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“I Command” Manifestation & How to Apply It

I Command_ Manifestation & How To Apply It

Currently, more people believe in the law of attraction and manifestation than ever. When you check social media platforms, blog posts, and website pages, you’ll come across different individuals recounting their experience about using positive words and believing, then good things happen to them. This is no farce as many individuals use manifestation techniques such as visualization, affirmations, dream board, positive attraction, life map, and I Command manifestation to their advantage.

Speaking about using I command manifestation, while it’s not the most popular method of manifesting intentions, it is a simple and effective method. It is simple because it doesn’t take more than the words “I command” and whatever you want to see in your reality. Its effectiveness is confirmed by law of attraction practitioners who have used the technique correctly.

Whether you are new to manifestation or have substantial experience with other techniques, it’s highly recommendable to know the fundamentals of using I command manifestation before applying. Otherwise, you may end up doing it wrongly without any notable result. Thus, this article is written to show you the secret behind the working manifestation method and how to apply it. Enjoy reading!

What Is Manifestation?

In a simple term, manifestation means transforming your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs into a physical reality that you can see, hear, or touch. For instance, you can think about having a small, blue car by December and choose to use the I command manifestation method to reinforce the feeling and thoughts.

Beliefs, feelings, and thoughts come into play because your subconscious mind needs them to send matching vibrations to the universe. The universe needs this vibration to know precisely what you want and help make the manifestation happen. So, when you focus on something for a prolonged period, you can get them into your physical reality.

The truth is that whether we perform manifestation technique or not, the universe is constantly listening and working for us. Hence, if you keep up negative thoughts and poor feelings, you’ll be sending the same negative energy to the universe, and it will respond accordingly. However, if you can be conscious of what your subconscious mind sends to the universe in the form of vibration, you have a great chance of manifesting whatever you want. This is known as using the law of attraction. 

I Command Manifestation Process 

“I command” is arguably the most powerful statement to manifest your desire. Utilizing the I command manifestation method helps develop a fast and straightforward means to harness the universe’s power. Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of I command manifestation, where many individuals get it wrong, is the follow-up process.

Some individuals would go, “Of course, I know. The universe will get it for me. I really hope it does because I need it.” This is entirely the wrong way to use I command manifestation. Here is the reason. As a person, you don’t hope you can walk; instead, you know and claim that you can walk. Also, you don’t think that you can eat. Contrarily, you know that you eat and claim it. The same thing applies to the universe and using the law of attraction. Rather than hoping for something to happen or claim that you need it, the universe wants you to believe that you already own it. 

Therefore, you should be able to command the universe for what belongs to you – even though it’s not yet in your reality. Whatever you want, it is available in abundance in the universe. All it takes is for you to show the intention and ask for it confidently. By using positive affirmations like “I am in Love,” “I have money in abundance and claim it,” I am attracting the unlimited resources in the universe,” “I am a divine being,” “I choose to be happy forever,” and many more. 

You’ll never see an experienced user of the law of attraction stating, “I wish to have a car,” “I hope to go for vacation,” or “I need to purchase a house” while practicing manifestation techniques. Some who don’t know how the universe works and the power in words and thoughts will state and emphasize impossibilities. For instance, people often go, “I cannot do the job,” “I don’t see myself becoming the CEO,” or “I don’t believe I can ever own a car.” As suggested earlier, as you continue to state and believe in limitations, the universe will act according to your belief. 

Even in the most challenging of situations, you are best advised to utter statements such as “I attract a nice, brown vehicle now,” “I am attracting abundance and peace of mind,” or “I command the universe to attract my jobs for me.” These are ways to ensure that the law of attraction works for you. 

Learn to use affirmations in the present tense, even though it is yet to be a reality. Remember that the point is to believe that you already have them in the universe; you only need to manifest them. Using the power of “I am,” “I attract,” and especially “I command” will help achieve your dreams faster than planned. And more importantly, keep your belief intact. 

I Command Manifestation Affirmations 

Affirmations are sure-fire words to get a life out of trench onto a platter of gold. Many individuals often give little to no importance to the words coming out of their mouth, neglecting or unaware of the power behind words. Whether you are unaware of the power of affirmations or choose to ignore them, it is about time to change your orientation if you want to successfully use the I command manifestation technique.

For a start, I command affirmations are useful for various purposes. From boosting your confidence, belief in yourself to achieving the loftiest of dreams, I command manifestation to help instruct the universe to do our bidding. The principle of using I command affirmations is to trigger the idea of autosuggestion in our brain and subconscious mind. The reality is that many individuals are already brainwashed consciously and unconsciously into believing that they are incapable of achievement. Before you can utilize the power of the law of attraction for yourself, you must eradicate this limiting thought – this is where I command affirmations come in.

By reaffirming your desires confidently with words and intentions, the brain will start erasing the elements responsible for your limiting beliefs. Simultaneously, the subconscious mind will give more attention to the positive energy that you are reaffirming with I command affirmations. As you dream bigger and aspire for more prominent positions or materials, the subconscious mind will also follow accordingly. Your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts about positivity will continue to grow, and your imaginations will know no bounds. 

The more you expand your belief with daily I command affirmations, the more vibration that aligns with your goals will be released to the universe. Continuous delivery of matching vibrations to the universe using positive I command affirmations and strong belief will solidify your case in front of the universe. So, endeavor to promote a positive mindset, belief, and intentions. Use I command affirmations such as “I command you to manifest love into my life,” “I command the universe to provide me with abundance,” “I command you to attract a $3000-monthly job into my life” etc. Use the words “I command” and add your desires.


Before rounding up, it is worth stating that anyone can and should use I command manifestation. As you know, uttering a few words with belief and determination doesn’t take your time like planning a dream board or sitting for a few hours performing meditation. These are a few of the reasons why I command manifestation is often recommended to budding or busy practitioners of the law of attraction.

Remember that everyone is a decision-maker, and you have the highest authority on how you see yourself. You are in full control and should speak accordingly. Don’t let anyone make you believe in limitations and lessen your dreams. If you want to become a CEO, believe and command it. If you want abundance and tranquility, believe it and command it. If you want a fantastic soul mate to spend the rest of your life with, do the same. Don’t ever bow to the fanciful influences of the world; get your life in control and manifest your dreams with I command affirmations.


I Command Manifestation & How to Apply It 2

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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