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Life Mapping: Manifest Your Successful Future

Creating Life Maps

Are you having doubts about your life journey? Or you probably lack direction. If you are confused about the way forward, there is a solution. Getting some perspective about your life may be your best way out. You don’t have to keep focusing on a single way; open your mind, and see things from a different perspective. From filling life gaps, remembering memories, and connecting life dots together, life mapping will help grasp your reality and provide clarity concerning your future life direction.

With life mapping, you can connect memories, emotions, and events to form a clear and informative picture. In short, you’ll be able to view the whole narrative at a glance. Thus, the map turns out to be a powerful reflection tool. It helps exercise self-care during hard times and visualize how you see life. More importantly, it reveals how you might progress from your current standing.

Although life maps exist in different forms, they should be personalized. Regardless of your life story, this article will provide tips and tricks on how to make the best use of a life map. Read on.

What is a Life Mapping?

As the name suggests, it is a route of a life journey with marks of crucial occasions. A life map represents your life in images. When you consider essential occasions, it includes both happy and sad times. In other words, the occasion should be crucial for you. The key events may consist of a conversation with people, intense emotions, life goals, and career decisions.

A life map is a handy tool to understand yourself. It helps secure self-knowledge and develop personal objectives. However, some create a map for fun to visualize their life. There is no perfect method to establish your map, as the history of everyone differs. However, for those who are creating a life map for the first time, you shouldn’t be rigid about your setup. When you are too concerned about how the map will turn out, you’ll lose the purpose.

An excellent way to start is to note down some valuable events in your life. If you can find pictures or notes to back up the events, that’s great. You can consider events that taught you human values, such as commitment, perseverance, and honesty. Some occasions that show you are growing older are also welcome. For instance, the moment you become an uncle, brother, or father/mother. In short, the highlights of your life, whether good or bad, form your life map.

The Benefits of Creating Your Life Map 

A life map is useful in many ways. However, below are three crucial benefits of establishing a life map:

i.                    A method for creating and achieving goals

Life mapping is usually a pathfinder. With a life map, you can find reasons to pursue a particular dream. Or, perhaps, you have a goal in mind but don’t know how to connect the dots together,  this would become handy as you see the goals in clear pictures. Life mapping will help you see patterns in your life, which may help you choose the most suitable goal to focus on at the moment. Aside from creating goals, these maps will help develop perceptions, beliefs, and motivations to achieve dreams.

ii.                  Become more confident

Sometimes, everything may seem cloudy in life without a clear direction. At this point, we often challenge our own decisions with doubts. However, solutions can emerge by mapping out your past to gain an in-depth understanding of how far you have come. Also, a life map will help review hold memories and learn values from them. By gaining clarity and learning values from your memories, you’ll see where to improve and make informed decisions. So, you’ll feel more confident about moving forward.

iii.                Create a sense of self-awareness

When you take a moment to view each turn in your life, recognizing the roadblocks is easy. You’ll be aware of potential challenges and obstacles that keep relapsing – perhaps, you are someone who procrastinates or late to work. Once you become conscious of your limiting values, you can easily find solutions to them. By the time you develop a greater sense of self-awareness, working towards your life goals will become less challenging.

Life Mapping Questions to Ask

Before you begin to create your life map, you should ask yourself some critical questions. By providing genuine answers to the questions, your life map will turn out to be quite useful and all-inclusive.

  •  Where did you start out? 

Think about the first significant event in your life. Try to remember the first crucial emotion, decision, occasion, or people that you encounter. By so doing, you’ll learn about where everything starts from.

  • Where have you been? 

This talks about all the events you have encountered since the beginning. Consider the happy and bad times; note them down.

  • Where are you now? 

Now, you should write your current situation, including the most recent crucial circumstance. Bear in mind that it’s not the end of your life map, but your present.

  • Where would you like to go? 

Consider this question as a link to show your future. It helps note the dream future that you want to have or occasion that you would like to experience. An answer to this question is quite crucial to your life mapping.

  • How will you get there? 

Here, you need to provide actionable plans that can help reach your life goals. Feel free to write and review the actions as many times as possible.

  • What will affect whether you’ll get there?

You need to consider the factors that can promote or hamper achieving your life goals. Try to be honest with yourself and highlight all the conditions that come up along the line.

What Should Be In Your Life Map?

Perhaps, you are still wondering what to put in your life map. The list below will help provide some insights into the possible content for your map.

  • Past events: Before developing your map, you should write down at least ten past experiences. It can be a moment or occasion.
  • Possible future events: Highlight five occasions that you would like to experience in the future. You should consider them as possible parts of the time to come. However, ensure that each chosen future occasion has a purpose.
  • Consider each life stage: From being a baby, teenager, young adult to a full-grown man, it is advisable to pick a memorable experience or event from each stage.
  • Experienced occasions: While choosing the events that have happened, you can use family photos, images of special events, or achievements made so far. Also, it’s permissible to add historical moments, such as 9/11.
  • Yet to be experienced occasions: For future events, think about circumstances that you want to experience. You can add possible fitness, educational achievements, hobbies, and career. Use a symbol or picture that depicts your unexperienced occasions in your life map. You can also be poetic and creative by using signs and symbols to highlight events on your map.

How to Make a Life Map

Here, let’s discuss how to go about making your life map. Remember that you don’t have to be rigid in the process. The guideline below is only written to help put you through. Read further.

Step 1: First off, you should get the necessary materials. From markers, glues, magazines, newspapers, scissors, old pictures, downloaded pictures to catalogs, ensure that you have the needed tools.

Step 2: Mark out the images and words that you need from the magazines, catalogs, and newspapers. Afterward, cut them out using the scissors. Ensure that all the cut-outs clearly express your past, present, or future experiences. Don’t copy anybody and be honest with yourself.

Step 3: Glue, paste, or tag the cut-outs on a large board creatively. There is no specific route to develop a one.

However, ensure that the life map is connected creatively to show your life journey from the beginning to where you want to go. Let the life map feels right for you.

Step 4: Stand in front of the life map and review. Afterward, you should reflect and question yourself as follows:

  • What do I learn from my life map?
  • Is there a pattern on the life map?
  • Is there any surprising thing on the map?
  • Am I okay if my life turns out as I see it on my life map?
  • What measures do I need to achieve my intentions?
  • What values and qualities should I develop this year, according to the map?

Step 5: Start finding opportunities and supports that can change your life after developing the map. Feel free to share your discoveries with close relatives and friends. If possible, you can develop a one with your partner.


Hopefully, you have learned a great deal about creating life maps. It is a tool that helps provide clarity and direction on how to move forward in life. By creating a life map, you can quickly build your self-awareness to make an informed decision about your progress. Also, developing one serves as a source of self-appreciation on how far you have come. Furthermore, it helps encourage you to work harder and achieve even more.

Ensure that you adhere to the tips and tricks of establishing your map. Put all the points into consideration and highlight every vital moment. Once you can set yours up, it will help shape your self-belief system and improve your human values. In due time, you’ll be closer to your life goals than ever with a map showing the way forward.


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