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How to Write Your Law of Attraction Goals [Step-by-Step Guide]

How To Write Your Law Of Attraction Goals [Step-by-Step Guide]

Hardly will you find anyone who doesn’t have one or two things they would like to have. Whether it is setting up a lovely family, building a house, getting a vehicle, landing a dream job, or going out on a date, everyone wants to have something. In this sense, how to write your goals law of attraction will come handy.

For those who are not familiar with the law of attraction, it’s merely a procedure that helps manifest your desires into reality. By using manifestation techniques, you can contact the universe and prompt it to attract your desires. During the process, you have to focus on a clear set of goals you would like to manifest.

For this reason, writing your goals becomes essential. Understandably, many people usually ask what does how to write your goals the law of attraction entails? Read this article diligently to find about the process and how it can positively contribute to your life. Enjoy reading.

What is the Law of Attraction Goal?

When you have a set of aspirations, desires, or wishes that you want to bring into reality using manifestation power, they are referred to as the law of attraction goals. Setting up life goals is a vital step towards moving forward in life. By having a clear idea of what you would like to attract from the universe, using the law of attraction to your advantage will become easier and more effective.

For those who want to write the law of attraction goals for the first time, it’s worth stating that you are most likely starting a life-changing event. The reason is that writing life goals will not only give you a clear direction in life but will help foster your chances of realizing them. Besides, a set of goals help develop positive feelings and energy, which are required to harness the power of the law of attraction

As you gradually achieve the goals one after another, you’ll be encouraged to go one step further while maintaining a positive perception and feeling about the universe. With a consistent release of high vibes from your subconscious mind, asking the universe to manifest your dreams will become more straightforward over time. As a matter of fact, achieving the law of attraction goals will eventually become a fun activity – and not something you are desperate to do. 

Why Write the Law of Attraction Goals 

Several benefits accompany writing the law of attraction goals. Below are some notable reasons why you might want to start writing your life goals from today:

i.                    Clarification and Direction

As stated earlier, writing the law of attraction goals gives you a good insight into what you are doing with your life. It distinguishes between what you have to do now and what you need to do later. It saves you from the trouble of “how do I move from point A to point B?” law of attraction goal is like a destination during a journey. For instance, you can have a goal that you want to achieve this month. In this way, you already have a firm idea of what you would like to accomplish. Besides, you’ll gain direction on what you need to do with such a level of clarity. This will save you from wasting your time on unnecessary actions and events. And more importantly, it will save you from procrastination. So, setting up a law of attraction goal is one of the biggest favors you can do yourself.

ii.                  Motivation, execution, and connection

Understandably, most people have goals to encourage themselves. This is true and effective. As you see your goals daily, you’ll become motivated to work towards executing the minor tasks that can lead to achieving your dreams. When you don’t have a list of the law of attraction goals, you won’t be giving out any notable positive vibration to help achieve the dreams. Contrarily, by having a specific goal that you want to accomplish, you’ll focus on the relevant tasks. As you focus more, you foster the desire and release more vibrations to connect with the universe. In short, writing your law of attraction goals will help motivate you into executing the works needed to achieve your dreams and grow your connection with the universe.

iii.                Additional Opportunities

A less-known benefit of writing your goals is that it’ll lead you to more opportunities. One of the main reasons why wealthy individuals are getting richer or successful people are experiencing more success is because they have clear goals that are spurring further accomplishments. As you continue to achieve your set goals, it will open your eyes to harness opportunities further. After all, it’s a human characteristic to want more. So, with one success, you’ll be triggered for more. Besides, everyone wants to walk and work with an accomplished fellow. Thus, when you attain a specific position in your workplace, develop a program, or buy something outstanding – which are parts of your goals – people will naturally move towards you. In this way, an additional door of opportunities will open for you.

iv.                Overcome Procrastination and Resistance

As stated above, writing your goals is encouraging and motivating. As you become motivated to move forward, you are killing the spirit of procrastination. Remember that ideas remain an idea until it is executed. And bear in mind that millions of other people have the same idea that you have. However, this idea may never see the light of the day, literally, unless you overcome the resistance that is stopping you from implementing the ideas. And as you already know, you’ll naturally be driven to implement the ideas once you start writing down the goals as part of your law of attraction efforts. So, try to write them down today and start doing the work to kill off procrastination and resistance.

How to Write Your Goals 

First off, writing your law of attraction goals can be fun. Nevertheless, you have to be honest with yourself and stay focused. It’s essential to prioritize as necessary. If you want to start writing your law of attraction goals, you should follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Belief      

Writing the law of attraction goals is not just any ordinary writing. It starts from believing in yourself, your dreams, the process, and the universe. Ideally, harnessing the power of the universe begins with belief. Failure to believe that you can achieve your lofty goals and transform your life positively is like building a house with a weak foundation. It’s more advisable not to start at all. However, with the right belief from the onset, you are already taking a decisive step towards writing your goals, exploiting the power of the universe, and achieving your dreams.

Also, please don’t be shy of believing in your dreams, regardless of how lofty they are. Bear in mind that your thoughts are powerful. With a focused thought and belief, you should declare your intentions to the universe without a doubt. So, before you start writing, you are best advised to believe in the process.

Step 2: Visualize your Dreams

Visualization before writing helps get a good grasp of what you intend to achieve. Also, it is a crucial step because you’ll get to see your dreams clearly and understand every detail involved. Besides, dream visualization will open your mind to endless possibilities and practicalities. You’ll be able to see your dreams, adjust your dreams as you want, and come up with the best dream for yourself. Immediately, after imagining what your dream job, home, career, vehicle, or relationship looks like, try to write it down as you have seen it. Please don’t bother to add or subtract from it yet. Just ensure that you are honest with yourself while writing your goals and dreams. This will save you from the stress of significant adjustments later on. And more importantly, you’ll be able to write your goals in detail.

Step 3: Writing

It is one thing to write dreams; it is another to write for manifestation. In other words, you need to keep some pointers in mind while writing the law of attraction goals. First off, you are best advised to write your goals for the law of attraction in a book, jotter, or any sheet you like. Writing your law of attraction digitally is less advised. The reason is that as you write with pen and paper, you’ll connect naturally with your dreams. Also, it’s essential to be specific about your desire; this is why visualization is advisable. It will help write your dreams in detail.

Other pointers to put in check include writing your goals in your voice. Don’t try to be professional when writing your dreams. Put the words down in your tone and words. Also, it would be best if you wrote in the present tense. In other words, write the goals as if they are currently happening. And an important area where people usually forget is to write in a positive tone. Ensure that you use positive affirmations in your writing. 

Step 4: Review with Purpose

Now that you have penned down your law of attraction goals, it is about time to review it. 

Did you write the next thing you want to accomplish? 

Are the goals written in detail? Do you have something you want to add or remove? 

Is there a purpose in your goals? Or do you feel responsible for the goals? If, after writing your goals, and you don’t feel motivated to achieve them, you might want to recheck the goal or its details. The purpose of the goal alone is sufficient to drive you. Once you complete writing the goal(s), you’ll instantly recognize what you need to do to move forward.

Step 5: Stay Committed

Commitment is vital when it comes to achieving your law of attraction goals. You need to stay on track and keep up positive energy towards attaining your lofty dreams. When you lack commitment, it won’t be long before you lose focus on your dreams. And as you lose focus, your subconscious mind will start experiencing a reduced vibration to connect with the universe.

Understandably, some people get driven more than others. If you know that it’s hard to motivate yourself with goals only, you can try this: At the back of your book or jotter, write down the importance of committing to your law of attraction goals. This can include what the goals mean to you and the importance of the outcome. Also, try to state how you intend to remain committed to the goals. When you come across these pieces of information, more often than not, you’ll stay driven and focused.

Step 6: Plan of Action (POA)

POA is a crucial step when it comes to utilizing the law of attraction goals. If you want the universe to support your endeavors, you should be ready to assist yourself as well. Remember how we talked about “how to remain committed” in the previous step? Also, it would be best if you tried to write down a “plan of action” for your dreams. This should include a series of events, tasks, or steps you need to take to achieve the dreams. For instance, you might need to enter college, attend online classes, or do a part-time job. Whatever it takes, be ready to make an effort. Bear in mind that it’s alright if you don’t know all the necessary steps immediately. However, be prepared to take the first step; the universe will show you the way forward.

Step 7: Start Now

Although you might not be able to make a big step towards your goals immediately, the fact that you are willing to write down your goals now is a big move. Don’t underrate the importance of making little effort from today. You don’t need to start big; a few efforts here and there will accumulate and help move towards your dreams. Starting now may come in the form of going out to get a pen to write down your dreams, visiting the company to submit your application, telling your parents about your dreams, or thinking about how wonderful it will feel when you finally achieve the dreams. These subtle actions will help show yourself that you are committed to writing and achieving the goals.


  • “I am happy about winning the election and moving to my new political office.”
  • “I am grateful to the universe for landing the six-figure job opportunity.”
  • “My new home is a big blessing, and I am happy to enjoy every moment in it.”
  • “My dream relationship is finally happening; I remain grateful for this beautiful moment.”
  • “I love my new vehicle. It is exactly as I wanted. I can’t thank the universe enough.”


How to write your goals law of attraction shouldn’t be a problem. Contrarily, it is an effort that you should look forward to every time you have a new dream to tell the universe. The process is easy and exciting, especially when you perform the visualization aspect before you begin writing. If you discover that you are procrastinating or feeling lazy to write down your dreams, try to read the benefits explained herein and imagine how you would feel when you finally achieve the dream by connecting with the universe. Good luck!

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