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Gratitude Law of Attraction: The Little-Known Secret for Facilitating Manifestation

Gratitude Law Of Attraction The Little-Known Secret For Facilitating Manifestation

Undoubtedly, the gratitude law of attraction is an important step that many often forget to practice when trying to manifest. Understandably, setting up a list of what we desire and trying to visualize could be exciting and intriguing, especially for manifestation newbies. Nevertheless, we must not forget that gratitude facilitates manifestation. Some end up doing it incorrectly or taking the wrong approach for those who manage to remember and try to use the gratitude law of attraction. 

In simple terms, gratitude is a crucial element in manifestation because it increases vibrations. More importantly, the gratitude law of attraction generates a harmonious relationship between you and the energy of the universe. In short, gratitude can change every aspect of one’s life positively. A common yet essential area where many individuals get it wrong is showing gratitude for what they already have only. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the gratitude law of attraction to improve your life, follow the practices and guidelines. Enjoy reading!

How to Practice Gratitude Law of Attraction

Ideally, gratitude means showing appreciation for what we have and the great things that we are experiencing. When you acknowledge the greatness and achievements in your life and feel thankful about them, it is gratitude. However, the gratitude law of attraction is beyond showing appreciation for what we have. It requires not focusing our energy negatively on what we are lacking. In other words, the gratitude law of attraction demands us to be thankful for what we desire but not yet in our reality. 

The reason is that when you focus negatively on what you lack, you’ll attract more of it. This is simply the law of attraction. On the contrary, gratitude helps focus on showing love and positive energy towards what you desire. In this way, you’ll be releasing more matching vibrations that can quicken the manifestation of the desire

In summary, thinking about goodness gives you positive energy and helps spur manifestation. On the flip side, when you don’t show gratitude, you are more likely to focus on the absence of your desire and release the bad energy that will continue to hinder your manifestation. So, rather than being a happier and lively individual, you will experience burn-out and boredom, if not become miserable. Below are three steps you can take to avoid the downside of not practicing the gratitude law of attraction:

i.          Be grateful for every little thing

This is about cultivating the root of gratitude. It is about creating an upward cycle concerning your spirit of gratitude and appreciation. For the food, friends, kids, clothes, water, and space, show gratitude. Many individuals do not have what you consider basic today. Hence, they are more than enough to be grateful for. It’s not strange to feel that you need more to improve your life standard. However, ensure that you appreciate what you have already – it goes a long way in building your spirit of gratitude.

ii.           Begin each day with gratitude

When you wake up in the morning, be grateful for life. This will help you feel good and strong enough to work through the day. It could be hard to believe; however, this is how the brain works. If you choose to put your brain in lousy condition with poor thoughts and a negative mindset, there is a high chance of having a similar experience until you retake a night rest. Hence, you are best advised to start each day with a grateful heart, if not with a smile.

iii.         Be grateful for your desire

Here is the last practice, which is vital for growing the gratitude law of attraction. As suggested earlier, you should always look on the bright side, regardless of the situation. For every desire that you have, ensure that you are optimistic about them and be grateful as if they are already happening in your reality. This is best done by using affirmative statements. For instance, you can start with “I am so grateful and happy for my beautiful, blue mansion in California.” This is a detailed positive affirmative statement that helps tell the universe exactly what you care about. At the same time, it will help send the right energy to attract the desire from the universe. Feel free to write your affirmative statement, depending on what you want. However, you should make your statement in the present tense and visualize the desire to add details. Then, show gratitude in the statement as if you have the desire in your reality already. 

How to Feel Gratitude Law of Attraction 

Feeling grateful doesn’t need special preparation or time. In fact, you should feel thankful for reading this article, believing it will facilitate your manifestation effort. You don’t need to – and shouldn’t – wait for your dreams to come through before you can be grateful. Be thankful for the tangible and intangible things around you. This includes your ability to dream and visualize your future. 

As you continue to feel the gratitude law of attraction daily, a harmonious relationship will form between you and the Universe. This means that you are showing the Universe your happiness for life, things, experiences, and incoming graces. By letting the Universe feel the positive and excitement you have for these things, the Universe will reciprocate in kind by manifesting them in your reality. This will help show gratitude and release more positive energy to the Universe. If you want to feel the gratitude law of attraction, below are actionable steps that you can take:

  • Please focus on the good side of life: Gratitude is a powerful way of taking manifestation into our own hands. Admittedly, some situations or materials could be discouraging for you. In this regard, what you can do is to not focus on them. Nothing and nobody will hold you guilty for choosing to focus on what makes you happy. Hence, focus your attention and energy on what makes you feel alive and abundant. In this way, the Universe will ensure you come across more of them and see less of whatever can make you sad. 
  • Practice gratitude daily: If you want to feel gratitude daily, then be ready to make it a habit. For a start, you can note down the things that you are grateful for. After listing them out, focus on what you would like to attract as well. Every day, ensure that you go through your list and be grateful for them. By keeping up this positive energy daily, the Universe will have no option than to help you manifest.
  • Be conscious of your thoughts: Amidst everything, you cannot overlook human thought. Ensure that you observe the way you think and keep an open mind. If you ever had to contend with troubling thoughts, you can take a self-help book or a write-up on personal developments. By so doing, your mind will be taken away from the negative thoughts, then refocus on what can improve your mind. By strengthening your mind, you are not only fostering the chances of becoming happier but connecting better with the Universe. 
  • Acknowledge an improving situation: Feeling gratitude law of attraction is easier when you realize that your effort towards a better life is working. Be conscious of the positive changes happening around you. In this way, you’ll experience improved inner strength and resoluteness to keep working on actions that can make you feel happy and grateful daily. More excitingly, it will help give you a better perspective on why you should keep a positive thought, start a day with a smile and maintain daily gratitude. Acknowledge the difference and do better.

Gratitude Law of Attraction Manifestation 

In reality, the primary essence of our discussions so far centers on gratitude manifestation. The law of attraction drives manifestation. Thus, you need to understand the law of attraction before you can understand gratitude manifestation deeply. Even though millions of people are aware of the law of attraction, let’s start with the fundamentals for those who do not understand yet.

The law of attraction is basically based on vibration. Everything in the Universe is vibrating, including us. Whether we are conscious of our subconscious mind or not, it constantly sends out vibrations into the Universe. When this happens, the Universe will reciprocate by sending back a similar vibration as a reality. This is where the phrase “like attracts like,” comes from. For the vibration that we are sending out, we need emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. These three elements create the positive or negative energy that helps send out our vibration to the Universe.

Gratitude comes into the picture because it is capable of fostering happiness and positive energy within us. Being thankful saves us from being depressed about what we lack. As discussed earlier in this article, feeling bad and depressed about the absence of something will help establish more negative energy. As an individual sends out the negative energy, the universe will accept and ensure that he or she continues to experience the lack. On the contrary, being grateful for what you have makes you feel like you already have it. As a result, you’ll be sending positive energy and matching vibration to the universe. In return, the universe will ensure that you get what you are thankful for in your reality.

Once gratitude manifestation is active, simple and little things will give you joy. Daily, you’ll naturally wake up happy and lively. Life will become more exciting and enjoyable for you. Gratitude manifestation will help change your mindset positively as you continue to experience positivity and show gratitude for every little detail around you. In short, you’ll become more of a positive person that finds inspiration every day. Subtly, the universe will be working in your favor. 


The gratitude law of attraction is one of the most exciting and stress-free manifestation techniques you can practice. For a start, you can try to say “I appreciate you” to people at least twenty times daily. At the same time, you must master appreciating yourself. From your cloth, set of white teeth, small achievement in your workplace, completing a task per day to eating, show gratitude for almost everything. 

Remember that gratitude for the law of attraction is not only about being grateful for what you have; you should be grateful for what you desire too. Write them down, be happy, and show appreciation to the universe. By so doing, you will be reinforcing the desire to manifest the actions or possessions using a positive vibration. Thank you!

Even when you don’t think about them, your subconscious mind will continue to release the positive vibration to the universe as you continue to show gratitude and keep a positive mindset and feeling. Gratitude doesn’t take much time but gives everything to enable your manifestation. 

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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