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115 Health Affirmations for Healing & Health

115 Health Affirmations For Healing & Health

Arguably, sound health is the most precious gift in life. More excitingly, every individual is capable of healing their bodies using health affirmations. In other words, showing love and good intentions about your health is a leeway towards sustaining a healthy lifestyle with a beautiful body.

For those new to the law of attraction, affirmations are words of declarations that you say about yourself. This may be positive or negative. However, you are encouraged to always speak positively about your being. This is because the universe takes every intention, word, and action from us on board. In return, it helps us manifest precisely what we ask for in our reality.

Hence, if you want to change your life flow, you only need to harness the power of manifestation with positive affirmations. As a newbie to manifestation, you might find it challenging to write or speak positive statements to utilize the Law of attraction for your health. You don’t have to worry, as over 100 health affirmations have been written here for you to use. Feel free to use it directly or redefine it to suit your health goals and objectives. Read on!

Health Affirmations

  1. I choose to be healthy and successful.
  2. I am worthy of being healthy, and I will heal from this.
  3. I commit myself to a healthier lifestyle.
  4. My body, mind, and soul deserve better treatment.
  5. I am getting healthier and happier as I take on my weight loss program.
  6. I am taking care of my mind and body with healthy foods because I am in love with myself.
  7. I am not selfish for choosing to be healthy.
  8. I surround myself with healthy people and an environment for growth.
  9. I am committed to self-care to stay healthy.
  10. I am grateful for every part of my body.
  11. I am attracting divine good health and abundance.
  12. I love every cell within my body.
  13. I choose to make healthy decisions.
  14. I love foods that are healthy for my body.
  15. With gratitude, I accept an abundance of good health, happiness, and wealth from the universe.
  16. As a magnet, I attract health from the universe.
  17. I am in love with organic foods and fresh fruits and grateful for being healthy with fortifying nutrition.
  18. I have everything to remain healthy.
  19. I choose to heal completely.
  20. I love my clean and soft body.
  21. I am free to be new every day.
  22. I become healthier as I continue to embrace positivity.
  23. I release negative energy because it is not who I am.
  24. I happily accept positive energy because it is who I am.
  25. My body and I are friends and will continue to be friends.
  26. I forgive my body and treat it with love and kindness.
  27. My inner light will never go off, regardless of the situation.
  28. I handle my pain and discomfort with love, tenderness, care, and compassion.
  29. I will keep doing everything possible to maintain a healthy body.
  30. I accept to think about the healthy atmosphere around and within me.
  31. I am ready to accept and participate in my wellness program.
  32. Every decision and choice that I make is with mindfulness and the love of my life.
  33. I am healing.
  34. I am thriving and glowing with sound health.
  35. I am completely open to new ways of improving my health.
  36. I am on my way to expand, learn and respect the process to be healthier.
  37. I am grateful to be alive.
  38. I love being alive.
  39. My body heals itself as I allow my body’s intelligence to continue improving my health.
  40. My body is healing quickly.
  41. I am willing to live with feelings and thoughts without obstructing them.
  42. I am ready to express love and beauty in the present moment.
  43. My body cells know how to heal and stay healthy.
  44. My body digests foods and drinks perfectly.
  45. My body tolerates different weather conditions.
  46. I have a healthy and elastic spine.
  47. I have perfect vision, and I do not need glasses anymore.
  48. I have well-built muscles.
  49. I live with full energy.
  50. I inhale enough oxygen into my body for optimal development.
  51. I am full of energy.
  52. Everything that I eat and drink is useful for my body’s growth and development.
  53. I unlock new possibilities of my body daily.
  54. Every cell of my body lives happily.
  55. My hair is nice and dense.
  56. I have a vital body and mind.
  57. I choose to affect my health positively.
  58. I am eating healthy foods only.
  59. I have a strong immune system.
  60. I love foods that are good for my body, and my cells appreciate it.
  61. I look forward to a healthy old age because I keep my body healthy.
  62. I am discovering new ways to live a healthier life.
  63. My body is getting back to most optimal health as I give it what it needs.
  64. I live without pain, and my body is totally in sync with life.
  65. My healing is ongoing, and my mind is allowing my body’s intelligence to do the healing.
  66. I have a strong body that supports perfect health.
  67. I experience a balance between work, rest, and play.
  68. I remain thankful for being alive. It’s a joy and pleasure to see another beautiful day.
  69. I am ready to ask for help when necessary.
  70. I always choose the health professional who is suitable for my body’s needs.
  71. My body works to remain healthy.
  72. I do not doubt my intuition, and I listen to my small inner voice.
  73. I sleep aplenty at night, and my body thanks me for taking care of it.
  74. I love everything that I do to assist my body in staying healthy.
  75. I have a divine right to keep perfect health, and I claim it today.
  76. I dedicate some of my time to healing others as it is good for my health.
  77. I respect my body and soul.
  78. My special guardian angel is always protecting and guiding me.
  79. I love life.
  80. I am the only being who controls my eating habits, and I choose to resist something bad for my health.
  81. I cleanse my body and mind with water. Water is my favorite drink.
  82. I fill my mind with good thoughts about healing and sound health.
  83. I choose happiness, and it is helping me create a healthy life.
  84. I connect with the part of my being that knows how to heal my body.
  85. My breathing is full of life, and I feel nourished.
  86. I have a body full of wellness. Every day, I perform actions that help support wellness.
  87. My beautiful body radiates complete health, and I love it that way.
  88. I do everything possible to maintain perfect health.
  89. I know good health comes from gratitude and love. So, I choose to love and be grateful.
  90. I am receptive to every healing energy from the universe.
  91. My body cells are intelligent enough to heal themselves.
  92. I have a body working to achieve absolute wellness.
  93. I release every impediment blocking my perfect healing.
  94. I feed my body with nourishing and healthy foods.
  95. I am mindful of my thinking. I entertain only healthy thoughts.
  96. I clear out every hatred, jealousy, anger, fear, shame and guilt thought.
  97. I love my healthy life, and I will continue to do so.
  98. I share the love with every droplet of water, muscle, bone, organ, and other body parts.
  99. My body is a perfect healing mechanism because I choose so.
  100. My thoughts are healing as I am healing. Also, my environment is looking healthier to live too.
  101. I cover my body cells with love, and I accept the natural healing.
  102. I am filled with love, health, and healing.
  103. As I am giving love to myself and others, I am receiving more healing and healthier life.
  104. My healthy body comes from my healthy mind.
  105. I am losing weight and improving my life quality.
  106. I am controlling myself, improving my discipline, and avoid unhealthy cravings.
  107. I live at my own pace and never compete with anyone else.
  108. I am proud of my health, and I will keep doing things that will make me healthier.
  109. I choose to invest in my health because my body deserves it.
  110. I reject toxicity, anger, fear, and hatred.
  111. I commit my entire life to abundance.
  112. I choose to work on my mind and body daily.
  113. It is healthy to take care of myself, and I am not selfish.
  114. I believe in myself, and I am worthy of every good that comes my way.
  115. I breathe in calmness and breathe out nervousness.


Before rounding up on proven health affirmations herein, believe, trust and think about the capability of your body healing itself because it is true. Ensure that you feed your body with foods, beverages and perform exercise. Also, alongside your daily health affirmations, you are encouraged to get good sleep and give happy thoughts a chance every time.

Always remember that keeping ill-thought will never lead to good health. Instead, you should express appreciation and love. Show kindness and compassion to others as much as you express it towards your own body. Speak about your healthy body and be grateful for it. If you ever experience pain and discomfort, think about how your health is healing. Appreciate your body for putting in the work to get better with health affirmations. Till old age, keep making positive declarations about your health, and the universe will continue to work its magic in your favor.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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