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7 Examples of Law of Attraction in the Bible

7 Examples Of Law Of Attraction In The Bible

People who don’t know the history of the law of attraction feel it’s a modern concept. And for those who know history, not many are aware of the law of attraction in the Bible. In several verses, the Bible talks about using beliefs, thoughts, and positive thinking feelings to achieve our desire. These are elements upon which manifestation is based.

With the countless verses supporting the law of attraction in the scripture, it is apparent that manifestation is not a new thing in human existence. For many ages, human beings have used the law of attraction subconsciously to attract their desires into reality. The major difference is that the process was never known as the law of attraction until some decades back.

If you want to understand the law of attraction and what the Bible teaches about the manifestation concept, here is an enlightening read for you!

What is the Law of Attraction? 

As suggested earlier, the law of attraction utilizes human belief and thoughts to attract desires from the universe into reality. The manifestation concept is usually described as “like attracts like.” In theory, it means that what you give to the universe will be returned to you.

For clarity’s sake, when you generate positive vibration from your subconscious mind to the universe about a specific subject, the universe will ensure its manifestation in your reality. The same thing happens when you release negative energy into the universe.

For instance, if you desire a good relationship, you can manifest it in your reality by keeping positive thoughts and feeling how nice it would to attract positive things in your reality. If your truest desires include physical health you must focus on the aspects that will get you there. At the same time, if you focus your energy on lack of money, it will be difficult to manifest abundance in your reality. Instead, the universe will support the manifestation of more absence of funds since it is what you focus on.

This is simply the use of the Law of attraction a universal law to create your reality through positive or negative experiences. Whether you intentionally use manifestation techniques or not, the subconscious mind is continuously releasing vibration into the universe. Hence, it is what you focus on, think about, and believe in that you are likely to keep seeing in your reality. For this reason, manifestation techniques help guide your thought process and harness the power of manifestation.

Is the Law of Attraction Biblical? 

Now that you have understood briefly exactly what the law of attraction is, the question is, “is the law of attraction biblical in any sense?” A simple and short answer is yes. There is biblical evidence that provides clear instructions about the law of attraction, even though it wasn’t stated directly in the scripture.

To begin with, the law of attraction encourages humans to attract abundance, peace, good relationships, gratitude about positive or negative thoughts, and so on. Similarly, the Bible teaches about how God created us to experience happiness, abundance, love, and other glad tidings of life.

Furthermore, the scripture claims that all things are possible with God. This is similar to what the proponents of the Law of attraction claim. They believe that manifestation can be used for anything, regardless of whether it is negative or positive.

In fact, the Bible gives ideas on how to visualize, believe, request for what we want, and manifest abundance, as you will find out when discussing the examples of the Law of attraction in the Bible verses. The only reason why the Law of attraction is not heard in church is that it is often replaced with other names, even though it is the same idea. For instance, rather than focusing on the existence of the universe, God is asked for manifestations. However, the concept remains the same whoever your own gods are.

Examples of Bible Verses Law of Attraction

1.      “If thou can believe, all things are possible, to him that believeth” – Mark 9:23

This verse clearly expresses the importance of belief when it comes to achieving our desires. In this regard, it is about believing in oneself, otherwise known as self-belief. The Law of attraction encourages practitioners to believe in their abilities and the fact that every individual deserves to manifest their desires into reality. If you ever find it hard to improve on your self-belief, you need to let go of your negative energy or beliefs. These are limiting factors. Mindfulness and meditation will come in handy in getting rid of such limiting beliefs.

2.      As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

Here is a Biblical verse confirming the importance of thoughts when it comes to the manifestation of reality. The Law of attraction practitioners believes that each individual attracts what they think and focus their minds on. Hence, if you continue to think that you cannot achieve a specific objective, the subconscious mind will agree with you and release similar energy to the universe.

Consequently, it will manifest in your reality, and such manifestation can determine how you turn out in the short and long run. On the contrary, when you think positively and focus on the good side of life, the subconscious mind will inform the universe about your positive. In return, you’ll find positives, abundance, and joy in your reality. The resultant effect is that you’ll likely live as a happy and positive person. Thus, if you notice that you are focusing your thoughts on negative beliefs, you should retrace your steps and choose positive energy.

3.      “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed, by the renewing of your mind.” – Romans 12:2

In this verse, the Bible talks about the significance of using an element of manifestation, which is the mind. Right from a young age, the mind builds with a specific belief due to external influence. If the development has experienced negativities, it will develop many limitations that can block your true potential.

For this reason, there could be a need to transform yourself by renewing your mind, as the scripture rightly says. To undertake transformation, you need to recognize the limiting thoughts or poor beliefs in your mind. After recognition and acceptance that they truly exist, you need to replace them with a belief or thought-process that matches your genuine desire. This will help send the right vibration to the universe for the manifestation of those desires.

4.      “According to your faith, shall it be done to you” – Mathew 9:29

The Law of attraction considers faith as self-belief. Without faith in yourself, it is near impossible to achieve anything. You might just realize that opportunities keep evading you. However, once you can develop your self-belief and keep faith for better days ahead, manifestation will soon start happening. Faith is essential because you need it to sustain a positive mindset.

This is because while waiting for your manifestation, some challenges could come your way that will shake your belief in the process. It will take a strong faith to remain committed to the process and believe that the universe will work its magic to help manifest your desires. So, keep your faith, and the universe will do it onto you accordingly.

5.      “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured.” – Luke 6:38

Translating this verse into “like attracts like” won’t be wrong. As you continue to send the vibration of positivity to the universe, it will respond in kind. This is similar to giving and be given. Hence, if you want abundance, you should focus your thoughts, mind, and feelings on abundance. In return, the universe will reply to you with abundance.

For those who want a good relationship, you need to be happy about a good relationship that comes your way and keeps feeling how nice it would be when you finally have your relationship with your soul mate. When you keep thinking and feeling in such a positive manner, your subconscious mind will be sending matching vibrations to the universe of your desired outcome. A “good measure” of your feelings and thoughts about a good relationship will be manifested in your reality.

6.      “And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive” – Mathew 21:22

Here is another verse ascertaining the importance of belief and thoughts. While praying, we essentially state our thoughts and focus on them. From there, we need to believe that God will answer the prayer. This essentially tells the universe to listen to our thoughts as we keep believing and focusing on the thoughts.

When you continue to believe, it will reinforce the desire in your subconscious mind. By so doing, even when you are not focusing your thoughts on the desire, the subconscious mind will continue to subtly release the right energy for the manifestation of the desires. This is why the Law of attraction requires believing and asking for what you want with thoughts (prayers).

7.      “Fix your eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, and what is unseen is eternal.” – Corinthians 4:18

When it comes to the Law of attraction, the unseen is what is yet to be in our reality. Before you can manifest the unseen, you need to fix your eyes on it. In other words, it is pertinent to visualize it to see the unseen clearly and believe in its manifestation. By visualizing the unseen (desire), you’ll be reinforcing your subconscious mind about the unseen. This will help improve your chances of attracting the desire from the universe. Hence, fix your eyes on the unseen through visualization or meditation to spur your manifestation process.


The verses given herein are just a few from a plethora of verses that the bible teaches describing the law of attraction and how it should be done. This clearly shows that manifestation has always been part of human history. It is left to us to harness the power of manifestation through positive thinking, thoughts, and feeling.

If you can intentionally put effort into manifesting your desires by being conscious of your thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, you have a great chance of exploiting the law of attraction. Hopefully, the Law of attraction in the Bible examples have shed light on why manifestation is not a mystery after all, but a natural phenomenon worth exploring to our advantage.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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