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The “Act As If” Strategy: 7 Techniques to Master

Act As If Tips

Changing a desire from a mere thought to reality doesn’t take more than a shift in perspective. When you believe that you will be successful, you are already shifting your thoughts and feelings positively. By changing your mind’s status quo, you’ll start getting closer to the universe and develop persistence and effort to bring it into reality.

One of the most advanced methods of the law of attraction is the “act as if” method. You are using the act as if approach means that you’ll be strengthening your manifestation chances with thoughts and actions. With the technique, it is easy to connect with the fragment of your desires as you see elements of your dreams daily.

Understandably, the strategy can be quite tricky. However, once you understand the concept discussed herein, you’ll find it a simple, effective, and exciting approach. Enjoy reading.

What is Act as if? 

By thinking, acting, and feeling as if you have achieved your desire, you practice the “act as if” strategy. Act as if is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy is created to change your thought and behavior to influence yourself and others positively. By so doing, it’ll have a ripple effect on your moods and decision-making.

Using the act as if method centers around four key points: belief, behavior, speech, and appearance. If you desire to become a CEO, the first thing is to believe that the business will grow and gain the necessary recognition with time. Then, you need to start behaving like an actual chief executive officer. Put your leadership values, business skills, and etiquettes to work when necessary. Now, start dressing like a typical CEO style; an elegant and well-ironed dress is an excellent place to start. Don’t be afraid to speak up when it is time; be confident and bold without being boastful.

Despite not being a CEO, all these attitudes already showcase you as a true CEO. All you need then is to believe in the character with consistency. Free your mind to love yourself in the new role because you are still the same person. In due time, everything to become a genuine CEO will start coming together as the universe begins working in your favor. Bear in mind that you can use it for other purposes or dreams and not only become a leader.

7 Techniques of Act as If Strategy

Depending on your desires, you can practice act as if method using any of the techniques below:

1. What you say

Considering that what comes out of our mouth matters a lot, it is essential to work on your speech and its content. This technique is about watching what you say about yourself, your desires, and others. By so doing, you’ll learn to say positive things to yourself and others. When you speak positively, you’ll be reinforcing your chances of manifesting your lofty desires.

Fortunately, this technique is quite easy to practice; however, you need to exhibit high self-awareness. To start with, using words and phrases that talk about your dreams is a great idea. Try to always speak about your visions. If you know many relevant words to your desires, you should use it as much as possible. Additionally, the technique of “what to say” include encouraging yourself. Don’t be stingy when it comes to speaking graciously about yourself. Be kind and nice to yourself with your words. It matters a lot, especially when reflecting the values of who you wish to become.

2. Dress sense

Another act as if technique is about how you dress up. As mentioned earlier, you should let your dress reflect the person that you would like to become. If possible, try to buy cloth similar to someone in a position that you desire. It’s not about dress material or quality, but style and fashion. When you dress the part, it helps transform your appearance and how you see yourself. You’ll start viewing yourself as you have always seen in your dreams.

If you want to become a model, look at some of your favorite models in the industry. Try to copy their dress sense without making yourself uncomfortable. Ensure that you love style and fashion. The reason is that acting as someone while you are sad about it doesn’t work. Instead, you should act a part that you have always dreamed of, and it should make you happy. Acting as if by dressing in a style that will encourage you to put more effort into your dreams while unconsciously releasing positive energy into the universe.

3. Presentation 

When it comes to acting as if, the way you present yourself to people is a crucial part of the process. Understandably, people view the presentation differently. Some of the crucial parts of the presentation include appearance, hairstyle, posture, and wears. However, the most important part is that the way you present yourself should align with who you are. You don’t need to speak like someone already in a position that you aspire to be. Be free to express yourself naturally with only fragments of your dreams. If the person sitting in your dream position prefers to frown, but you love to smile, you should smile. The major part of the presentation should reflect your true self. When you act the part by changing yourself completely, you have already started to “fake it till you make it.” And the technique of act as if doesn’t work that way. Keep it real.

4. Thoughts about money

How you view and treat money matters a lot if you desire to be wealthy. And hardly will you find someone who doesn’t want to be rich. When you want to practice act as if method about money, you need to consider how you see yourself when you finally become rich – are you generous or stingy type? Would you like to invest and earn more or give out as charity? You must ask yourself whether you “need” money or “want” money. If you need cash, you are likely to focus on your lacks and insufficient account. By so doing, you’ll spend more time thinking about the scarcity of money. And remember that as you spend more time thinking about a lack, the universe will do the same towards you. Contrarily, if you feel excited about having money and think about the great and good things you can do with it, you are more likely to attract abundance. Besides thoughts, you should also spend generously, wisely, and cheerfully with the little you have. As you spend and feel happy, you are practicing the act as if technique.

5. How you use your time

You don’t want to procrastinate and waste precious time when you desire to become a leader. Considering that how you spend your time matters a lot daily, it becomes crucial to watch the values from every minute spent. If you want to become a fitness specialist with a great body, eating junkfood and living a sedentary life is not the way to go. As a matter of fact, simple tasks, such as morning stroll, will go along in practicing your act as if strategy. People who want to become a blogger should spend some time online reading on various websites and how to create epic content will come handy. Perhaps, you want to become a peaceful and calm person; you should start taking alone quality time meditating. It helps. In short, spending your time doing something close to what you desire is an effective technique to practice act as if method.

6. How you behave

The way you act publicly and privately is an important technique to achieve your dreams — this method of acting as if comes handy in developing high confidence and self-belief. It is excellent to show up at the exact time or behaving as if you already know that the program will be successful. Showing courtesy and kind gesture in any form are good behavioral manners. It’s alright to feel that your next business presentation is going to be successful. You should experience the feeling of winning the next project already. When sitting on a free public bus, you should sit comfortably and enjoy the feeling of how you’ll sit after getting your dream car. When you act in this manner before facing the task, you’ll approach with the necessary confidence to become prosperous. More importantly, you’ll continue to nurse positive feelings and thoughts that are crucial towards manifesting your dreams. Thus, you should familiarize yourself with how you behave technique as it is a handy tool to win.

7. How you make decisions

A mindset is a useful tool to act as if. Understandably, ego often comes into play when making decisions. But you need to check whether you are deciding on what is relevant to your dreams. If you realize that you are simply choosing an option because you don’t want to hurt your ego or feelings, you need to recheck your decision-making. Sometimes, you need to make unpopular decisions that do not sit right with everyone. As long as it is the right decision to achieve your dreams, make you happy, and influence others positively, you are good to go. In other times, you may have to decide for a greater good or out of intuition; how you act and decide at such a crucial moment reflects the strength of your desires. If you want the act as if technique to work for you, you must learn to make important decisions. You can start by watching your mindset and how you make minor decisions at work and home. How you read situations and make decisions go a long way in utilizing the power of attraction based on the act as if technique.

What is ego? 

Ego is the body-mind talk. It’s how you perceive yourself concerning the world around you. When you focus on “I,” it’s from your ego. However, it doesn’t necessarily translate to being rude or arrogant, depending on the context. The energy spent on fears, and self-criticism when things do not work are outcomes from the ego. It is the ego that asks you to depend solely on your capabilities without giving a chance for external contributions.

Regarding act as if strategy, ego may be a stumbling block. This is when you’ll start thinking that you can’t act like anyone or entertain small changes to achieve your dreams. If the ego is not checked, you’ll rather stick with your thoughts than to stress yourself to achieve your dreams. On the contrarily, if you accept that you can still develop and become better, you stand a great chance of using the act as if strategy successfully. You’ll be ready to “act the part” in your appearance, speech, behavior, and belief without going overboard. Thus, before you start utilizing the act as if strategy, it’s advisable to be conscious of your ego.

Act As If Strategy Conclusion

While acting as if is an advanced technique of the law of attraction, it’s a highly effective method. As you spend more time bringing the elements of your dreams into play, you’ll continue to ingrain your desires into your subconscious and unconscious mind. The more effort you put into your “act as if” performance, the increased vibrations will drive your manifestation process. 

Take note that act as if is not “fake it till you make it.” The difference is that while practicing the act as if method, you’ll still be your real self in mind, soul, and body with fragments of your desires. Contrarily “fake it till you make it” makes you lose who you are as a person while living a life of lies. Thus, it becomes important to manage the balance. Undoubtedly, you’ll find the act as if strategy to be exciting and useful in the long run.


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