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2-Cup Method: How to Realize your Dreams by Jumping Between Dimensions

2 Cup Method Legit?

Hardly will you find anyone who doesn’t desire something. Whether it’s money, job, good health, or relationship, everyone has one or two wishes. Understandably, making our dream come true may not be one of the easiest things in life; however, it is possible. And more interestingly, you can make it happen earlier than planned with a single JUMP!

All you need is to shift from your current dimension to a dimension that contains your desires. Incredibly, this doesn’t take more than two cups and water, using an approach known as a 2-cup method. While some consider a 2-cup method as a manifestation technique, in reality, it’s about switching into a world that you have always desired. We recommend reading this article to the end to learn more about how it works with some success stories. 

What is the 2-Cup Method? 

Rather than a pure manifestation technique, a 2-cup method uses a dimension-shifting concept to realize our aspirations. The concept of dimension jumping and manifestation are similar as both utilize thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You need to express a strong belief in your desire to make the most of the law of attractions and dimension jumping.

Perhaps, you don’t know; several dimensions exist. As a matter of fact, scientists believe that many universes are in existence. Hence, you are essentially leaving your current dimension into a more favorable dimension when you use a two-cup method. Interestingly, all these dimensions exist at precisely the same time. Thus, you’ll find yourself in the same reality after completing the technique. However, the new dimension will come with your desires.

It’s important to note that focus and positive thoughts are crucial in jumping between dimensions. You need to have a clear view of what you want to get rid of your life and what you seek. For instance, perhaps, you are single and lonely – this is your current situation – but you desire a “happy and fruitful relationship.” You need to focus on your positive thoughts with a clear view and feeling of what you want in your new dimension. By so doing, you’ll be leaving behind your current dimension for a new dimension featuring a “happy and fruitful relationship.” 

How to Do the 2-Cup Method? 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a 2-cup manifestation technique:

  1. Get two glass cups.
  2.  Pour enough water into a glass while the other remains empty.
  3. Label the filled cup with your current situation while the empty cup is labeled with your desired condition.
  4. Sit in front of the glass cups; be calm, relaxed, and think about your current reality.
  5. Now, start thinking about your desired situation, including how you’ll feel after manifestation.
  6. Keep the exciting feeling and good thoughts. Now, carry the filled cup and pour the water into the empty glass cup.
  7. Ensure that you remain focused and mindful; feel every sensation and listen to each drop of water as you pour.
  8. Relax and reflect on the newly filled glass cup while you maintain the good feeling.
  9. Tune your good feeling into the frequency of the reality that you desire.
  10. Now, drink the newly filled cup of water to the last drop while feeling excited and happy about your new dimension.
  11. Hold on to your desired label and keep repeating the mantra “it is done” in your new dimension.
  12. Relax for a moment, get ready to stand up, then rise with your happy feeling. That’s all.

 How Long Does the 2-Cup Method Take?

As long as you are clear about what you desire, the 2-cup method works – and sometimes, quickly. Depending on your desire, the period of manifestation varies. However, for a modest desire, you may see the result within 24 to 48 hours. Some people with considerable goals and aspirations have recorded five days or a few weeks. Thus, it depends strongly on what you seek to possess or experience. Adhering to the procedures and maintaining a positive feeling is crucial to a quick and successful manifestation.

Advisably, you shouldn’t focus on how long it will take for your imaginations to become a reality. Instead, you should pack up the cups, trash the labels, and clean your cups. Now, with your happy feeling, walk around and enjoy the day. You can proceed to your work or visit a friend. Regardless of your choice, get your mind off it – you’ll be surprised by the time the universe performs its miracle by manifesting your desires.

How Often Should You Do the 2-Cup Method? 

Ordinarily, when you use the law of attraction techniques, it’s advisable to practice frequently. For instance, you can perform affirmations or manifestation methods every morning after leaving the bed. By so doing, it helps reinforce the energy to manifest your imaginations. However, when it comes to using the concept of dimension jumping, you don’t necessarily have to do it several times.

The important thing is to follow the process duly. Ensure that you understand what you desire with a clear view. Also, you must perform the process when you are relaxed and in a calm environment. As long as you keep to the instructions with a peaceful mind, you don’t need to enter your desired dimension more than once. However, if you ever have any iota of doubt about the process or your intentions, it’s recommendable to do it again. In your mind, you’ll know whether you do it right or not. Be true to yourself.

Is the 2-Cup Method Dangerous? 

A simple answer is no. The 2-cup method is as safe as it gets. Like other manifestation techniques, a 2-cup method is harmless and stress-free. Understandably, some might feel that you can end up stuck in a new dimension. This is not precisely correct. Essentially, you are still in the same reality, but in a new dimension with glad tidings that you have always desired. A 2-cup method doesn’t get you out of the universe; instead, you jump into a new life full of joy, happiness, and greatness, depending on your desires and thoughts. In short, a 2-cup method makes you feel safe – and not the other way round.

2-Cup Method Success Stories 

Here are two success stories about the 2-cup method worth reading:

After becoming a little concerned about the new board vacancy at work, I decided to perform a 2-cup method with a strong belief. Interestingly, I became happy and full of optimism after completing the procedure. With a cheerful mood, I got to work the other day, and guess what? I started hearing a rumor that I’m in a pole position to secure the next big executive seat. As expected, I got the position before the week ran out.

Another story worth sharing is about a lady who desired a raise in her payroll. Two weeks before tendering her request, she performed a 2-cup method to raise her confidence and belief. Surprisingly, she got a letter about an increase in salary right before submitting her request.


Undoubtedly, a 2-cup manifestation technique works. All you need is to take an aspired action after completing the process. For those who seek a wife, ensure that you relate more and go out with friends. If you seek a new job, seek out opportunities as you would do on a regular day. Ensure that you listen to your intuition, follow your dreams, and remain positive about your goals. Also, keeping a positive thought will facilitate your manifestations. As long as you perform your 2-cup method correctly and continue taking the right steps toward your goals, it’ll happen in due time.


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