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Signs From the Universe You Are on the Right Path

Signs From The Universe You Are On The Right Path

Can we get the signs from the Universe that we are on the right path?

How can we know if something is a sign from the Universe, or we are just attracting something with the help of our focus?

You are always searching for the signs to get some confirmation that you are on the right path. But you should know that you are still on the right path even though it seems that you are not. It doesn’t mean that you won’t get to the place you want if you are having some difficulty in a specific moment. The journey is also a part of creating and manifesting.

If you are into the Law of Attraction, then you already know that when something that you don’t want happens. You know something better will happen later if you stay on high vibration. However, if you start doubting and get down on the emotional scale– then it highly unlikely you will witness your dream coming true.

For example, let’s say that you desire to visit Spain. And wherever you look- you see pictures of Spain, your friends are planning trips to Spain, on TV there is a documentary about Spain, etc.

Is that a sign for you from the Universe, or you are just attracting things related to Spain, with your focus?

If you want to go to Spain, and you see the pictures of Spain. Why do you care if its a sign from the Universe or something that you’ve created? It doesn’t matter because Spain is in your reality, and soon enough, if you keep your high vibration, you are going to manifest your wanted trip to Spain.

Spain is just an example here. You can apply this to anything that you want to manifest into your reality.

Other Signs From the Universe

One of the signs from the Universe that you are on the right path can be some harmony that you see. For example, when you look at the clock, and you see that the time is 11:11. That harmony shows you that you are doing something right that you are on the right path. It is also known as “Angel Numbers.” If you are interested in this concept, feel free to search a little bit on the interwebs. Because according to “Angel Numbers,” every number has its meaning. But I digress.

Emotions as Signs

Besides harmony in numbers, another thing that can be the sign for you is your emotion. Emotions such as being in peace, feeling good, and feeling right are showing you that you are on the right path. Emotions that are placed high on the emotional scale are showing you that you are doing great. When you are high on the vibrational scale, you are close to experiencing the things that you wish for in your reality.

So, is that a sign of the Universe, or is it the Law of Attraction- it doesn’t matter once again. The only important thing is that you use this sign that something that happened to you, for your greater good. The signs that you get are showing you your current vibration.

Going with the Flow… a Sign From the Universe

You should always “go with the flow” because that is another sign that you are on the right path. Go with the flow means to follow the good feeling that comes from your decisions. What does it mean to listen to your emotions and to with the flow? The most important thing here is that when you’re in the situation in life where you need to decide something, that you must align with that decision. That is a sign that you are on the right path.

While making decisions, always choose that decision that makes you feel better. For example, if you have a job where you are not satisfied, and you’re wondering whether to stay on that job or to find a new one, ask yourself which option will cause a better feeling. What is “less negative” for you. And then, when you choose the “less negative” option and when you synchronize with it, you will start going downstream.

Feeling “bad” about something is also a sign from the Universe.

A sign that you are not on the right path, a sign that you need to change something. That’s why you should pay attention to your emotions, to your inner feelings. Because you communicate with the Universe with the help of your feelings.

What does it mean to follow the signs from the Universe?

It means that you need to listen to your emotions. When you’re full of doubts, when you are not sure whether the decision is good or bad when you realize that you are not able to accept this decision and feel good about it, what you need to do, to continue to go downstream, it’s the following thing.

If you are not able to synchronize with the decision made, then change it. When this situation happens, what you need to ask yourself is with which of the choices can you be more at peace? Do you think you’ll feel better if you select decision A or decision B.

All you need to do, to decide between options, is visualize the desired outcome and synchronize with that decision. Just picture what will happen if you chose option A, and what will happen if you select option B. And do whatever you think that will be better.

Listen to your inner emotions because when you listen to them, they are signs from the Universe that you are on the right path.

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