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Scripting Uses to Harness the Law of Attraction

Scripting Law Of Attraction

Unlike before, scripting the law of attraction has become more popular. This is due to positive feedback on how the superb manifestation technique is helping many people achieve their goals in different countries. From physical desires, emotional stability to psychological improvement, scripting law of attraction comes handy for human growth and development.

Fortunately, scripting is not just an effective manifestation method; it’s an exciting process that can change a life’s story. Do you want a dream job or a satisfying relationship? Are you planning to own a new vehicle or buy land in due time? Or you want to improve your confidence and esteem for your next project presentation. You can achieve your objectives by scripting your desires and wishes.

Interestingly, everyone is capable of scripting. All you need is a book, pen, and expression of your true feelings. To learn more about the concept of scripting law of attraction and other useful tips relevant to it, you should read this enlightening piece.

What is Scripting Law of Attraction?

Scripting law of attraction is a unique manifestation technique that involves writing how we want our lives to turn out in the short or long term. When you grab a pen and jotter to express how you will feel after achieving a particular goal or manifest a specific desire, you are performing scripting law of attraction. 

This law of attraction technique allows practitioners to write about whatsoever they desire. In other words, you can write about financial abundance, a great family with a loving partner, achieving a level or position in your career ladder, manifesting a six-figure salary, among other life goals.

Using the law of attraction by scripting is simple and straightforward. The idea is about writing your possible feelings, actions, and thoughts when you finally achieve the dream or manifest the desires. You are to write with a clear and positive mind, expressing yourself as genuine as possible on how wonderful it feels to realize your dreams, despite still a dream finally.

Advisably, you should use your favorite pen and notebook for your scripting. By so doing, you’ll love the process and have a better chance to write your imaginations in the most creative and exciting way. The scripting law of attraction technique is straightforward and effective.

How Scripting works

As stated above, scripting is simple. First off, you should get your favorite pen and notebook or jotter, then find a quiet hour to sit and write. From there, you have to write your desires in detail as much as possible. It would help if you didn’t hold back in expressing your lofty ambitions. Whether it is a relationship, abundance, dream home, health status, perfect job, winning a competition, or bagging a scholarship, feel free to express yourself on how it would feel to be an achiever.

During the process of writing, try to figure out the main character of your script. This may be inanimate or animate being. Also, you should know other characters or features in your ideal scenario. A crucial tip for scripting law of attraction is to write in SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE. In other words, ensure that you write as if the manifestation is happening currently, then express your emotions – this is how you are feeling exactly. Alongside your feelings, you should involve your senses, including hearing, smelling, touching, or seeing.

Advisably, try to keep the story positive, fun, and light-hearted. Towards the final paragraph of your scripting, express a grateful heart, such as “I love this feeling,” “I thank the universe,” etc. After scripting your desire, it’s vital that you read the script regularly and experience a positive feeling as often as possible.

Scripting Law of Attraction Examples 

There are several ways to use the scripting law of attraction technique. Below are five examples that you might want to consider:

i.                    Daily Routine Scripting

Here is one of the most common applications of scripting law of attraction. As a practitioner, you can use the method to set your daily endeavors in tone. Daily routine scripting can be done during the first 30 minutes of your day, maybe after having a nice shower. In your notebook, try to detail how your ideal day will turn out. Write your daily activities and how you’ll feel after executing the tasks for the day. 

During your scripting, remember to include your emotions and feelings. From what you are most likely to see, touch, feel, and hear, ensure that everything is scripted in a positive tone. Remember to express your gratitude for achieving your goals for the day. Morning scripting usually takes about a few minutes, depending on your tasks. And it’s a useful example to realize the power of the law of attraction within a short time.

ii.                  Ideal Week, Month, or Year Scripting

Another typical scripting example among the law of attraction practitioners is scripting about an ideal week. Some people also write down how they want their month or year to turn out. For those who don’t have a few minutes to spare on a daily basis to script an ideal day, you can take some minutes to script your ideal week or month during the weekend.

For your week, try to express the notable tasks for the week and the possible achievements. Express your mind on how excited and happy you will be after completing the tasks for the week. For your month script, you should do the same by writing your goals for each week of the month while expressing the emotions and feelings of achieving your dreams for the month. As for the yearly script, this is usually done at the beginning of the year. Perhaps, during the night of the first day or first few days of the year, take a moment for scripting law of attraction. Discuss your dreams for the year and express your gratitude for achieving the amazing things. 

iii.                Dream Job Scripting

Perhaps, you have always wanted an executive position in your workplace, or you have a company in mind that you would like to join, consider scripting your intentions. Tell the universe all about your dream job. From the position, ideal office, potential manager to the company identification, you should express yourself as much as possible. Also, it’s essential to show how exciting and grateful you feel for winning your dream position.

This method is also recommendable for those who don’t like their current workplace. If you feel underappreciated or valued at your position, you can attract your dream position or job by writing to the universe. You can even use the scripting law of attraction to change your career path. Tell the universe about your dream colleagues, daily tasks, outfits for work, office, and feelings of leaving home to your dream office daily. Writing the details of your dream job will raise your positive vibration to send a clear signal about your desires to the universe.

iv.                Ideal Relationship Scripting

Here is another good area to harness the power of scripting law of attraction. Most people want a reliable and trustworthy partner to complement their life goals. However, finding a soulmate seems to be quite tricky for some people. If you fall into this category or you want to find your soulmate for the first time, consider ideal relationship scripting.

In your notebook, write about your dream relationship and/or partner. Are you finding a partner to who you can have a dream home? Do you want a partner to explore sexuality? Are you craving for a romantic, magical love affair? Whatever you desire should be clearly expressed while scripting your ideal relationship. 

While writing, you should take a moment to visualize your dream partner and write down every detail as much as possible. From his or her appearance, feelings, core values, to location, try to tell the universe every possible detail. At the end of it, don’t forget to express a heart of gratitude for finding your ideal partner or experiencing your dream relationship. The positive feeling and heart of gratitude are keys to unlock the power of the law of attraction by scripting.

v.                  Ideal Home Scripting

First off, you should know that ideal home scripting is not about writing a dream house structure. In this case, you are writing about your dream body. While scripting law of attraction for home, you are writing about your body and appearance. This is because a human’s body is a personal home that contains it all. So, tell the universe about your body, how you are taking care of it, including nourishment, and how it is developing. Also, you should include what you often say about your body. Afterward, script how you imagine your ideal body and what you are doing to achieve it, perhaps an exercise or food intake. Express your feelings and emotions about achieving your dream body. And again, be grateful for the manifestation.

Scripting Law of Attraction Questions

Depending on what you would like to manifest, you should write out some questions that relate to your desires. These questions will help guide your scripting structure and focus your write-up on a specific desire. Some common questions to ask yourself are as follow:

  • Do you want to find a dream job or start a personal business?
  • Where is the location of your dream house?
  • What are your intentions and tasks for the day?
  • What do you see around you as you commence your day?
  • Do you want a mansion or a small duplex?
  • Would you like to have employees or virtual assistants for your business?
  • Would you like to improve your body growth?
  • Are you feeling healthy and fit?
  • Do you want financial abundance?
  • Do you want a fair lady as your wife or tall guy as your husband?
  • How would you feel after completing your weekly tasks successfully?
  • Do you want a new MacBook to run your business efficiently?
  • What type of car will you like to buy?
  • How many kids would you like to have in your dream family?

Bear in mind that these are samples of the question for different scripting purposes. Advisably, you should ask yourself questions that are relevant to your specific desires.

Scripting Law of Attraction Results

Currently, you’ll find many results about scripting law of attraction online. From health, relationships, confidence to material desire, the concept has been used for different purposes. However, I would like to share my own experience here.

It was during my undergraduate days. A few days before rounding up my program, I had to defend my project. Even though I had done my presentation with successful remarks and scores from my internal and external supervisors, I was still nervous about the upcoming defense. Please don’t blame me; it was my first defense as an undergraduate. So, I didn’t know what to expect. 

However, just a day before the defense, I came across the law of attraction and how it can help boost confidence. I did a few research until I found the scripting law of attraction. After reading for a few minutes about the process, I said to myself, “I have nothing to lose by trying this, quite fun.” So, I wrote my first script on confidence, using present tense and talking about how happy I am for passing my defense in flying colors – and so I did. I couldn’t contain my happiness after the defense. Since then, I have always asked my friends to try it out.


With scripting law of attraction, everyone can change his or her life story as they want. All you need is to spend a few minutes to write down your wishes, aspirations, or desires in clear terms. An important point to bear in mind while scripting is always to be true. Try to express your feelings, emotions, and possible actions clearly. Writing your desires include how you see yourself and how you will feel after achieving your dreams. Consider your dreams as happening already while scripting.

After writing a good script about desire, try to revisit the notebook frequently. By so doing, you’ll continuously re-experience the festive feeling. This will help keep you on track of achieving your dreams and maintain the release of positive vibration to manifest your dreams. If you can adhere to the advice and tips of using scripting law of attraction herein, you can use the concept for virtually anything. 

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