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LOA Inspired Action: All You Need to Know

LOA Inspired Action All You Need To Know

For those new to the Law of attraction and manifestation, inspired action might look new to you. However, the reality is that many undertake inspired action without paying much attention to it. When it comes to using the Law of attraction, practitioners make a conscious effort to manifest their desire into reality. In other words, manifestation goes both ways between the practitioner and the Universe. It would be best to take a specific action before you can notice certain happenings in your reality. 

Using the Law of attraction requires asking the Universe to provide a certain object, feeling, or situation. Also, we need to engage in some actions that align with the Universe. However, in some situations, divine inspirations can nudge you to make specific efforts to increase the chances of a manifestation – such actions are inspired actions. Here is an enlightening read for you to learn more about inspired actions, how to motivate yourself and others.

What is Inspired Action? 

An inspired action is a step taken when inspired by your thoughts or feelings. Using inspired actions helps realize dreams and achieve goals quickly than without them. This is because the Law of attraction entails asking the Universe to make something happen, believing that it will happen, believing that you will receive it, and taking actions to make it happen. Many people often focus on the first three steps while paying little to no attention to the last part.

In reality, the Law of attraction is no magic or myth. It requires combining internal desire with physical effort. Manifestation becomes even more achievable when you bring inspired action into the picture. A practical example of inspired action is when you feel like calling your mum or giving a gift to your gateman. From nowhere, you get the idea; then you make an effort to do it. While such an inspired action can make the recipient happy, it can also contribute to the positive energy that you need for manifestation. For instance, gratitude can increase someone’s genuine happiness. And by the way, gratitude unlocks manifestation.

Apparently, you don’t plan an inspired action. In fact, you don’t get to think about it before it happens. Unlike your journal, inspired actions are not meant to be written down to achieve your dreams. Instead, you take a moment and listen to the Universe for guidance. From your inner self, the Universe can give directions. When you follow the direction or instructions, you may end up achieving your dreams faster and quicker than planned – this is when manifestation feels like a miracle.

Hence, endeavor to listen to the directions coming from your thoughts and emotions. In the morning, you could feel like taking a walk down the street or visiting your grandma. Take action. Sometimes, divine inspiration may guide you into what you are not used to doing. However, it will not force you out of your comfort zone. In the end, you may or may not understand the reason for taking the positive step. 

However, mostly, one feels happiness, fulfillment, and accomplishment by taking inspired action. When you realize that the sudden thought or nudge to do something ends up making you feel pumped up to press on, consider it as divine inspiration or support from the Universe. It is worth noting that inspired actions are the conscious effort that usually aligns with one goal. As a result, the vibrations needed to manifest will travel faster to achieve your goals.

How to Inspire Action 

When nothing seems to be happening, and you feel reluctant to take necessary actions to support your manifest effort, it’s possible to inspire yourself. How? Below are three steps you can take to be your own inspiration!


   1.             Be your alignment

Whether you are a procrastinator or always feel lazy, the best help you can give yourself is not to sit around. The Universe is not expecting us to wait for its creative lightning to strike. Instead, it would help if you sourced inspiration by putting yourself in a position that aligns with your goal. For instance, if you want to manifest a scholarship, attempt to write the necessary exams or submit the necessary applications. If you want a happy relationship, try to socialize or travel for a vacation. While putting yourself in a position that can make your dreams come true, you may get divine inspiration to make a particular effort to realize your goals. For instance, you can get the feeling of speaking with a specific lecturer before or after submitting your application. In this case, you have already aligned yourself with your manifestation. Hence, getting inspired actions becomes more realistic.

   2.                Don’t ignore the nudge

An essential part of inspiring actions is never to ignore a divine nudge. Regardless of time or location, it’s possible to get a flash of inspiration from anywhere. Do you remember that moment you had a strong gut feeling or an idea? When these ideas pop up from nowhere, take a moment to give a thought to divine guidance. From there, attempt to take the necessary step. By so doing, you are likely to be working with the energy of the Universe or become receptive to the energy.

If you notice that you often pay little to no attention to the divine inspirations, try to create a diary for them. Whenever these guts or ideas come around, write them down before you forget the feeling or idea. When the time comes to take action, do it. Or, if you need to get a home or reach a point before taking action, you can always refer to your diary to recollect the idea. In this way, you’ll become more conscious of the divine inspiration, and the Universe will start working more in your favor.

   3.                Act immediately

Advisably, following the nudge immediately is the best. You should harness the power of momentum if you are practicing the Law of attraction. This means that acting at the required time of implementing a new idea. Procrastination never helps manifestation. In other words, leaving an idea for some weeks or months won’t help achieve your dreams. Instead, it’s better to take inspired action when you receive them.

Interestingly, most divine inspirations are usually straightforward and could be done instantly. Keep in mind that taking inspired action is a sign of faith. Even if things don’t go as planned, bear in mind that you are making progress by receiving support from your inner self.

How to Inspire Others to Take Action 

It’s one thing to inspire oneself; it’s another thing to be an inspiration to another person or group of people. If you want to see a positive change in an individual’s life or group, below are actions you can take to inspire them:

  •         Consider the power of storytelling.

Many motivators have inspired others, including the laziest individuals, by telling them motivating stories for many decades. Let the individual know about your previous struggles and effort before reaching the new height you currently enjoy. Tell them about how you preserve and put in the necessary work. There is no need to hide the truth or the steps they need to achieve their dreams. In fact, letting people know about your previous work can spur them into pressing on. These stories can appeal to the emotions of others. This approach works better when you tell compelling, personal stories. A real story usually captures the listener’s information and motivates them to take a similar path. It can even encourage someone to go on the same journey with you. Hence, feel free to use your personal experience to inspire others.

  • Consider the power of connection

Here is another method to inspire others. Enlighten them about the importance of connecting with people. If you often turn down a request to meet and talk, you are likely to miss out on opportunities. From the request on email, a phone call to date, it’s recommended to relate with people and learn from one another. The reality is that this world is not an island. You need others as much as others need you. Hence, always strive to make personal connections. Let people see the value and skills you possess, including the optimistic vision you can bring to the table. If need be, use social media to your advantage in this regard.

  • Consider the power of partnership

You can inspire others by forming a partnership with them. For instance, you can enlist an individual to take a specific action with you. Forming alliances and partnerships with individuals or groups help increase your power, know-how, and experience. More so, the partnership makes taking actions less challenging and tracking whether you are on the right path or not. The groups or partners will also experience these benefits. A good partner will get you constructive criticism and feedback about an action taken. Besides, teaming up with others demands clout for your cause. It also helps encourage others to join you. By utilizing the power of partnership, you will find it easier to pool resources together and expand.

  • Consider the power of perseverance

Teach your group or partner the significance of persisting while committed to action. If you want a circumstance to happen, you need to be ready to go for it as many times as possible. During the process, you’ll make mistakes, learn from the process, find new ideas, use a different approach, encounter different challenges, and find new solutions. At some points, the effort will be enough, and the desire will come into reality. Hardly will you find a successful man or woman who doesn’t have a story to tell. And when you hear it, there is always an element of perseverance spread around it. Hence, always encourage your team to preserve. 

  • Consider the power of messaging

Encourage your team by sending a motivating message. Before now, personal engagement works like magic. However, the existence of social media has even made this approach terrific. Interestingly, using the internet to pass your message to the world is literally free. While trying to inspire your team, consider using visuals. For instance, you can create a photo gallery that tells the story about hard work, diligence, and taking action. Despite being easy to do, visual messages help send intended information effectively. 

Meanwhile, using the power of messaging also demands knowing the best delivery medium to use. Also, you might not be the best person to send the message in some cases. If there is an individual that might influence your team better, use the person as the medium. It could also be a broadcasting channel, such as local news or an influencing agency that can help run your story. In short, using the right channel of delivery is as important as the message itself to inspire others to take action.


If you ask everyone whether they have ever experienced inspired action, some might claim not to have had it before. However, the reality is everyone is capable of experiencing it. In fact, there is a high chance that they have experienced it without paying attention to it. They should forgive them because inspired action takes place when you least expect it.

But whenever we receive divine inspiration from the Universe, we should always try to follow our hearts. Take the actions that you are nudged to do. By taking action, you are simply responding to the poke from the Universe and increasing the chances of your manifestation. Bear in mind that inspiration always encourages us to do what we never planned for. Hence, don’t be surprised if the gut feeling asks you to help those around you or support a cause.  

Briefly, some ways of recognizing inspired action include excitement, being within your comfort zone, giving back to someone, or happening without anxiety. Remember that an inspired action won’t force you to make things happen or force you into depression. A right inspired action will spur the chances of manifesting your desires. So, take action.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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