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Finding Lost Things Using the Law of Attraction

Finding Lost Things Using The Law Of Attraction

Whether small or big, we are losing our possession is never a great feeling. The moment of trying to find the lost things can be quite exasperating. From checking under the mattress, looking into the closet to asking yourself rhetorical questions, we often search every nook and cranny with high focus. However, not many people know that the law of attraction is an excellent tool for finding lost things.

Understandably, you might be wondering if it’s possible to use thoughts and beliefs to locate your misplaced material. A simple answer is yes, it’s possible – even using different methods. When you lose your keys, coats, pens, documents, wallets, or hard-earned cash, understandably, you’ll probably be upset and anxious to find it. 

However, the reality is that we often focus on our thoughts that the item is lost. As we continue to keep such a belief, the universe will accept our thoughts. Consequently, finding such an item may be near impossible. Contrarily, our thoughts and beliefs can also be used to find lost items through the law of attraction. And interestingly, it’s simple, effortless, and effective. If you would like to learn how to use the law of attraction to find your misplaced material, this article is written for you.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is the use of vibration from a human’s subconscious mind to manifest desires. Considering that the concept works on the basis that “likes attract likes,” every individual is capable of harnessing the power of the universe. This is done by focusing on our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to realize our desire.

In other words, the law of attraction works using the energy that we release into the universe. If you keep a positive belief and thought about your dream, then work towards it, the universe will do its thing to manifest wishes. However, at the same time, if you focus on negative ideas, the universe will obey your instruction and make it happen.

This is where the idea of using the law of attraction to find lost things come into play. And interestingly, it has worked for several individuals in different regions. Regardless of your gender, location, or lost material, the universe can help find your misplaced material. All you need is to change your mindset about the lost material. It would help if you believed that the material is not lost, and it’ll find its way back to you. By so doing, you are keeping a positive belief and subconsciously using your mind to command the universe to help drive the item back to you.

How LOA works for finding lost things

Understandably, using the law of attraction may look straightforward to you. While the concept is straightforward, you need to do it correctly. This is why understanding how the law of attraction works to find lost things become crucial. So, before we delve into different methods of using the law to find misplaced items, let’s discuss the key aspects of the process. 

First off, you need to make your intention known to the universe through belief, action, and statement. Secondly, it’s important to “let go” the lost item and attend to other matters at hand. Thirdly, and slightly tricky, you need to stay optimistic about finding the material and even appreciate the universe for your life.

When you appreciate the world and keep a positive mindset, you’ll be expressing a positive attraction. In this way, you won’t hold a negative attitude and belief about your lost item. Remember that keeping a positive belief will help harness the power of the law of attraction to find your lost item. So, this is the reason you should appreciate and stay positive.

Law of Attraction Techniques to Find Lost Things

There are several ways to use the law of attraction when it comes to finding lost items. Although some methods require more physical effort than others, all the methods have been found to be effective. Read on.

1.      Ask the universe

This method is closely similar to prayer. However, in this case, you are making a request to the universe. Also, asking the universe to find your lost material doesn’t require worshipping a god or visiting a sanctuary. Instead, what you need is your own belief. It’s important to keep a strong belief that you’ll find the material – you can’t be doubtful or skeptical in this case. 

Afterward, you should reinforce your request with gratitude. Thanking the universe in advance for helping to find your keys, wallet, or whatsoever will increase your chances of using the law of attraction effectively. Finally, you should take your mind off the material and focus on other issues. Ask the universe method is the most common approach of using the law of attraction to find things and, arguably, the most effective. So, advisably, you should try it before moving to techniques.

2.      Eliminate the negativity

As stated earlier, many people couldn’t find their lost items because they have already accepted that it’s a lost item. Consequently, they’ll keep a negative belief and thought about ever finding the misplaced item. Since you have already accepted that you can’t find the item, the universe will agree, and you are most likely not to find it. 

Thus, eliminating negative feelings and thoughts is an integral approach towards locating lost things. After searching for a few minutes without finding your wallet or keys, stop for a moment. Find a seat and calm down for some minutes. Once you feel calm and relaxed, think about something positive – perhaps, thanking the universe for at least having a car or financial abundance in the bank. In this way, you’ll be switching your subconscious mind from negative feelings to positive feelings, which is a crucial change to utilize the law of attraction.

After establishing positive feelings and thoughts, think about the lost thing in detail. Now, tell the universe that you’ll find the material and enjoy the positive feeling of finding the material, despite not seeing it yet. From there, you can look again for a moment before quitting. This method is also guaranteed for locating lost items when performed correctly.

3.      Pendulum method

Here is a more practical technique of using the law of attraction to find lost material. In this case, you’ll need a pendulum. If you don’t have one around, you can get from a nearby store or order online. Alternatively, a DIY method is to thread a bolt and ensure that it hangs by a thread. Afterward, you should calm down and ask the universe to point about your lost item. This is how you’ll go about it. Position your arm on a table right below the handing pendulum, then hold it. Push the pendulum and keep asking the universe a yes or no question about your lost item. 

For instance, if you are looking for a wallet, you can start by saying, “is my wallet in the house? Your subconscious mind will remind you about the wallet’s last location if it’s truly in the house. Sometimes, the subconscious mind might not be aware of the location. Thus, the pendulum method doesn’t work at all times. But when it does, the answer is always correct.

4.      Clairsentience or Clairaudience method

Some people are clairsentient. In other words, they have a clear feeling as their psychic modality. If you often have a clear-feeling about an event, you should take a walk around the place where you lost the item. Ensure that you keep a positive thought and belief about finding the material. Also, you’ll probably feel a push in your midsection, telling you about where to search for the item. As for some people, the push might come in the form of a cold or hot sensation in your hands or leg. Don’t fight the sensation or push. Instead, you should relish the sensation and follow where this sense leads. You can end up finding the material earlier than you imagine.

As for other individuals with clairaudience psychic modality, you should utilize your clear-hearing ability alongside the law of attraction. After calming yourself down and establishing a positive outlook about finding the material, in your mind, try saying “xoxoxo item, where are you? Ensure that you listen to the answer clearly and avoid settling for logic. Search as the answer leads, and you’ll have a good chance of finding it.

5.      Clairvoyance or claircognizance method

Clairvoyant individuals have a psychic modality of clear-seeing. If you belong to this category, the modality will come handy in finding your lost item. All you need is to get meditative and ask about the direction to find your lost item. This method combines the meditation technique of the law of attraction and clear-seeing to a good effect. In your meditative state, you can find yourself viewing your lost item or symbol that points to the location.

People with clear-knowing psychic modality can also use their claircognizance quality to find lost material. However, you’ll need to switch off your rational mind for a moment. Afterward, simply move to the location of the lost item confidently. You don’t have to think about the location. Move. Admittedly, this method is more complicated than others, but that’s if you are not indeed a claircognizant individual.

Lost things found example

Many people have recounted their experience of using the law of attraction to find their lost items. Here is a personal experience:

“During the summer, I decided to remove my car’s antenna to mount my paddleboard to go to the lake. However, taking off the roof rack during the fall, I noticed that I couldn’t find the antenna anymore. Instinctively, I checked every possible location I would think I would store the antenna. Yet, I still couldn’t find it.

For several minutes, I searched intensively with no luck. However, at some point, I remembered how I came across an article about using the power of positive thought to find a lost item.

So, for a moment, I decided to calm down, then believe that I’ll find it. When I realized that my belief may not still have some iota of doubt, I reaffirmed the feeling by saying no one would have needed the antenna. So, I’m definitely going to find it.

Thus, I changed my belief to “I have found it” while still searching. As the universe would do its thing, the antenna was just nearby. Afterward, I expressed gratitude to the universe and realized the importance of keeping positive feelings. Since then, I have always used the law of attraction to find my lost items.”


Hopefully, you have learned about the relationship between the law of attraction and finding lost items extensively herein. Although the concept is commonly used for financial abundance, genuine love, emotional stability, etc., it’s an effective method to locate your misplaced items. 

Advisably, you should consider the methods discussed in this article and choose the most suitable option for yourself. The first method is widely recommended and highly effective. So, next time you are searching for a lost item, take a moment to calm down. Establish a positive attitude and belief about finding the item and apply a suitable technique. Like magic, you’ll notice your lost item staring at you, literally. 

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