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Speaking Things Into Existence with Law of Attraction

Speaking Things Into Existence With Law Of Attraction

Speaking things into existence law of attraction may not be the most well-known manifestation technique. However, arguably, it’s the easiest method and one of the most effective ways to bring our imaginations into reality. All it takes is a few things: Clear intention, spoken word, and a focus on your mind. Thus, anyone can use speaking things into existence law of attraction as a manifestation process.

Understandably, human desire is usually lofty and almost endless. But this concept allows you to attract what you desire using the manifestation mantra. Whether you want a dream job, residence, vehicle, relationship, a six-figure salary, or a new pet, you have immense power to speak things into existence.

It’s worth noting that speaking things into existence law of attraction is not magic. And it’s this wrong notion that most people fail to use it correctly. To save you from a similar experience, you should read until the end. It provides comprehensive detail on how to use the law of attraction technique correctly. Enjoy reading.

What is Speaking Things Into Existence?

Speaking things into existence is a law of attraction method that allows practitioners to manifest their dreams and desires. It is one of the powerful tools of nature. The process is effective, straightforward, and simple to apply. The way we find it easy to tell our friends and families every bit of detail, we’ll need the same energy when it comes to using the spoken word for manifestation. This technique requires you to speak things you strongly desire out loud.

By doing so, you are not only informing the universe about your desire; the action will reinforce the desire within your subconsciousness. A stronger focus, desire, and positive energy in your subconscious mind will foster the manifestation process. This is because you’ll naturally continue to emit the positive vibrations about the desire into the universe. So, using the spoken word to manifest is not in any way a magical power. Besides, it’s a great memory source to keep yourself on track when you keep talking about your aspirations.

An important thing to keep in mind about using the spoken word is your commitment, faith, work ethic, and using affirmations in the present tense. Don’t just assume that the universe will work in your favor without doing the basic things. For instance, if you desire a picture with your favorite athlete, but at the same time, you choose never to leave your home, you might probably not achieve that dream anytime soon. So, you need to speak the right words, focus, and act to achieve your big dreams.

Speaking Things into Existence Law of Attraction Steps

Here, you’ll learn the necessary steps to use one of the most powerful tools of the law of attraction.

Step 1: Speak optimistically

A strong positive conviction balanced with hope, enthusiasm, and knowledge is necessary to utilize the law of attraction. In other words, you should speak out your desires with passion and without a doubt. Ensure to believe that the universe can hear you and it will deliver at the right time.

You’ll grow in confidence and hope as you speak the manifestation mantra more often than not. It would be best to say your desire while discussing it with people who want the best for you. These are people who support your dreams, ready to boost your development and help grow your confidence. Make sure that you can trust them before telling them – if not, speak it directly to the universe. You can also do the mirror work by speaking to yourself.

Step 2: Be conscious of your statement

Here is an important step where many practitioners get it wrong. You have to be mindful of your wordings during self-talk. This is because the universe will work exactly based on what you request. So, you should try to go into detail as much as possible – remember talking about “every bit of detail”? Exactly, you need it in your own words.

If you want a blue Audi car, say it as you want it. Also, as a law of attraction practitioner, you shouldn’t use negative or foul words more often than not. Even when things are not going right, you should try to use positive words to describe negative situations.

For instance, if you wake up late, try uttering “I love waking up early. It makes me happy” instead of saying, “I hate myself for waking up late. I am lazy.” If you used to despise your body, speak things such as “I am created in God’s Image, beautiful and bold.” Such negative statements won’t help your manifestation effort. But don’t worry if you don’t find it easy at the beginning. It may take practice and discipline for some individuals.

Step 3: Consider success stories

This step is not exactly about discussing stories. Instead, it means talking about a future success story that you would like to experience. For instance, let’s assume that you have just opened a boutique.

As expected, the sales were slow at the beginning. So, rather than focusing on the slow start, you keep telling buyers to order their preferred materials as soon as possible because you believe more people are coming to get them. Even though the event is not happening yet, you merely exercise the speaking things into existence law of attraction.

Step 4: Express your mind freely

And lastly, you need to throw it out there. As stated earlier, speaking things into existence method requires saying your desire out. Aside from the ever-listening universe, you should also feel free to share your dreams and hopes with the right individuals.

Such people can be your immediate family, spouse, or colleagues that you can trust. By throwing it out, the universe may send your helper quicker than expected. So express your mind in front of people you trust and believe that the universe will work its magic when you speak things.

Step 5: Use a Manifestation Journal

You can use the power of words to speak things into existence. Begin by scanning your mind to know what you want to manifest. If you are using a manifestation journal, you write down your goal, set a clear intention, and speak it with unwavering belief and trust to bring it into existence.

The key is speaking from your heart because that is where your truth lies. When you live from your truth and are in alignment with your heart’s desire, speaking things into existence becomes easy and effortless. The Universe will support you because you are in harmony with what you are trying to create.

If you find it difficult to speak things into existence, start by speaking kindly to yourself. Be gentle and loving with the way you talk to yourself. Listen to the words you use when you think about yourself or talk about yourself out loud. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself!

Remember, words are powerful. They can either help or hinder your manifestation goal. Choose your words wisely and speaking things into existence will become second nature to you.

Speaking Things into Existence Example

Let’s assume that you desire an internship in a book publishing company. Admittedly, you are not the best writer out there and, perhaps, don’t have many years of experience. In this case, you are probably focusing on “I might not be considered for the position because I am not a top-rated writer.” If this is how you are truly thinking, then it is about time to do some self-talk and change the idea. Essentially, you are doubting yourself and hesitating. And as a result, you focus your energy on negativity, which is what the universe will focus on.

Instead, you should focus your mind on “I love working for this company. I will feel happy writing and achieving success there.” Such a positive mindset is strongly recommended for your speaking things into existence effort. Besides, you have nothing to lose by being positive and making an effort toward your dream. So, start keeping a positive view of life when you speak things.

Here is a real-life story of my friend who wanted to sit for the GMATs to attend business school. He told me how he would love to take the exam before the end of the year. He had no idea how he would pay the exam fee. He was not working and paying off his undergrad school loan.

However, we both kept a positive feeling about his desire. A few weeks back, he informed me that the funds that a previous employer owed him had been released to him. So he was able to pay for the exam! I couldn’t be happier for him. With his positive mindset and constant discussion about his desires, he’ll be taking his exam soon. So, again, you have nothing to lose by trying to speak things to make it happen for you.


Indeed, the world trials may force us to think negatively. However, we need to keep a positive attitude towards life and ourselves. As mentioned earlier, you have more to gain than lose by being optimistic and hopeful about life.

Don’t let your shortcomings or paucity stop you from achieving your life dreams and desires while getting rid of your deepest despair. Instead, it should serve as extra motivation to keep working to manifest them.

In this regard, an effective and straightforward technique that will come in handy is the speaking things into existence law of attraction. Like drawing on a vision board, feel free to speak about what you want to the universe and, if possible, with people you love and trust.

At the same time, go about your regular day, have clear intentions, and make an effort to manifest your dreams. Be the manifesting queen or king only you could be! Remember not to doubt yourself or the law of attraction. The universe will do its thing when it is time, and you’ll experience your greatest happiness or great news, yet.

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What started as an intention to increase my wealth and abundance mindset. Has turned into a life inspiring mission to share my findings with as many as you as possible. Despite the ever-increasing misinformation on the law of attraction. There are several ways to truly manifest the right way. Stick around because knowledge is power!

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