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Successful Manifestation Using Brainwaves

Successful Manifestation Using Brainwaves

The connection between successful manifestation and brainwaves. Is closer than we would have ever imagined. And many in the law of attraction community agree. 

As you already know our subconscious thoughts and beliefs work hand in hand in our success.

Yet, their lesser-known partner consists of oscillating electrical impulses in our brain. This is where brainwaves come into play. More on this later.

We are the masters of our reality. Our reality is not controlled by our external environment but quite the opposite. Its created by our thoughts, feelings, and actions we decide to take.

But why does this even matter? 

Because many believe by entering lower frequency brainwaves. You can enter deeper states of consciousness. In these states, you make it easier to get in touch with your soul’s intention. And open a door to your subconscious mind. Once there you can manifest and create your reality at will. 

You might be wondering then. How can I get to those lower frequency brainwaves? That’s a great question. Right now the two ways are via practiced meditation or using brainwave entrainment tools.

The practiced meditation has been nicknamed ‘brainwave meditation’. This type of meditation immediately places you in a relaxed state. Furthermore, it helps you enter those deeper states of consciousness.

But, before I show you how to get there. We need to understand.

What are brainwaves and how can it heighten my ability for successful manifestation?

What are Brainwaves (And How Do They Work)

Our brain is composed of a tight network of billions of nerve cells (known as neurons) communicating with each other. These specialized cells are also responsible for making sure information is transmitted throughout our body in chemical and electrical forms.

They send and receive messages by transmitting electrical pulses. These pulses travel in an oscillating wave pattern we can test for and measure. This is known as electroencephalography (EEG).

If you are familiar with frequencies. The same thing applies here. They are measured on the time a wave takes to go a full cycle. The technical term for this measurement is officially Hertz(Hz).

So to briefly recap. Your brain is an electrochemical organ capable of producing brainwaves. This electrical activity can be measured in Hertz

Neuroscientists have been able to identify five different types of brainwaves. Ranging from low to high frequency. And with each of these frequencies, you can directly link particular activities. 

However, keep in mind. These brainwaves are not the source of thought or emotions. Rather they a measurable reflection of your mind when you are thinking, feeling or acting. 

The Five Known Brainwaves and Their Frequency

1. Gamma Brainwaves (30-100Hz)

These brainwaves have the highest frequencies and are linked to higher mental activity. Not much is known about Gamma brainwaves. Because they were discovered recently. With EEG machines only being able to measure to 25Hz. 

However, neuroscientists have been able to link optimal Gamma states. To peak concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning.

2. Beta Brainwaves (14-40Hz) 

These waves are associated with being wide awake and alert. You are at optimal Beta when you are handling normal daily tasks such as reading, work and socializing. In Beta, your neurons fire abundantly as you direct your attention. Towards cognitive tasks and the outside world. 

3. Alpha Brainwaves (8-13Hz)

Alpha brain waves are present when you’re entering a deeper state of mind. This state happens when you are meditating or daydreaming. This is a good time to visualize and manifest the law of attraction for whatever you desire. Also, it enhances your memory, learning speed and focus.

4. Theta Brainwaves (4-7.5Hz)

These brainwaves occur in the brains of highly experienced meditation practitioners. When they enter into deep meditation. Chakra yoga experts associate theta brainwaves with the “third eye”. Our brain also enters the theta brainwave state when we dream in our sleep. 

5. Delta Brainwaves (0.5-4Hz)

Delta brainwaves are the slowest frequency. It occurs when you in deep sleep and transcendental meditation. Delta is the state that is important to the healing process. It helps the body restore and rejuvenate. It is also the gateway to the realm of the unconscious mind. 

Training Your Brainwaves for Successful Manifestation

As I alluded to earlier. You can train your body and mind to access different brainwave states. You can train yourself to control the frequencies of your brainwaves.

With the ability to control your brainwaves. you can unlock your subconscious mind, successfully manifest and attract your dreams. Here is a brainwave meditation exercise to reach alpha state and move on to the deeper state of Delta. 

Prepare your mind for the meditation session. 

Let’s start by taking a moment to allow the body to settle into a comfortable posture. Keep your back straight while allowing the shoulders to soften. Close your eyes. 

As you begin to relax. Focus on your breathing. Notice how calm and gentle you are inhaling and exhaling. Notice the stillness of your body. Allow your mind to release all stresses on your mind And all tensions in your body. Feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. As you gradually find a comfortable rhythm for your breathing. 

Now become aware of the gentle rise and fall in your chest.

Keep breathing normally. If thoughts intrude, become aware of them and allow them to pass… once it does focus back on your breath. There is no need to block or eliminate your thoughts. 

As you’re focusing your attention on your breath. Notice if you are experiencing any feelings or emotions…then let them go. And return to focusing on your breath. 

By now the activity of your brain has lowered itself to under 14 cycles per second. You’re feeling very calm now. You are now in the alpha brainwave state. 

Continue to follow your breath. Soon your mind will reach the Alpha-Theta border. This is the optimal range where you can consciously manifest your reality. 

Next, you’ll achieve the theta state. In this state, the mind will become aware of its infinite potentials. And you’ll unlock a life of no limitations.


I hope you have found the information within to not only be informative but actionable. Successful manifestation is closer than you think.

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