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Soul vs Ego: What Are These Two Phenomena

Soul And Your Ego

Everyone wants to live a purposeful life. A fulfilling life is a dream that all humans love to experience. However, achieving our dream life strongly depends on how we use two energies: ego vs soul. Whether we like it or not, the ego is part of us, which can be used positively or negatively. Sadly, the negative ego seems to be the most dominant. Failure to address negative ego can be disastrous.

Soul, on the other hand, is our true-self. When soulfulness remains supreme over ego, we are more likely to emit vibrations that can attract the universe’s goodness. Additionally, without the soul, learning to appreciate oneself may be quite impossible.

Considering that ego remains a quality of humans that cannot be completely eradicated, the best way forward is to bring harmony between ego and soul. A balance between the two realities leads to a prosperous and happy life. Enjoy this enlightening article to understand the ego vs soul.

What is the Soul?

While some refer to the soul as a spirit, others call it the true self. A soul is defined as the premise on which the feeling of an individual’s awareness is established. Beyond expectations, social makeups, roles, duties, titles, and obligations, the soul is who you are in your most unconscious mind. Unlike ego, the soul doesn’t change – the phenomenon is a permanent reality of who we are. Once a child is born, it comes with a soul that lasts forever. 

A soul is also referred to as our true essence; it’s what we represent and stands for within the higher realm. The soul influences our emotional quotient, social quotient, and intelligent quotient. Thus, it covers an individual’s wisdom, love, peace, compassion, integrity, creativity, and happiness. The soul doesn’t seek external approval to be happy; it doesn’t require a push to get creative. All the fulfillment and intelligence are already within, which is usually referred to as intuition.

The soul often reaches out to us. However, most people don’t recognize when the soul is communicating, while others simply ignore it. Thus, it’s important to understand how to recognize soul-talk and get the best out of communicating with our true selves.

How to Spot Your Soul

Below are the signs of soul-talk:

When you experience an inner voice or gut feeling about a certain subject matter.

When you share an unexplainable connection with the universe – you simply appreciate and resonate with nature.

When you have a strong desire without your happiness or self-worth, depending on it.

When you accept and forgive people as they are without stress or inner struggle.

When you love and accept yourself unconditionally.

When you feel that everything is easy as if you are getting unexplainable support in all your endeavors.

When you are aware that you are straying off your goals or losing what you love.

When you find yourself in the right place with the right people.

When you realize that you have a purpose with a clear path and that you are special in the world.

When you feel empowered and ready to pursue your dreams without external motivation.

What is Ego?

Considered as the body-mind self, the ego is the phenomenon that connects between the unconscious and conscious mind. Whenever you feel responsible for an act or have a sense of personal identity, then the ego is at play. In most cases, the ego blocks connection with others as it exercises primarily on intelligent quotient and emotional quotient. Without any stress, the ego connects with lower inner vibrations, emotions, past opinions, and memories that may hurt or challenge your feelings. 

Thus, ego often shapes our morals, values, and how we tackle challenges and struggles. This reality holds on to self-empowerment. It aligns with our titles, roles, obligations, and expectations. Ego is also how you see yourself. Once you look towards your state of mind and body, you are exercising your ego. When you start claiming that your achievement is purely based on your input, the ego is at work.

Ego rarely feels satisfied. The mind-talk continuously looks for perfection, which can be a drive to progress. When the drive is towards your goals with a healthy approach, then it’s a positive ego. However, once the ego focuses on a state of lack and reacts to every insufficient thing, it becomes a negative ego. Most people will call it being egocentric.

How to Spot Your Ego 

Below are the signs of ego-talk:

When you keep thinking about the same subject repeatedly.

When you focus heavily on fears, doubts, anxieties, and self-criticism.

When you assess yourself based on external things such as job, partner, friends, cloth.

When you seek validation desperately from others.

When you don’t see any reason to love or accept yourself.

When you ignore your intuitions and focus on what you think is right every time.

When you see the wrong in whatever you do and ignore the right things that you have done.

When you choose to do everything by yourself without giving a chance for teamwork or partnership.

When you feel hurt and sad every time that things don’t go as you planned.

When you feel sad and sober whenever people say something offensive.

When you are consumed by your emotions, such as anger and hurt every time.

When you focus on failure and refuse to try again.

When you do not see anything to appreciate about yourself.

Difference Between Ego vs Soul

Ego vs Soul is two distinct life phenomena that everyone exhibits. Below are clear differences between them.

When an idea or guide comes from your inner-self without depending on your achievement or pride, then it is the soul. In contrast, the ego is at work when you decide to act based on your capabilities or strengths without giving external thoughts space.

Soul-talk is when you love and appreciate yourself for what you have accomplished. On the contrary, focusing on self-criticism for a prolonged period emanates from ego-talk.

The Soul looks inward while the Ego looks outward.

The burning desire to achieve a goal without depending on what you can do results from the soul. While the idea to achieve a goal because of your capabilities is about ego.

Soul will encourage you to forgive and accept yourself easily. At the same time, the ego will motivate you to criticize yourself further – you won’t feel satisfied and will always see a reason to push further.

While the soul is about love, the ego is motivated towards lust.

Soul represents your true self and essence, while ego stands for your societal reputation, expectation, duties, and roles.

Soul recognizes abundance, while ego looks out for lack.

The soul doesn’t work to be praised or rewarded. It doesn’t focus on the right thing to get recognition. On the contrary, the ego works to get praise and rewards. It thrives on getting accomplishments and recognition.

The soul is about “we,” while ego is about “me.”

The soul focuses on serving people while the ego strives to serve the individual body.

Soul gets happy and fulfilled naturally without external factors, while the ego becomes excited when a specific expectation is met.

Finding a Harmony between Ego and Soul

When there is harmony between the soul and ego, you’ll have a better chance of prosperity. Considering that we often listen to our ego than our soul, it’s necessary to recognize more soul-talk. Besides, the soul encourages humans to seek out consciousness to grow and evolve. With soul-talk, you will be exercising your intelligence quotient, social quotient, and emotional quotient. By so doing, the level of intelligence and experience will continue to improve. As you improve, you’ll learn more and gain wisdom.

Ego comes into play even when we don’t intentionally call for it. However, whenever the body-mind talks, the self-drive that comes with should be centered towards achieving goals. While pursuing the goal, you must listen to the soul as it is responsible for calling you back to the line. After achieving the goal, the ego recognizes success while the soul will show you the new abundance. When this happens, you’ll experience peace of mind and inner calmness. Also, the soul will encourage you to be grateful to the universe – not look for excuses. Thus, with a healthy relationship between your true self and “false self,” you can develop a fulfilled and prosperous life. 

Ego vs Soul Conclusion 

You should know that you are the only one that can choose between soul and ego. It’s about having two energy sources within you; only you can decide which one to use. Soul and ego are undeniable. However, when you master the energy to choose at the right time, you have successfully brought harmony between them. By so doing, you’ll have the right energy to chase your dreams and manifest them. Advisably, you should never let your ego prevail over your soul. Aside from blocking manifestation, it can lead to unwanted circumstances. On the contrary, listening to the soul guides to a miracle from the universe. 


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