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Science and Physics Behind Law of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Science And Physics

Currently, the law of attraction is no longer a strange event for many individuals. Several millions of people around the world use the phenomenon to manifest dreams and life goals. However, if you are among the few hundreds that still doubt its potency and how it works, scientific evidence will help gain clarity on the concept.

Science, especially physics, is strongly connected to the law of attraction. Quantum physics, one of the prominent topics in physics, reveals some scientific basis behind the law. This discovery is a significant development, especially for those who still have one or two doubts about the phenomenon.

Many subtopics under quantum physics explains how the law of attraction works. From reality, water experiment, observer’s effect, quantum mechanics to the placebo effect, several experiments back the law of attraction. If you are still skeptical about the law of attraction and would like to learn the basic physics concepts behind the phenomenon, this article is written for you.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

For the sake of those who haven’t understood the law of attraction properly, it’s pertinent to shed light on the concept before proceeding to the science and physics behind it. The law of attraction is a universal phenomenon that uses our belief to drive what we desire towards us. Whether you are thinking positively or negatively doesn’t matter to use the law of attraction. If you focus your thoughts on positive things, you will attract positive realities – and vice versa.

The law of attraction helps bring imaginations to reality by using our subconscious mind’s vibrations. The emitted vibration will then align with the energy in the universe to attract our desires. Several techniques of manifestations have been developed to ingrain positive thoughts in our mind to release the vibration. From the visualization, meditation, and affirmations to manifestation methods, you’ll come across many systems that help harness the law of attraction online.

Interestingly, the law of attraction can be used to attract almost anything. Whether it is a house, car, career, position, power, affluence, healthy body, peaceful mind, happy relationship, the phenomenon will help change things to your favor. All you need is to use a suitable technique to make the law of attraction works for you. Also, for those unfamiliar with the law of attraction, the concept is a harmless effort that can significantly change your life.

Introduction to Quantum Physics 

Quantum physics studies extremely tiny energy in the space, known as quantum. Considering that the law of attraction utilizes the alignment of energy and vibration, physics backs up the phenomenon with the quantum study. Comprehensive research on quantum mechanics shows that the act of observing reality helps manifest reality. Physics have also demonstrated that until something acts on light and matter to make it happen, it will not come into existence or “reality.” Something responsible for manifesting our observation has been referred to as the “collapse of the wave function” in physics.

Furthermore, science explains that our consciousness is responsible for the collapse of the wave function, which manifests our reality. Within the wave function, there is every possible outcome for a specific situation. However, only one result will appear in our reality when a particular consciousness triggers it. Thus, if we want to manifest a particular outcome of the wave function, it’s vital to emit a suitable consciousness (in the form of vibration). When our consciousness matches our desired result in the universe, we can manifest it into our reality. So, undoubtedly, the law of attraction that works on our conscious vibration bears a scientific backing in quantum physics.

Science and Physics behind the Law of Attraction

While several individuals believe that the universe is something far away, scientists are working to show that it might not be as far as we think. More importantly, we can harness the world to our advantage. Although there is a lot more to learn about the universe, what is certain is that it exists. As far as science is concerned, humanity should be open-minded towards the universe’s concept as we continue to make discoveries every year.

A good instance is a discovery that the universe was expanding a century ago. Before the discovery, any human would have disagreed that it’s possible. Afterward, the expansion is so negligible that no one can feel it. While this is true, the reality is that many phenomena happen around us that we can’t see or may not understand right now. However, as science and technology continue to advance, some concepts will become more apparent than ever.

One of those concepts is the law of attraction. Although the idea is not something you can get from the store or view in the cinema, it exists. And for several years, many people have used it to their advantage. Over the years, science has thrown its weight behind the phenomenon through the following discoveries and experiments:

  • Reality

A human’s consciousness is a thought-provoking mystery that we are still learning about. While physics has explored the Earth, water, moon, and the space in general, consciousness remains an area that is yet to be significantly understood. However, scientists hold a firm idea on the concept of reality regarding consciousness.

When a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is close enough to hear it, do we say it makes a sound? As long as we can’t listen to it, nobody can say that it makes a sound as the tree fell. Likewise, it is safe to say that if we don’t have a conscious mind to see our world, can we say the world doesn’t exist? An individual that believes that reality is objective might say no. Contrarily, an individual who believes that reality is subjective will answer yes.

As far as subjective reality is concerned, it means that the universe is not in existence without consciousness to experience the universe. Regarding the subjective-reality belief system, our physical world is made possible by our consciousness, which is precisely what the law of attraction preaches.  

  • Quantum Mechanics

Here is a subtopic of quantum physics that explains the world in the simplest forms: Atoms and subatomic particles. Unlike the Newtonian physics, quantum mechanics shed light on how strange our world is. It provides further proof that by observing our reality, we can create it. Thus, the concept of subjective reality and the law of attraction are no longer mysteries. Quantum mechanics clearly expresses that if we can focus thoughts on a specific item for a considerable period, it can come out of nothing. Likewise, if you are not conscious that something is in existence, it won’t appear in your subjective reality. Furthermore, Dossey and colleagues’ study revealed that prayers, which demand our consciousness and focus, work, regardless of whether you feel it or not. Similarly, by focusing our thoughts on a specific dream, a manifestation of the dream can occur – a simple concept of the law of attraction.

  • Observer’s Effect

When the act of observing or measuring some properties of a particle changes the properties, then an observer’s effect has occurred. The double-slit experiment generated the same outcomes. According to quantum physics, it’s inaccurate to consider small entities, such as electrons, as particles only. Instead, we should consider them as waves or particles. We can only decide whether an element is a particle or wave after measurement. In other words, when we perform this measurement (observation), we can change the result.

Without measuring particles, they exist in a wave function. In this wave function, there is an infinite number of possible results. It is after measurement that the wave function will collapse, and a specific outcome will manifest. According to Kevin Michel, the particles that form the building blocks of all matters are available in every possible location until observation (measurement) prompts them to settle for a specific location. This assertion is enough proof that our consciousness “impacts” our reality. In other words, with our thoughts, we can collapse the wave into a particle that forms a matter that we wish to manifest.

  • Water Experiment

For those who are not into science, understanding quantum physics can be quite tricky. Thus, let’s discuss an experiment that almost anyone can understand. Dr. Masaru Emoto is a scientist on power exploration and the consequences of our intent. He strived to learn if human thoughts can actually “change” the physical world in his experiment.

In his study, 2000 participants in Tokyo were asked to focus their thoughts and feelings on frozen water samples in California. In the first experiment, they used positive thoughts and intentions. During the second experiment, they did the opposite. The results were ground-breaking when the scientist checked the frozen water crystals.

  1. Emoto noted that the frozen water crystals set up in a symmetrical way when the participants focused on positive thoughts. The arrangement was said to be quite beautiful. Contrarily, when the participants focused on negative thoughts, the water crystals were distorted and showed unsymmetrical arrangements.

Thus, this study revealed that the participants’ consciousness and thoughts influenced the frozen water crystals’ geometric structure. With this experiment, it is clear that human thought is powerful enough to change the moment.

  • Placebo Effect

The concept of the placebo effect is a well-known idea, most notably in the medical field. It’s all about giving fake treatment to patients while telling them that the drug is effective. The fascinating thing about the placebo effect is that patients often experience positive outcomes despite taking a fake treatment. In other words, participants experienced a real benefit by mere positive thoughts. Thus, it’s all about having a positive mindset. 

A placebo effect represents a concrete scientific instance that our thoughts and intentions can influence our physical reality. So, if we can maintain a positive belief about our desires for a considerable period, there is an excellent chance to experience a positive outcome. 

  • Quantum Entanglement

As the name suggests, this topic describes a situation where two matters interact with one another. Once the interaction occurs, it’ll be impossible to talk about one object without the other. With the connection between the matters, if we decide to separate the two by a distance, any force being exerted on one body will be experienced on the other body. Considering that everything in the universe emerges from the Big Bang theory, it implies that everything is entangled. So, when a force acts on a specific body, it can influence another.

Regarding the law of attraction, if we can influence our thoughts, we can attract a matching thing in the universe. It doesn’t matter whether we can see our thoughts or what we desire. The most important thing is to influence the vibrations from our subconscious mind to match the vibration of what we want in the universe. Thus, with thoughts and intentions, we can develop an interaction (attraction) between two bodies. The body can be a good life, wealth, happy relationship, mansion, car, etc.

Science and Physics behind the Law of Attraction Conclusion 

From various experiments and concepts in science, most especially physics, the law of attraction is a real thing. Without arguments, there is no specific study on the law of attraction; however, several experiments provide a great insight into how the law works – chief among them is quantum physics.

By using our thoughts and intentions, everyone has a great chance to change things for the good. All you need is to start improving your belief. Once you start having positive thoughts about how the law of attraction can work for you, you are already a step closer to your dreams. The next thing is to learn a suitable technique for the law of attraction for your life goals. Whether it is visualization, mediation, manifestation, or positive affirmations, you have various means to harness the phenomenon.

After learning the technique, you should adhere to the principles. As you continue to utilize the methods, it’s advisable to continue working towards your dreams. And in due time, you’ll join a long list of people who testify to the effectiveness of the law of attraction.

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Science and Physics Behind Law of Attraction

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