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Universal Energy: What is This Divine Concept

Universal Energy Uses

Even though various regions use different names for universal energy, it’s a well-known concept worldwide. From Europe, Africa, to far Asia, the divine energy exists in our realities. Although scientists are yet to capture universal energy in its true form, there is no argument concerning its existence.

More importantly, understanding the concept is highly beneficial. Considering that everything in the universe vibrates (a fact supported by quantum physics), humans are capable of harnessing the vibrations to manifest whatever we would like to experience in our reality.

Aside from manifestation, this energy is useful for the regulation of our consciousness. Thus, it’s a practical approach for body healing, emotional stability, and clarification of thoughts. If you want to feel confident, creative, and optimistic, it’s essential to learn how to harness the power of. Read on to learn more.

What is Universal Energy?

In a simple term, divine energy that radiates in every creation is known as the universal energy. Whether it is the plant, animal, human beings, or inanimate material, everything within the universe experiences it. For this reason, our existence is also known as the universal energy field by many scholars.

Every creation in the universal energy field owns a specific vibration. This is why it’s possible to use the law of attraction to attract our desires by releasing a matching vibration. Even humans beings are in constant vibration. We can see some realities because their vibration frequency is slow enough for the physical eyes to see. On the contrary, the vibrational energy of many creations and forces is so fast that it’s invisible to the human eye. Thus, it’ll take a series of research to develop tools to view this energy physically.

However, the good thing about divine energy is that we don’t have to view it before it can be harnessed. Currently, there are some simple activities to attract and feel the power of it. Aside from feeling the energy, we can also utilize the power for different purposes.

How to Attract Universal Energy

Attracting the universal energy is relatively easy because it’s closer than we can imagine. All we need is to follow the simple steps of manifestation below:

  1. Find a serene and quiet environment to sit in a comfortable posture.
  2. Position your tongue against the upper side of your mouth.
  3. Focus on your breathing and breathe naturally.
  4. Commence abdominal breathing and feel how your body becomes light.
  5. As your body becomes lighter, the universal energy will start circulating your body.
  6. Maintain a free mind and allow the divine energy to circulate more.
  7. As you continue to perform abdominal breathing, you are breathing in air and universal energy.
  8. Visualize the energy as entering your body through every means possible.
  9. Imagine that the universal energy is stored in your energy field around the center of your abdomen.
  10. As you exhale, visualize yourself, releasing the energy you don’t want back to the universe.
  11. Make a conscious effort to return to reality. However, ensure that you become aware of your environment gradually.

At this point, you are done attracting universal energy. Various people confirm their experience with different feelings. However, some common signs include new sensation at hand, slightly reddish palms or fingers, warm or mildly swollen hands, and a tingling feeling around the hand and/or leg. Advisably, you should check yourself out in a mirror. You’ll notice a more radiant complexion with glistening skin and whiter eyes. Also, practitioners may experience a more confident and optimistic feeling.

Who can use Universal Energy? 

Universal energy is a free-flowing and fluid energy in every space. Thus, it’s accessible to everyone. Also, there is no special requirement before you can use. It doesn’t require superior intelligence, wisdom, or a specific age. You don’t have to be the strongest or the weakest person alive to use universal energy. More so, whether you belong to a wealthy family or average income earner doesn’t matter. Class, societal status, relationship, and tribe are not essential to harness the power of divine energy.

On the contrary, it only requires your willingness and belief to experience it. Aside from belief, clearing your mind through calmness and relaxation is crucial. And to achieve such a level of peace, you have to follow the steps explained earlier. During the practice, you should try to focus your mind and breathe as naturally as possible. Allow the energy to flow through and feel the sensations. As you continue to allow the energy to expand, you will radiate more of the divine energy in your daily life. So, regardless of whether you are experienced in using the law of attraction or not, you can start attracting universal energy from today.

How to Use Universal Energy

Universal energy is a handy tool for resolving different life challenges. Below are critical components:

  • State of being: Using the power of this energy starts from understanding your being. Do people see you and appreciate your positivity? Are you pessimistic or optimistic? If you are an open-minded person with a high level of optimism, you’ll find it easier to use universal energy than others. However, if you feel awkward about yourself and tend to keep negative thoughts, you will most likely release negative vibrations. Thus, it becomes essential to start with belief.
  • Belief: Whether you are positive or negative, you need to believe in yourself and the universe. This belief will help reinforce your positive energy to maintain positive thoughts and feelings. 
  • Manifestation techniques: Performing manifestation techniques, such as the method explained earlier, will increase your chances of experiencing and using universal energy effectively. This is because the technique will not only attract universal energy but help maintain positive energy.
  • Pure intentions: As you continue to practice the method, you should keep pure intentions and always remember the law of karma. The law of karma means that whatever you do will be returned to you. So, if you want to experience universal energy’s goodness, you should focus on performing good deeds in the universe. Show kindness to yourself and others, be grateful, and assist others when necessary.
  • Focus on your desire: At this point, you should focus the universal energy radiating around you on your specific desire. During your meditation, focus on your desire and channel your universal energy to harness it.

Important tips to know while using the universal energy

In the course of utilizing universal energy for your desire, the following information will come handy for effectiveness:

        i.            Visualization

Channeling your newly attracted universal energy for a specific focus demands having a clear goal in mind. In this regard, you should visualize your wishes and imagine how you would feel after realizing your dreams. Allow your senses to experience the feelings as much as possible.

      ii.            Meditation

Another essential effort to utilize universal energy effectively is meditating. This approach helps achieve your goals and desires. More importantly, it’ll keep your mind focused without distractions. Meditation is a useful way to be conscious of your thoughts. In other words, it helps keep your thoughts in check.

    iii.            Avoid doubts

Questioning the universe or being skeptical about the approach is inadvisable. By so doing, you’ll experience some distractions and lack focus. Also, belief, which is a critical component, will start fading during the process. So, don’t question your belief, universe, or your effort. Focus on the methodologies. With time, things will fall in place.

    iv.            Make positive efforts and take action

No experienced law of attraction practitioner will advise you to stop working and expect a promotion at work because you are using universal energy. Making positive efforts and taking necessary actions are key to manifestation. Positive efforts mean being generous to people, taking opportunities, showing kindness, and taking positive steps forward. Actions involve physical effort that you can do to help manifest your desire. For instance, if you need to take a course to increase your chances of getting a promotion, take it.

      v.            Gratitude

Expressing a grateful heart shows positivity. Also, it means you are ready to give out. And as you continue to give out, you’ll receive. So, it would help if you were grateful for the universe, yourself, and the people around you. More so, appreciate good things, including organic and inorganic materials.

Universal energy examples

As stated during this article’s introductory part, universal energy is known in different forms among various people. Thus, it’s unsurprising that tribes call it different names. Below are examples of universal energy in a different group of people:

  • Chi o Qi

In the Asian part of the world, particularly in China, the universal energy is referred to as Chi or Qi. It is considered vital energy for medical treatment and self-defense. Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes chi as subtle energy, which is available in three forms. The forms include Jing, Shen, and Qi. These three forms are important for growth, spiritual awakening, and strength.

  • Life Force

In Europe, it is considered as a life force. Several scholars have contributed to the topic, notable among them is Wilhelm Reich. During the 1900s, Reich described universal energy as “Orgone energy,” which has inspired many people to develop healing devices from his theories.

  • Prana

It is also recognized in India, and it is commonly regarded as Prana. Indians, most especially the Hindu believers, consider universal energy as the principle of life that moves across the human body. They view universal energy as encoded intelligence, which shapes and sustains life. Many practice yoga breathing exercises to cultivate the Prana energy.


Universal energy is around us, and obviously, it is well recognized in different countries. Attracting and sustaining it in our being is the individual’s responsibility. And luckily, it doesn’t require special conditions to use it. All we need is a moment to ourselves and practice a few tips. 

Check your nature to determine your state of being, raise your belief, and avoid doubts. It would help if you also tried to practice some manifestation techniques such as mediation and visualization to bring your goals and aspirations into contention. Importantly, ensure that you have clear intentions and make positive efforts towards realizing your dreams. And before and after realizing your goals, always show gratitude to the universe. By so doing, we can easily experience and utilize universal energy for different purposes.

Whether you seek good health, confidence, relationships, emotional stability, spiritual growth, or worldly materials, universal energy encompasses everything in our existence. And it is in our space for us to harness. Start attracting power today and use it for your growth and betterment.

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