, you are probably getting the gist of how heart energy can come in handy for your manifestation effort. For those who are not accustomed to the phenomenon or would like to get the idea better, let’s shed more light on the use of energy and its relationship with the Law of attraction.

Using the heart energy starts with trust and belief. You need to believe that the heart energy is right there within you. Otherwise, you could experience failing heart energy. This could be not easy at the onset because we are already used to only physical reality and thinking. We focus more on our minds through countless thoughts daily. Hence, it can take some practice and time to get familiar with using the heart for manifestation. At the start, it’s possible not to feel the energy. But, it would help if you started to trust it.

From there, you need to connect to your heart energy. While this might sound impossible, experience and repeated practice would make you realize that it’s simple. Connecting to your heart energy is like feeling an energy source from your chest, otherwise known as the heart chakra. Take your time to feel how it expands across your nerve impulses and entire body.

Be free and willing to notice the expansion. As you spend more time on it, you’ll better feel the heart’s energy source. But refrain from forcing yourself to feel the energy expanding. For a start, you might feel the expansion for a few inches. After some weeks, you could be able to expand the energy to almost every nook and cranny of your body. Eventually, you’ll be able to live with your heart’s rhythm having a higher level of intention and awareness.

By the way, at the beginning of the connecting with your heart energy, don’t be surprised to notice that you are using your mind. After all, we grow up focusing on the mind’s energy. However, if you want to harness the power of this heart’s energy, there is a need to release the mind’s energy. So, when you realize that you are drifting towards your mind energy, endeavor to start thinking about what the energy feels like. Start with visualization.

Take your time to master the process and get familiar with this energy. See it as a hot air balloon that expands with heat; not just an organ meant doing the systolic and diastolic work. You’ll find out the true aesthetics of heart energy and how it expands with time. Then, you will start to appreciate the content of this article better, especially concerning how this energy is helping to transform your life. An important notice is never to force this energy; have the desire and willingness to surrender to it.

Using Heart Energy for Law of Attraction

From the heart energy’s point of view, every time is perfect for attraction. This is because heart energy doesn’t require fear, worry, doubt, resistance, or attachment to work. Regardless of your choice or desire, it will become completely new and fresh while harnessing this energy. Manifestation will become more straightforward as you continue to use this energy and permit its flow into your existence.

When you want to use the heart energy for the Law of attraction, commence by focusing on the wish or desire. As you try to tap into the heart energy, feel the sensation from those desires already existing in your mind. Allow the heart to bathe the desire with positive energy and surrender the moment with a positive feeling of peace. In other words, let your mind exist like you have already achieved the desire. Continue to stay in the position and let your experience deepen. Keep the position and enjoy the positive feeling for as long as you want.

Remember that you cannot use heart energy for the Law of attraction unless you let your desire be covered with the energy. To do this, visualize what you want as detailed as possible. As you see it in your heart, fill it with love and become one with the heart energy and the desire. For some newbies to manifestation, you might be worried about the magnitude of their desire or its loftiness.

Or perhaps, you think that your desire doesn’t exist; hence, it’s not possible. In this case, you are already blocking your manifestation before it begins. Forget about whether it’s feasible or not and simply create it in your mind. The more you send your heart energy to the desire, the more it will be drawn towards you.

As you continue to use heart energy, you are using the Universal power to increase the power of Law of attraction for manifestation. When you manifest from the heart, it transforms the Law of attraction from something you wanted to do with your mind to something you are doing together with the Universe. This makes manifestation less challenging, quicker, and more exciting. At this stage, don’t be surprised if things start to work for you like magic.


Before rounding up, it is worth stating that everyone is capable of using the miracle of heart energy for manifestation. Whether you want to manifest a healthy, happy relationship, dream job, a record-setting invention, gadgets, heal from distress, or get rid of chronic stress, try to connect to your energy. It’s all-encompassing energy that is bestowed on us as a gift from the Universe. When you use heart energy for the Law of attraction, you’ll be working hand in hand with the Universe to bring your dream into reality.

If you are wondering how to start, find a serene space to sit and allow yourself to fall into a deep state of meditation or visualization. On the first few trials, you might only have a short connection with the heart energy. However, in this case, the idea is to find your heart energy while having your desire in mind. With time, you will get a good grasp of the incredible phenomenon and, most importantly, how it is expanding. From there, endeavor to surround your desire with the positive energy from the heart.

Harvard medical school or any medical expert may tell you that heart failure is when your heart stops, but in reality, it’s when you don’t harness your heart’s energy. However, remember that finding the heart energy demands surrendering yourself and willingness to find it. Also, finding this energy is not a day job. It takes some days or weeks of practice to get accustomed to the use of this energy. Be confident that once you master the process and get familiar with the process, using this energy and your own emotions will become a life-changing dynamic.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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