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How to Manifest Love: A Proven 7-Step Guide

How To Manifest Love_ A Proven 7-Step Guide

Not everyone gets to find their soulmate easily. For some people, establishing a relationship, falling in love, or meeting the right person is merely a dream for them. Thus, they are continually trying to learn how to manifest love in different ways. To be honest, you cannot blame anyone for wanting to love and be loved. Love is a needed feeling for every human, and everyone deserves to feel being loved.

Admittedly, dealing with breakups and poor relationships can be draining. Also, loneliness may lead to frustration, if not depression. However, you should know that someone is currently somewhere who is the right person for you. The only thing is for you to connect by being attracted to one another.

Luckily, the law of attraction is a natural phenomenon that helps in this regard. With some efforts and actions, anyone is capable of deliberately manifesting love. In other words, you can attract an ideal partner towards yourself. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide discussed herein. Let’s begin!

How to Manifest Love: A Step-by-Step Guide to Follow

Below are seven steps on how to manifest love:

Step 1: Establishing self-love

You cannot give what you don’t have. Wanting to love someone else without showing love to yourself is a poor step towards manifesting love. For this reason, it’s pertinent to wake up every day and show affection to yourself in every way possible. To begin with, write down behaviors, attributes, and values that you love about yourself. After waking up, you should read them and update your list as you become better in life. By so doing, you’ll become more conscious of loving yourself. At the same time, you’ll be able to keep the same positive energy throughout your day. With consistency, the practitioner will start enjoying every moment of life and see life in a positive image.

Furthermore, you should consider having self-talk with yourself, especially about things that you love. For instance, you can look at yourself in the mirror and give remarks such as “I have a pretty face.” Ordinarily, such a nice compliment will provide you with happiness. So, rather than using negative words against yourself, start to appreciate yourself. Also, endeavor to watch your thoughts. By being conscious of your thought, you’ll learn to clear off negative thoughts and easily entertain the positive ones. All these will help develop a subconscious mind that supports and radiates love and affection.

Step 2: Keep the feeling

Considering that you desire a lover, it’s only natural to have ideas and feelings about who you desire. The law of attraction surely requires being specific about who you want. For instance, a fair, tall, and handsome man with curly hair might be your specific description. This is good and recommendable to utilize the power of manifestation effectively. However, when it comes to manifesting your love, it requires more than an idea – you need the feelings. 

How would the person make you feel? And how do you feel about the affair? These are important feelings that you need to capture and sustain to use the law of attraction successfully regarding love manifestation. When you have an idea of who you desire and maintain a focus on the feeling, it will help send a strong signal to the universe concerning your desire. 

Perhaps, you will feel secure if your spouse is tall, or you will feel happy when they can give a beautiful smile. Or maybe, you want a humorous person who can always make you laugh with good jokes. All these feelings are essential to your focus. They will help the universe in giving you a man or woman who solidly fits your description. Hence, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the ideas; entertain the feelings and keep them.

Step 3: Put the feeling into practice

As a way to sustain the feelings about an ideal partner, you should practice. First off, you should allow yourself to visualize the feelings as frequently as possible. From your bedroom, office, playing ground to the kitchen, always be open to think and feel the love from your ideal partner-in-view. By so doing, it will help reinforce the vibrational energy leaving your subconscious mind towards the universe.

Also, it is pertinent to practice the feeling in your daily life. Show love and affection to those around you. Either by sending complimentary messages to your workers or lovingly helping your colleagues, being kind or compassionate to people is a way to put your “love” feeling into practice. This will help sustain the release of the vibrational match about what you desire to the universe. 

Step 4: Show the universe about your readiness

While the steps above are true reflections of your readiness to be loved and show love, there is more to it. Telling the universe about your readiness involves some specific steps to attract love quickly. The reason is that these steps help establish a soul-deep connection with your desired person. 

First off, you should have a clear intention. Don’t let your ideas be muddled up. As you did for your qualities while trying to establish self-love, you can do the same for your ideal partner. Write down everything you would like to see in your future spouse. When you are happy and satisfied with the values and qualities, say them out loud. In this case, you can stand in front of the mirror as you speak out the qualities. For instance, you can go, “I am ready to manifest one true soul mate, who is fair, tall, and handsome.” “I open my heart to welcome my soul mate.”

Also, it’s crucial to affirm your belief in your ideal partner. Getting rid of your limiting belief about your dream spouse is one thing; staying connected with the belief is another. When you remain committed to the belief about your dream partner, the universe will find it less challenging to send the person your way. To continuously affirm your belief, you should perform daily affirmations, whether in writing or speaking. For instance, you can start with, “I am in love with my soul mate,” “Nothing will stop me from connecting with my soul mate,” “My soulmate is closer to me.”

Step 5: Trust the process

Whether you are trying to manifest love, dream job, or whatsoever, patience is required for manifestation. It is vital to embrace peace and patience. Accept that the universe is working towards driving your future spouse to your path. As a practitioner of the law of attraction, focus on the actions that can manifest your dreams. Rather than ranting about the yet-to-happen manifestation, you should continue living your life and engaging in activities that can help your manifestation journey.

From fostering your self-love, visualization, writing about your love feelings to affirming your belief, these actions will help take your mind off “when the manifestation.” Instead, they will give you the feeling of “my manifestation will occur at the right time.” This is you trusting the process and the universe. Your ability to remain patient and believe in the universe is one of the fundamental qualities of successfully using the law of attraction. Thus, you don’t have any reason to fret. Contrarily, it would be best if you rested easy, believing that you will come across your future partner at the perfect time.  

Step 6: Be conscious and tolerant of the right things

The penultimate step on how to manifest love is to be conscious and tolerant. While being patient for the manifestation of your spouse, some challenges and obstacles can arise. The universe may throw some tests on you. How you handle the challenges and face your trials helps prove your readiness to the universe. At this stage, many individuals often jeopardize their manifestation effort by losing hope and a belief in their dreams.

For instance, you can’t be trying to manifest your future love and keep falling for the trap of your ex, with who you don’t want to spend the rest of your life. By sharing your feelings and love for your ex and still having a desire for another ideal partner, you are unsure what you want. It’s either you want your ex back, or you want to come across a new, desired person. If you keep going back to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend just because of their physical attraction or possession, you’ll be sending the wrong vibration to the universe. 

In return, the universe will only respond with what you are more focused about at that time. Undoubtedly, you are more likely to be sending vibrations that will help you spend more time with your ex since they are who you spend time with and think about currently. Until you have a clear mind and take decisive action about your desire, manifesting your love may never work out. You should be conscious of the challenges and be tolerant of them until you achieve your objectives.

Step 7: Feel your ideal love into existence

Here is the final step towards manifesting your love. From the step earlier, it is apparent that the process may become challenging at some point. However, it would be best if you kept going until you finally manifest your ideal spouse. As explained before, thinking about your dream man or woman is often accompanied by a feeling. Keeping such a feeling is fundamental for manifesting your dream partner. All you need is to focus on the steps discussed earlier. 

From showing love to yourself and others, writing about your dream partner to visualize him or her, you should sustain these actions until the point of manifestation. Also, ensure that you are patient and trust the universe to initiate your manifestation at the right time. Furthermore, it would help if you faced any challenges encountered with the right mindset. Ensure that you are clear about what you want and be ready to tolerate and surmount any obstacle that arises during your manifestation journey. If you can adhere to these steps and continue to sustain the love feeling, the manifestation will happen quicker than expected. 

Things to avoid while manifesting-love

During your manifestation journey, you must refrain from making certain utterances. Otherwise, you can end up with nothing or something different from what you seek from the universe. Below are some essential things to avoid while manifesting love.

  • Avoid uttering the “I wish” phrase

While manifestation demands a desire for a specific thing, such as love, you should avoid making statements such as “I wish.” This is arguably the most dangerous phrase among the words much use during manifestation. If you want to attract love, abundance, or peace of mind, you need to shift your perception from lacking to having. It’s vital to focus on what’s good – and not the bad side of things. It’s alright to acknowledge that something is missing, such as a lover. However, it is inadvisable to dwell on them.

Likewise, there is nothing wrong with making a wish or dreaming about your ideal partner. But uttering the statement “I wish” will never make you feel like you have something. On the contrary, it will only foster amiss feelings, which is not useful for your manifestation journey. So rather than using the phrase “I wish,” you should use affirmative words like “I am” or “I have.”

  • Avoid using the “I can’t” phrase

Another word that encourages limitations and harms your ability to manifest is “I can’t.” Uttering such a phrase helps reaffirm your subconscious mind that you cannot achieve a particular thing in life. For instance, some individuals will say, “I cannot find my dream partner,” “I don’t see myself winning the contract,” “I can’t achieve my goals,” or “I can’t change my bad behavior.”

The reality is that as you continue to utter these words of impossibility, the universe will be confirming them. Consequently, you may never get to achieve your goals as you claim. Contrarily, you should know that every human is gifted the ability to achieve what seems to be impossible. You have the power to create and attract whatever you desire in life. 

In fact, one of the fundamentals required to utilize the power of the law of attraction is to believe that you are capable. With a positive belief, you will come to understand how powerful your thoughts and imaginations can be. So, instead of writing or saying “I cannot do this” or “I cannot do that,” you should use affirmations.

  • Avoid saying the “I never” phrase

While this phrase may be passing across a statement that actually happened in the past or currently happening, you are best advised against it. Uttering words such as “I never succeed,” “I never get a job,” or “I never find a lover” will only help reinforce your limiting thoughts. By so doing, your subconscious mind will also start believing that you will never get what you desire.

On the contrary, you should let your mind see and feel the infinite possibilities that you are capable of achieving. As explained earlier with other limiting phrases, you should always use positive statements and affirmations to let your mind believe that you are more than capable of attracting your desired spouse or whatsoever. Thus, rather than uttering “I never get to find a spouse,” you should use “I always find a lover” or “things always fall in place for me at the perfect time.” These are affirmative statements that will quicken the chances of manifesting your love.

How to Manifest Love Conclusion 

Bear in mind that love might not manifest where or when you expect it. Hence, you should always be conscious of signs from the universe. Sometimes, the indications may come in the form of meetings, encounters, or collaboration for a project. Regardless of the type of sign, your intuition will poke you to notice it.

If you can love yourself, sustain the feeling of love, practice it and trust the universe, the manifestation will indeed occur. From there, all you need is to be patient and feel the love until you manifest it. A crucial area to keep in mind is never to use limiting words, as discussed in the latter part of this article. Otherwise, you may be throwing all your efforts into the bin. Ensure that you use positive affirmations for love and take the feeling with you every day. Before long, you’ll meet your soul mate.


How to Manifest Love A Proven 7-Step Guide 3

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