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12 Universal Laws of the Universe

12 Universal Laws Of Universe

What Are the Universal Laws?

The universal laws are the laws of the universe that govern and influence everything in our universe. It is an essential truth that we live, breathe, and exist within universal laws. We can also think of universal laws as laws of the universe that make up this physical reality.

How Many Universal Laws Are They?

There is an incalculable number of universal laws or universal rules governing the Universe. These universal ‘rules’ have been researched for thousands of years by ancient sages, modern scientists, and philosophers worldwide (but mainly Euro-American). However, there are 12 universal laws that are popular.

These universal rules may seem to us on Earth to be chaotic or formless. Still, they’re actually very structured like a computer program, only far more complex and interwoven with each other.

These universal ‘rules’ or 12 universal laws are the building blocks that make up this physical reality we live in. They’re really like the blueprints of some building, blueprinting how everything is put together.

Yes, universal rules are governing our psychology too! Certain universal rules only operate on certain scales (quantum physics will teach us about many universal rules that influence atoms and nuclei, for example). Still, these 12 universal laws can also operate on a macroscopic level, such as the universal laws of humans nature.

So what are the 12 universal laws?  They are as follows:

1.)The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness simply states that there is one universal creator. This universal creator created everything (including all human languages) and the universal laws that govern the physical world we live in. It also says that universal creation is a manifestation of universal consciousness. The universal creator doesn’t mind what religion you follow so long as you believe in universal consciousness or God. The universal creator didn’t create women to be inferior to men or to serve men – universal consciousness is genderless (omnigendered).

2.) The Law of Vibration

Everything in the universe moves up and down, back and forth, in every direction, endlessly vibrating at different frequencies, which creates everything that is seen or unseen (including thoughts). Vibrations speed up, giving an outward flow from the center, and vibrations slow down, bringing an inward flow center.

The universal truth of the law of vibration is reflected in the Hindu universal saying “harmony in diversity,” as well as modern theories such as chaos theory and complexity theory. Cardinal states that every thought, feeling, or action you’ve ever experienced in your life was initiated by a vibration.

3.) The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence states your outer world reflects your inner world.

This universal law is a universal truth. You are what you think or feel yourself to be, and the outer world reflects your inner world. If we all lived in a physical reality that was truly random, how come there’s an uncanny correlation between our thoughts and feelings on the inside and everything around us? The universal answer: there aren’t any uncaused coincidences! It’s simply the universal law of correspondence at work (and it works through quantum physics!).

4.) The Law of Attraction

States your vibration attracts your reality

You may have heard the universal law of attraction explained in popular universal teachings such as “The Secret” or right on this very site!

The universal law of attraction states that like attracts like, which is true for everything, including thought, emotion, and action. So if you’re not happy in a particular area of your life, then harness universal law #4 to change it! You get back from life what you give out into your inner world and your outer world.

What are thoughts made up of?

Thoughts are universal vibrations, waves in universal consciousness vibrating at their own unique frequency (just like atoms). These universal vibrations can be transmitted through

5.) The Law of Inspired Action

It is better to take action from a place of inspiration than from a space where you are struggling. High vibration action is empowered action, whereas low vibration action is disempowered action. The universal truth of universal law #5 is reflected in popular universal teachings such as the universal law of karma or Christian universal teachings such as “you reap what you sow.”

6.) The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy states that universal energy is transformed into universal matter continuously and again and maintains universal equilibrium.

Think of universal law #6 as universal law #4 but applied to universal energy instead of universal consciousness or vibrations. The universal answer to the question “what is universal energy?” is that it’s simply universal vibration, waves in universal consciousness vibrating at a high frequency (and creating everything).

Universal Law 6 states that this universal energy gets turned into physical reality through quantum physics -in this sense, the entire universe is just an illusion created from one primal substance: universal energy! What all does universal law #6 explain?  The creation of physical reality, reincarnation (the transformation of our eternal soul), life after death, and more.

7.) The Law of Cause & Effect

States everything everyone does has repercussions – good or bad. Also known as karma, this universal law states universal cause precedes universal effect, i.e., like always attracts like. You can’t escape universal law #7 … universal cause precedes universal effect! It’s the universal reason why some people are born poor and others rich; it’s the universal reason for growth or decay in your life; it’s the universal explanation for why you’ve had all of the experiences you’ve ever had (good or bad) and more.

8.) The Law of Compensation

States the law of cause and effect is applied to our abundance.

Did you ever have one of those universal experiences when universal law #7 was so incredibly universal? You know, that universal experience where someone does something to you, and suddenly you get retribution in the same form they committed towards you. You wonder, “how did this universal law apply?” It’s universal laws #7 & 8 working together!  Universal law #8 (the universal law of abundance) states universal karma is an active energy force in our lives that provides us with balance or equalization. This universal answer explains everything from spiritual growth to global economics – it shows the universe has a built-in regulation mechanism; it’s just not random…and not personal.

9.) The Law of Relativity

States universal good and universal evil are relative terms, dependent upon universal consciousness.  Everything universal is universal relative to universal consciousness (referring to the universal law of creation). This universal rule explains why someone can do something you judge as ‘bad,’ but they believe is ‘good’.

An example would be a serial killer who believes his actions in killing innocent people will bring him closer to some omnipotent, universal being or entity (thus putting them on a higher level of universal consciousness – albeit, very low level).

10.) The Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity states everything is dualistic; there are always two sides to each story. The universal law of polarity basically represents the attempt at making sense out of the dual nature within existence. Every point has an opposite, and universal laws are no exception to this universal rule. Universal laws are universal law #10 (duality).

Everything universal pairs up; it’s simple universal math: 1+1 =2, but it becomes a little more complex when you throw in universal consciousness. This universal answer explains the pairing of opposites in nature: male/female, good/evil, positive/negative, etc. It also explains the pairing of opposites within us – ever wonder why you’re drawn to things that oppose your values? Well, this is why!  It’s first our evolutionary heritage as human beings and then universal consciousness (universal answers) trying to help us grow spiritually.

11.) The Law of Rhythm

States everything has a universal rhythm; in universal cycles, everything exists as a universal wave, a universal flow of universal cycle.  It’s not just the universe subject to universal law #11; it’s all living beings too, from the smallest microorganism to giant whales…everything universal has a universal rhythm – including you!

12.) The Law of Gender

States everything has masculine and feminine principles; There must be a balance of universal male and universal female energies for universal creation to exist.  Like universal laws themselves, we learn from universal law #12 that universal creation is not balanced or equal!

The masculine is the injector universal force (the universal answer), and the universal female is the receptor universal force. This universal rule explains why two opposite universal forces are needed to create universal balance – without it, everything would move in one direction (the masculine universal force).

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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