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What I Am Affirmations Are & How They Work

What I Am Affirmations Are & How They Work
There are all types of affirmations. I am affirmations that specifically have a powerful attraction to them. And this is why they are so popular today.

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is nothing but a statement. It’s the statement; it’s the sentence that helps you to express yourself, to say something, to confirm something. People often make a mistake, and they think that affirmations are sentences and statements which are always positive. That is wrong.

Affirmations can be negative, too. And unfortunately, many people use negative affirmations daily, unconsciously. They repeat thoughts, sentences, and statements which they don’t want to experience. They say all the things that they don’t want to happen to them.

“Concern is nothing but the prayer, the affirmation for something that you don’t want to experience.”


Remember this and think about it the next time you start to imagine “the negative scenarios” for your life. If you don’t quite understand what negative affirmations are, here are a few examples.

When you say things such as:

  • “I am fat.”
  • “I don’t know anything.”
  • “I don’t have the money.”
  • “I am unemployed.”
  • “I can’t do that,” etc.

So What is the Point of Using and Applying Affirmations?

To change your deepest beliefs, the beliefs that do not positively serve you.

Belief is something that you’ve heard many times, something that you’ve repeated to yourself many times, and, in the end, something that you have accepted as yours. It’s simple, because of that constant repeating, you believed in that.

Affirmations can help you change those deep beliefs. However, for it to work effectively, it must consist of 2 things.

The first is the sheer repetition of affirmations, which are opposite of the negatives beliefs you have in place.

The second is using affirmations, which cause some emotion in you. Emotion vibrates, and that’s why you need to feel it. Affirmations that are useful for you for changing your personal beliefs need to resonate with you. If you want your affirmation to function, then that affirmation must awake something inside your being.

Strong and Precise Affirmations

You can use these types when you want to express your desires and wishes in a specific and concrete way.

For example, if you’ve received a bad diagnosis, will the affirmation “I am healthy” resonate with you? The answer may be yes, but only if you truly believe it!

But if in the same example you hear the diagnosis, you only have a few months to live. Would you believe in the affirmation “I am healthy”?

I don’t think you would. In this instance, you would need to create a different type of affirmation. Something vibrationally softer and more natural to believe. For example, “My body is capable of healing.” Can you believe in this affirmation?

If you can’t, you may be able to create something softer. Like, “I know the people who had the same diagnosis as I have, and they were able to heal themselves successfully. That means that I could do it, too”.

Or you can use one such as? “Day by day, I feel a bit better.” Even though you might not feel great today, this affirmation can resonate with you because tomorrow is another day. Another one is “I am ready to feel better” You can use this affirmation too because you are not lying to yourself, you are telling the truth because you are ready to feel good.

You can also add more emotion into an affirmation by using some wordplay. Such as “I am ready to be healthy” than “I am healthy.” You may do the same in other fields of life. Such as “I am ready to be loved” than “I am loved.”

You can apply this to anything you want. But remember if you don’t feel the truth if you don’t feel the real emotion- change your affirmation. Change it for some other statement that resonates with you.

Let’s look at one more example. Let’s say that at the moment, you are alone. You’ve recently broken up with someone. Will the affirmation “I am living magnificent love” be useful for you?

I am sure it would not. However, something like “I open myself for love”– is it easier to believe? Or “I am ready to love and to be loved” Find the proper affirmations for yourself and use it.

Conclusion on Affirmations

You can apply these suggestions in every field of your life. You can apply it to friendship, if you’re dealing with some challenges in that field, you can use it on family, on money, on your job, on anything you want. The most important thing when it comes to affirmations is to listen to yourself and your emotions. Just be honest with yourself. Listen to your vibration and find that sentence that resonates with your inner being.

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What I Am Affirmations Are & How They Work 2

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