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71 Morning Affirmations To Kickstart Your Day

71 Morning Affirmations To Have A Great Day

A beautiful day should start with beautiful statements. Whether it’s a working day or a resting day, beginning each day with morning affirmations can help your psychological and emotional states a whole lot of good for the day. More importantly, it’s a reliable means to express how you want your day to go to the universe.

In other words, morning affirmations are powerful ways to intentionally direct your whole day. When you start each day with inspiring, energizing, and positive expressions, you gain the right energy to work through the day while exploring new opportunities for self-care. An interesting thing about morning affirmations is that you can tweak them as you want, depending on your daily goals or objectives. To learn more about positive affirmations, here is an enlightening read for you!

How Affirmations Work 

In this age, there is no doubt anymore concerning whether morning affirmations work or not. They do. These positive early morning statements work by rewriting an individual’s beliefs and thwarting off self-doubt. As you are pronouncing them out with conviction, you are erasing any negative thoughts within and replacing them with strengthening and positive beliefs.

In other words, you are reinforcing your subconscious mind with positive energy needed to see out the day and probably, to achieve your set goals or objectives for the day.

The effectiveness of affirmations has been further confirmed by a Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Journal. It reports that self-affirmation helps initiate a common reward region in the brain and enhances activities within the posterior cingulate and medial prefrontal cortex. These regions are linked to a self-related process and serve as an emotional buffer that helps boost an individual’s vibrations.

In simple terms, morning affirmations help develop positive feelings about oneself and renew our energy. It also influences our perspectives positively, which is needed to shift reality or manifest our desires. In short, whether you are a practitioner of the Law of attraction or not, your psychological and emotional health deserve positive affirmations from you.

How to Start Using Morning Affirmations

Using morning affirmation is as straightforward as it gets. However, you need to understand a few simple aspects of it. First off, endeavor to use more active statements than passive statements. For instance, “I will own a mansion this year,” or “I am at peace today.” Also, it’s crucial to use present tense, as seen with the examples made earlier.

When it comes to creating your affirmations, it’s highly recommended to be light-hearted about it. At the same time, you should be specific about your desires. For instance, “I will finish all my work today.” This is a direct and specific affirmation.

Also, you can make affirmations such as “I earn $250,000 a month easily and effortlessly.” However, if you want to make a general statement, create affirmations to help resonate with your true desire. Again, you are encouraged to make your affirmations positive, fun, and easy while at it.

Don’t be too rigid, overdo, or robotic while trying to create your morning affirmations. The merrier it is, the higher would be your positive vibrations towards the universe. So create a self-care morning routine, where you get up from the bed, speak your morning affirmations, brush, and start your day. It’s going to be a great one!

70 Positive Morning Affirmations

For those who are new to manifestations, below are some great morning affirmations to get your routine started:

  1. I am glad to live and enjoy a new beautiful day.
  2. I love how I am feeling today in mind and body.
  3. Thank you for a bright new day with endless possibilities.
  4. I appreciate everything in my world at this moment.
  5. I feel grateful for life and everything within.
  6. I am courageous about the positive change in my existence.
  7. I accept and appreciate the blessings around me.
  8. Every day, I acknowledge that I am getting better in life.
  9. I love the way the Universe keeps bringing goodness my way.
  10. I am creative and successful in whatever I do.
  11. I am valuable and choose to contribute positively to the world today.
  12. Every day, I become more resourceful and successful.
  13. People look up to me as a leader because I am progressively minded.
  14. Self-worth, self-confidence and self-assurance are normal in my life.
  15. I behave, act and work like a superstar.
  16. I choose to continuously learn and develop in every aspect of my life.
  17. Every day, I choose happiness, freedom and purpose.
  18. As I wake up today, I feel exciting possibilities around me.
  19. I am happy and ready to accomplish greatness today.
  20. I believe in myself and my talents.
  21. I have what it takes to have a great day.
  22. My life is full of growing opportunities because I keep creating.
  23. I am full of energy and life, while my confidence is second to none.
  24. I see joy and accomplishments around me.
  25. Regardless of what happens, I do my best every day.
  26. I make the most of everything that comes my way.
  27. I prefer greatness in every condition.
  28. All my experiences in life are supporting my growth.
  29. I become better today.
  30. I make a difference in every little thing that I do.
  31. I am powerful and extraordinary at achieving my objectives.
  32. All my actions today are leading me to a better tomorrow.
  33. Today is full of opportunities, and I am ready to take them.
  34. It is a new beginning, and I am going to enjoy it.
  35. My mind is free of limitations; my mind is open to endless possibilities.
  36. I choose to focus on success, positivity and peace.
  37. I align with passion, prosperity and positivity.
  38. I feel at peace today.
  39. I choose to be kind, loving and compassionate in the world.
  40. I am relaxed, knowing that I am full of excellence.
  41. Today, the Universe is working for me.
  42. This day is going to be fun, and I can feel it.
  43. There are unlimited things that make me happy.
  44. I am ready for the beautiful day that is unfolding.
  45. I can see greatness coming my way today.
  46. I am grateful that by choosing to feel good today, I am generating more abundance naturally.
  47. I am excited about the joy waiting for me today.
  48. Today, I will relish my bliss at every turn by doing what makes me feel good.
  49. I feel grateful for the Divine Guidance with me today as I experience the goodness of life.
  50. I love the alignment around me, as everything is fun to do.
  51. At this moment, I am aware that life is beautiful and today is going to be great.
  52. I am making progress at work today.
  53. I acknowledge and grateful for the people, places, and things that are making my life more joyous.
  54. As I wake up today, I feel empowered, strong, and confident.
  55. The universe is with me as I step out today.
  56. This morning is exciting; today is a great day.
  57. I approach today with excitement and a sense of purpose.
  58. I embrace today with positivity as it’s a beautiful gift from the Source.
  59. This brand new week is incredibly exciting; I choose to relish every part of it.
  60. I am confidently opening every door of opportunity as it is made for me.
  61. I am capable of completing the project today.
  62. I am equipped with the right tools and resources by nature to succeed.
  63. I choose to follow my intuition as it guides me towards excellence.
  64. I am radiating kindness, light, and love.
  65. I accept and love that I am a powerful force for greatness in the world.
  66. Today, I am winning.
  67. My mind is free of doubt; it is full of confidence and excitement.
  68. I am full of impressive ideas today.
  69. I am the developer of my life, and my foundation is strong.
  70. I am a conqueror and today is a winning day for me and everyone around me.
  71. I always attract only the best of circumstances and I have the best positive people in my life.

Morning Affirmations Conclusion

Before concluding, keep in mind that morning affirmations should be assuring, positive, fun, and encouraging. Always start every morning routine in an exciting manner by reciting your positive affirmations into the universe. As you continue to make positive statements about yourself and the beautiful day that lies ahead, it will keep reinforcing your desire for greatness.

In this way, whether you are thinking about positivity or not, your subconscious mind will continue to release the matching vibrations that support the manifestation of your desires to the universe.

This is when you’ll start seeing success and feeling positive every time, and even start wondering why everything is working in your favor – the reason? You are putting in the work every morning by sending the right message into the universe.

So, enjoy the goodness, achievements, and winnings coming your way. You deserve it and even much more. If today is late already, start your morning affirmations tomorrow.

What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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