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How an Action Board Aligns Your Goals

How An Action Board Aligns Your Goals (1)

Are you an individual who procrastinates and holds back on your pursuit of success? Do you need extra motivation to push forward? Or would you like a constant reminder that you are capable of achieving your dreams? If you want a laid down plan for your life goals or belong to any of the categories above, you should read this article. A general solution to these questions is the action board.

 While many are more familiar with the vision board, consider the action board as a step higher. It’s a source of inspiration and motivation to achieve goals. The action board also helps create a specific route to your success and brings you back on track whenever you lose focus.

With an action board, you can set up a weekly series of actions to achieve your little goals. By so doing, achieving the larger goals on your vision board will be easier. Interestingly, it’s relatively easy to come up with a useful one. Peruse this article to learn in detail. Enjoy reading.

What is an Action Board?

An action board is a tool that includes steps on how to achieve your visions with dates. It is a “to-do” list of what you need to help prompt the manifestation of your dreams—setting up an action board demands putting in a date to set a target for yourself. It is not all mystic; it’s a proven method supported by world-class research in psychology (social and positive) and mind-brain science. You can view an action board as an advanced form of a vision board.

Creating an action board is fun. However, you still have to be serious and diligent. This is because you need to bring the brain and mind into play while developing the board. A well-established action board will include the necessary steps you need to achieve your dreams. By focusing on creating the board, it’ll help track every picture in your subconscious mind. Likewise, the brain will be stimulated to think about the necessary opportunities to achieve your dreams. When it is correctly set up, you’ll start seeing your visions in reality before manifestation.

An action board is flexible as you can include a new detail when necessary – as long as it will help transform your visions into reality. Also, like a vision board, you can add words and images to it. The important thing is that it should include the actions that can help your manifestation journey. Additionally, it’s essential to place the yours where you frequently visit for daily reflection.

How Does an Action Board Work? 

Action board works effectively as long as you can take the following steps:

Make a specific decision

As stated earlier, an action board is best used when you consider your short-term goals. So, before you begin to create your action board, check your vision board, and choose one goal that you would like to achieve soon. It can even be a position that you want to see yourself in the future.

Question yourself

Here, you need to ask yourself about the actions you can take to achieve your chosen goal. For instance, if you want to achieve a small goal that relates to your fitness, you can write down actions such as “early morning meditation,” “morning walk,” “hitting the gym thrice per week,” “Eating healthy foods only,” etc. Endeavor to include every specific action on the it. Otherwise, you might end up cheating your action board.

Consider position

Setting up a good action board is one thing; the placement is another. After making your vision board quite appealing and informative, you need to find a good spot to place it. You should choose a location where you can easily view the board. In this way, you will always remember the laid down actions.

Continuous exploitation

Finally, it would be best if you harnessed the power of the mind continuously. All you need is to recheck your action board and reflect on it. By so doing, you’ll create an infinite loop of positivity in your subconscious mind. Continuous exploitation is crucial to the sustenance of your success in the long run.

Action Board vs. Vision Board

While the two boards share some similarities, there are notable differences between them. Read further to learn the differences.

A vision board helps experience how it will feel when you finally achieve your dreams. On the contrary, an action board entails information on how to go about achieving your dreams.

A vision board requires visualizing and enjoying the positive feelings daily to embed the positivity in your mind. On the other hand, an action board doesn’t require feeling the visions every day before you can take necessary actions.

A vision board initiates the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams. Contrarily, an action board forms a physical step to achieve your life goals.

While the vision board focuses on emotions, an action board works more on the psychology of practitioners.

A vision board helps attract circumstances and opportunities while an action board helps take advantage of the opportunities and circumstances.

A vision board shows motivational and inspirational texts and quotes to drive you, while an action board contains the steps that the vision board is motivating you to take.

A vision board doesn’t show steps or dates on how to achieve your dreams. Contrarily, an action board is like a guideline and a to-do list with a deadline for making your dreams come true. 

A vision board usually focuses on the ultimate goal, while an action board is best used to attain the small wins that will help manifest your big dreams.

 Tips to Know Before Creating an Action Board

It is understandable if you are excited to create your first action board. However, before you begin, it’s pertinent to keep the following ideas in mind.

1.      Know what you procrastinate about

Procrastination can even stop you from developing your action board. Thus, it’s essential to understand where and what you often procrastinate about. This will usually be what you dread doing and, eventually, abandon it. Recognizing your point of procrastination will come in handy in your action board. This is because when you procrastinate, you are more likely to short-change your effort and potentials to achieve your dreams. So, before you begin, ensure that you work on your point of procrastination.

2.      Check Out your Restraining Habits

The restraining habits are actions that hold you back from taking the necessary actions. Remember that everyone is what they do. So, you need to check the limiting habits that you perform repeatedly. They will determine the quality of your life and the effectiveness of your action board. Do you wake up late? Do you prefer to eat junk and not healthy food? Do you spend too much time on social media? If you understand that these habits reduce your chances of achieving your goals, it’s crucial that you chalk them off before you start your action board.

3.      Develop a Plan of Action

It would help if you considered setting up actionable and achievable lines of action. In other words, you should create a viable method to achieve your goals. Once you have all these actions in mind or on paper, putting them on your action board would be straightforward.

How to Make an Action Board

As stated earlier, making an action board is not difficult. In fact, it’s usually fun and enlightening. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a personalized action board.

Step 1: Check your home or visit the grocery store to get markers, tape, glue, and scissors. You’ll also need magazines, card stock, scrapbook paper, and some printed graphics and images that show your planned actions.

Step 2: Now, cut out useful images from the magazines and keep them alongside other printed images.

Step 3: Open your Google Docs or Microsoft Word to write out the plan-of-actions that you have in mind to achieve your goals. Once you are done, you should print a few copies.

Step 4: Glue the copy of your plan-of-actions and images on your action board. Feel free to use a marker to add any missing information.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied, you should place the action board where you can quickly and frequently see it. Most people prefer to use their bedroom for daily view and reflection. Also, you can place the board in your home offices. However, you are free to position it anywhere you deem fit as long as you can view it regularly.

Step 6: After setting up your action board, it’s essential to take the highlighted actions. With every action that you take, you are a step closer to your dreams. Checking the action board will help keep you on your toes.

Benefits of an Action Board

An action board is a multipurpose tool with many significances. 

First off, considering that you get to see your actionable plans frequently, it’s a good source of encouragement and motivation. As you are more motivated to take the next step, your level of productivity and effectiveness will also increase. Additionally, a daily view of your planned actions encourages a reflection on your individual experience. By so doing, you’ll recognize areas to adjust and improve. In the long run, it will help enhance your leadership skills. 

As you continue making great strides, your self-confidence and assertiveness will improve. Practicing your action boards’ steps helps establish good human values, such as commitment, adaptability, and diligence. All these attributes will come in handy in becoming valuable personnel in your workspace and life. Considering that you would like your actions to work, you’ll need to work with others. Hence, you are more likely to experience improved team performance with positive, like-minded fellows. You will learn the culture of monitoring your progress and those of your team. When you accomplish each step, you’ll feel satisfied and happy. More importantly, it’ll reinforce the feelings and vibration of positivity in your subconscious mind, which is crucial to harness the law of attraction.

Essential Qualities 

While using the action board, you should express the following qualities:

Accountability: As an action board owner, you have the sole responsibility to check yourself. It would help if you held yourself accountable when necessary. Have you completed the laid down plans for today? Are you ready for the next task? Self-assessment and accountability will take you far in your life career and achieving your goals.

Mindfulness: You need to be conscious of your progress. Aside from checking the actions you need to execute, be conscious of those you have completed successfully. This will serve as extra motivation to push forward.

Inspired Action: Try to be an inspiration to yourself. The fact that you are willing to start an action board journey is enough motivation. You can also look at others who are doing well in your field to continue on your track. It will pay off in the long term.

Reflect and Internalize the Big Picture: When you reflect on your vision board and action board, you’ll gain more strength to keep going. Think about how awesome it will be when you finally accomplish your goals and internalize the feeling.


By now, you already have all you need to start your action board. Before concluding, remember that it’s yours. Thus, feel free to express your thoughts, dreams, and actions as you deem fit. However, ensure that the actions are tailored to accomplish your dreams. Once you have a series of plan-of-action, ensure that you kill your procrastination by proceeding to the next stage.

Set up your action board as soon as possible. Afterward, try to view it frequently and reflect on the actions. Also, check your progress and be happy about it. A gladdened heart will likely help form a positive mindset, and more importantly, you’ll have the drive to keep going. Whenever you feel like you are straying off your target, revert to your board to get back on track. Combining an action board with a vision board will help manifest your dreams quickly.

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