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The Law of Correspondence: The Little-Known Universal Law for Lasting Solution to Life’s Challenges

The Law Of Correspondence The Little-Known Universal Law For Lasting Solution To Life’s Challenges

Several Laws of the Universe exist, but how familiar are you with the Law of Correspondence? For those who have never heard about it, don’t fret. It took some time before many of us got to know and even understand the phenomenon as well. However, once you get hold of the life-changing concept and what it entails, you can be confident that taking a step towards achieving your lifelong dreams and goals. If you intend to live a better lifestyle, you need the Law of correspondence more than many.

As the name suggests, the Law has a lot to do with communication or correspondence. However, in this case, the recipient of your call is the different parts of your inner world and outer world. This might be a little tricky for newbies to the Law of attraction. But trust me, it’s a straightforward and effective method to establish a rewarding relationship with your Higher Self. From understanding what the Law of correspondence is about, aligning the Law to your Self, and getting the best out of it, find out everything, you need in the article below.

What is the Law of Correspondence?

First off, you should know that we have twelve Universal Laws. One of them is the Law of Correspondence, which states that patterns repeat across the universe, and on an individual level, our reality reflects what’s taking place us at a particular period. The most popular the Law of correspondence phrase, “As below, so below,” and it’s for a reason – this is because every individual’s outer world is a mirror of our inner world. Our happenings have a lot to do with our pattern of reasoning and thought.

In other words, if your thoughts are purpose-driven and keep focusing on positivity, don’t be surprised to see positive energy and happenings around you. Likewise, inner unrest and disturbance have a direct consequence in our reality. A continuous harboring of negative thoughts can make the world full of disturbance, unrest, and confusion in our reality. This extraordinary principle explains most happiness and sadness, success and failure, achievement and loss, among other contrasting experiences.

For this reason, it’s crucial for anyone who seeks wins, success, happy life, and achievements to be self-aware of their inner Self. It’s important to always remember that everything that happens to you corresponds to what you have always harbored for a long time. However, the good news is that you can start changing everything around from this moment. Everything starts from changing your inner perspectives. Regardless of the situation or troubles, you need to see what the situation shows about yourself. From there, learn to relate to your higher Self and find out what requires healing in your inner Self.

How Does It Relate to Our Physical Self and Higher Self

Remember the phrase mentioned earlier, “As above, so below?” Glad that you do. This is because you need it as you continue to understand the Law of Correspondence. The idea is that there is a line of communication between the lower energies in our physical realm and the higher energies in our divine mind.

By understanding this, the next important thing is to know that changing your physical reality has a lot to do about being aware of your spiritual being. In fact, changing your physical reality is more about your spiritual reality. This is because every step taken in our physical realm is a mirror of our spiritual Self, which we are trying to realize. Thus, many lessons or experiences keep repeating in our lives until we learn to manage them better.

There will always be a revisit of our energy at the same frequency when the transference of the energy from our mind in the form of thoughts, actions, or words fails to showcase a Higher Wisdom. Naturally, the lower vibrational energy will be rejected until there is an alignment. For this reason, some emotions or situations could be overwhelming. Rather than seeking your Higher Self to provide help, the lower energies keep going back and forth. However, the Law of correspondence informs us to first acknowledge the situation, then review the issue until healing is achieved. Once your ability to pass through a challenging situation draws closer to being aligned with Higher Wisdom, the negative and difficult situations will start disappearing from your physical reality. At this stage, you’ll start experiencing positive change in your life.

How Can We Make A Conscious Effort to Align with the Higher Self?

As a newbie to Law of correspondence, it’s understandable if you are wondering how the Law can help shift your perception at the physical level. In fact, it’s alright to ponder on how you can become emotionally stable and achieve Higher Wisdom amidst chaos and troubles. All these are simply about aligning yourself with your Higher Self. Find out how below:

Consider the mirror image technique

Not many can boast of not ever experiencing negativity, chaos, or troubles before in life. Most of us have been there. The good news is you can always win. If you find yourself in a challenging time, be aware that a certain level of disharmony is occurring within your inner realm. Hence, it’s reflecting in your physical reality. Some renowned practitioners of the Law of attraction would call it a mirror image of your “damaged self.”

While this might be true, you should be more generous to yourself. Thus, it is better to start thinking that there is a change that you need to make. In other words, a certain part of your inner Self needs healing. Take time to understand what triggered your negative emotion and how you are reacting to it. Part of your reaction is whether you are relating the situation to your physical Self or Higher Self. And remember that earlier, it is written that you need to focus more on your inner Self before the right adjustment (healing) can be made.

This important consideration helps gain entry into your Divine Mind, which is the higher part of your existence. By doing so, you will be enabling the mirror of your “I am Presence,” your True Self, to be shown to your physical body. You start to align truly into your Inner Truth when you start changing your inner thoughts and feelings into positive affirmations. At this point, you are allowing the true Spirit of your Inner Self to become your Physical Self.

Transform your Opposing Force

Identifying the repeating pattern of lower frequency in your outer world is one thing; transforming them is another. And you need the transformation to effect the positive changes that you seek. Considering that our energy is usually reflected back at us, we can easily identify the negative energy. Now, the fastest way to dissipate the energy, connect with your inner Self and heal your subconscious is to react positively to the negative situation.

For instance, when things are not going as expected, managed to assist others and make someone happy if you can. Stay active and choose to radiate positive energy. This helps master the ability to heal the wounded part of your inner Self. More importantly, it will take power away from the lower frequency to repeat itself. The more you feed the energy that you desire by focusing on good and positive thoughts, the higher would be the chances of healing yourself. This is you transforming your opposing force into a beneficial force.

Face your fears

Another important effort to align with your Higher Self is to ask yourself the question, “What am I hiding from?” This could lead the way to understand your psyche and gaining entrance into your inner Self. A spoiler alert is that it could be ugly to start digging into your fears and challenges. However, it could be the most revealing effort that you’ll make. More importantly, you will be on the right path towards becoming a better you.

While trying to uncover the things that you don’t want to face or admit, you can experience some uncomfortable truth – it’s part of the process. In fact, it can lead to more questions and provide more answers at the same time. But you can be confident of getting closer to your self-discovery. Once you embrace the truth that you face along the way and choose to face your fears, your physical reality and inner Self will become One. Then, don’t be surprised if everything starts working for you henceforth.

Protect your energy

While trying to uncover the hidden negative energy and uncomfortable truth, it could be energy-depleting for some. If you experience such a situation, always remember to let go! Release the things that you are holding on to so that you can move forward. This is an essential effort for aligning with your higher self, especially for individuals who have previous pasts or experiences that are holding them back.

Every morning, try to master the act of choosing happiness and positivity. In this regard, positive affirmations and meditations may come in handy. At the same time, it’s important not to sleep with a heavy heart. Ensure that you clear any grudges or malice that you have before going to bed. Forgive yourself as much as you forgive others. By so doing, you are not only protecting your energy but keeping a close connection with your inner Self.

Another recommended method is visualization. Imagine yourself in a bubble every morning, deflecting anything that doesn’t belong to you and attracting positive energy. The more you visualize yourself, the higher your engagement with your True Self. Keep it up!

Consider the flow of life.

Understandably, anyone would like to live in peace, serenity, and harmony. If you want to keep these up with your inner Self, then you should let go and trust your True Self. Consider every moment as floating on a raft along a slowly drifting water in which every moment flows beautifully into another moment. In this beautiful moment, you have no doubt or concern.

When the winds come, and the seas become rough, consider it as a wake-up call that your inner self needs some healing or fine-tuning. Remember that the only solution that lasts is any change initiated from your within, as the Law of correspondence states. For this reason, it’s essential to seek the Higher Mind, then effect the changes from there to the Lower mind. You’ll be effecting a permanent change. On the contrary, trying to change your lower mind or physical reality will only develop into a temporary solution that is bound to reoccur.

Regardless of your current state, consider flowing with life as it is happening. When you feel a negative change, take a breath and look into the correspondence between your physical Self and Divine Self. If the link has deteriorated, seek healing and make adjustments within your Higher Self.


Admittedly, things can go sideways for various reasons, and we often focus on the physical cause. However, more often than not, it is vital to look into our Inner Self for a lasting solution. If you are feeling bad from the inside, it can have a negative consequence on your physical reality. When care is not taken, the bad can turn to worse, and chaos could be in view. However, you shouldn’t throw in the towel. Your focus should be about how to focus on your Inner Self and place no blame on others.

Depending on your situation or connection with your True self, consider the methods of aligning with your spiritual realm as discussed above. Consider your existence as a flow of water, and whenever you sense excess ripples, seek for amendment with your Inner Self. Be willing to face your fears and let go. Protect your positive energy with good deeds and transform the energy into positive energy. Regardless of the situation, the mirror image method will tell you the true state of things. By assessing your current reality, taking responsibility, and making the changes from within, you are already mastering the Law of correspondence, and you’ll start seeing the positive changes in your endeavors.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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