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4 Steps to Visual Imagery Meditation

4 Steps To Visual Imagery Meditation

 “Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build”

    -Robert Collier

Perhaps you are familiar with the old saying that suggests that your body goes where your mind has been. The subconscious mind of a person is unable to differentiate reality from a vivid imagination. As such, when you place an actual image in front of your subconscious mind, the mind accepts it as true and begin to look for ways in which it will make it visible. The subconscious mind will then bring the image into reality using its creative power.

Upon effective visualization of a thing, your subconscious mind keeps you on track using the visualized image and draws you nearer to revealing the mental picture. The most effective technique of exercising visualization is through meditation.

Visual Imagery Meditation

Visual imagery meditation involves envisioning a situation in your mind and picturing yourself in it, just as you’d do while daydreaming. It would help if you made sure that all your five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound as well as taste) participate in the imagination for you to achieve the best outcome. Having done that, you’ll be able to create a lifelike image. The law of attraction will be much greater for you if you make visual imagery part of your everyday routine.

The following are the steps you should follow for visual imagery mediation:

Establish Your objective

You must be certain about what you aim to achieve in your life for your visualization exercise to be effective. Are you really sure about what you want? Is the thing you desire comprehensible in your mind? If you’ve said no to these questions, you need to get a quiet place in your residence and take some time to think about the answer. Besides, you need to have a self-conversation and figure out the reason why you desire to have that thing.

In case the thing you desire is a beach house, be specific about how big you want it to be, the number of bedrooms it is supposed to contain, and whether you want it to have a garage. You should be as precise as you can to make the image of that ideal house an objective that’s very realistic in your mind, instead of just an ambiguous dream.

Get Ready for Meditation

Now that you are now clear about your objective, it now time to begin the visualization expedition. Take a little time to set yourself ready for the mediation exercise. The preparation is crucial as it will make your practice deeper.

Any time is appropriate for mediation. However, if you want to achieve the best results, it’s advisable that you meditate on an empty stomach or when your stomach is almost empty, particularly just prior to having breakfast or right before your dinner.

Get a place that’s tranquil and cozy and where you are unlikely to experience any form or disturbance for 15 consecutive minutes. Then, put on comfy outfits.

The Meditation Exploration

Enter the right posture, either by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Relax your body and settle your mind.

With your mind settled, and your body relaxed, shut your eyes, and take a deep breath. Let your abdomen expand outwardly while breaking in.

While breathing out, let the stomach shrink inward without moving your chest.

Keep exhaling and inhaling a couple of times deeply. After that, breathe as usual.

By this time, you’ll be experiencing some nice calmness and relaxation.

While in that calm and relaxed mood, picture yourself in your mind walking towards your future. Imagine yourself as clearly as possible in the future.

Envision your dream getting real. Imagine the professional life you’ve always wanted. For example, if being a chief executive officer is your professional goal, visualize yourself conducting a meeting with the board of directors or addressing a press conference.

Imagine your dream social life. Have a clear picture of you doing startling stuff, in a beautiful vacay, or en route to an outlandish destination.

Create the actual feeling for the visualization to feel like you are doing that or enjoying the experiences in real life. Visualize real qualities (such as colors, smell, and roughness/smoothness) that might be related to the imaginary world to make the fictional experience as lifelike as possible.

Take about ten minutes to imagine your life in the future.

Wrapping Up the Meditation

During the conclusion of your meditation session, you should make yourself aware of the impending end of your meditation journey. Do not get out of your imaginary world hastily to avoid ruining your fantastic meditation experiences. Instead, spend a few minutes to come out from a state of meditation to a real-life state.

Prepare to transition to wake up state by focusing outward instead of inward. Get cognizant of your external environment. Perform some gentle seated twist by moving your head, neck, shoulders, and the rest of your upper body sluggishly. Then, open your eyes.

Preferably, it would help if you incorporated visual imagery in your everyday life. It’s crucial that you keep the habit of doing the exercise up to the time you’ll attain that thing you’ve desired to have.

Meditation Supplies and Tools

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Visual Imagery Meditation Conclusion

Visual imagery is an essential tool of manifestation. However, it’s effectiveness may not be instant. Please don’t throw in the towel in case you feel that it’s not working at all. Keep going, and with time, your imagination will become realistic, and that’s when you’ll notice remarkable changes in your actual life.

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