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Law of Attraction Decoded [Why it Works]

Law Of Attraction Decoded [Why It Works]

The Law of Attraction is a vast subject. The purpose here is to provide you an introduction. It might get a bit dense if you are new to this but it will be all worth it in the end. There will be much more content on this.

As humans, we expect a world filled with happiness and abundance. Our dearest desires are always the embodiments of the future that every individual envisions. We all want our dreams to become a reality. Naturally, we are gifted to achieve these dreams and desires. However, subconsciously, with negative thoughts filling our minds, we often pull ourselves down and limit our progress.

As we strive consistently to protect our possessions such as riches, companionship, trust, respect, we unknowingly choose a life of struggle rather than a life of abundance. Consequently, we struggle to achieve our aspirations. And considering that we unconsciously develop a belief in a life of effort, we remain entrapped in delusion in which our negative thoughts become a reality. Eventually, we lose our connection to the source of life, then begin to engage in what we loathe doing.

Many have asked that why do we never get a future exactly as we envisioned? And why do many dreams never come true? An excellent explanation to these questions is given by a spiritual philosophy known as the “Law of Attraction.”

Contrary to what you might think, this law does not belong to physics. Instead, it is a real law with spiritual backing. By learning how to use the law of attraction effectively, you will have the ability. To tap from the power of attraction within the universe to get your desires and aspirations. In other words, this law can help change your life for good.

The Mechanism of Manifestation Decoded

The force of attraction is found in every aspect of life. Remember that an atom is an underlying element that forms all matter. It does so by bonding with other atoms to form molecules.

Then, these molecules use the intermolecular forces to attract each other and become matter. An in-depth analysis of atom shows that atom, as a whole, contains electrons that move around the nucleus in orbits – in the same manner as the planets revolve around the sun.

The force which the planets use to revolve around the sun is the same force which helps the electron rotates around the nucleus. Also, this same force is responsible for the falling of objects towards the earth. To some people, this force is known as gravity. But it is also referred to as the law of attraction.

Magnetic properties exist in all matter. And for this reason, terrestrial bodies are capable of attracting one another just as a molecule attracts another. Also, these magnetic properties are available in our mind, which makes it capable of driving things from an infinite distance. This is the reason why people with like-minds become friends – growth-minded people experience abundance while defeat-minded individuals witness failures. It justifies the law of attraction’s first principle, which states, “like attracts like.” The meaning is that unknowingly, you are attracting whatever you put on your mind.

This law works non-stop; whether you are conscious of it or not, you are redesigning your reality as you attract things that reflect your thought, perception, and feelings.

Here is a good example: If you are fearful of accumulating debts, you will focus your mind on not getting involved in these obligations. However, as your focus on what you don’t want, you are attracting it, and consequently, you will likely fall into the pit of debt.

Understandably, some might ask that if our reality is a manifestation of our thoughts, why then do many visions never come true? The principle of vibration helps answer this question, and here it is.

Manifestation and Vibration

The principle of vibration explains that all things within the universe are constantly vibrating and moving. Additionally, everything that constitutes the universe has vibratory energy, which is capable of changing to different forms. Although all matter possesses similar energy, each has unique signatures because they own different frequencies. In short, everything within the universe has an energy connection among them. “Quantum entanglement” is the name given to such a mechanical phenomenon.

Just as the matters found in the universe, humans have thoughts, feelings, and emotions bearing a form of energy that produces cosmic waves, which is capable of moving through time and space. It is possible to manifest our thoughts, intentions, and beliefs into reality. As long as the vibration is in line with the vibration of the desired things or events.

But our minds tend to develop more attraction to negative things than positive materials. Humans often unwittingly focus on the negative side of things, and consequently, experience a corresponding outcome. Even though we want to succeed, we subconsciously focus on failures.

When we are fearful of failure, our minds will work on preventing failure – instead of working towards success. Hence, thinking about failure increases your chances to fail which then will manifest into your reality.

However, since a negative thought can transform into our reality, our positive thoughts also have the same power to come into existence – In fact, it has a more significant potential compared to the negative thoughts. Thus, to utilize the law of attraction effectively, it becomes necessary to reengineer the magnetic polarity of our mind. We need to produce a vibration that matches the vibration of our desired events or things.

Although manifestation can happen instantly, sometimes, you have to exercise patience. The reason is that over time, our mind has amassed a large number of doubts and distrust. Hence, it will take some time to rewrite the mind to produce the required vibration.

Law of Attraction Affirmation Card Options


As long as you believe in your vision, consistently work towards your goals and give the universe a chance to perform its miracle, nothing can stop you from living your dream life.

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What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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