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12 Tips to Becoming a Money Magnet

Attracting Money Like A Magnet

 Considering that money is a universal language, you would be pressed to find someone who doesn’t seek money. Hence, the fact that you want to be rich and wealthy is not a crime. As a matter of fact, you should keep a positive desire to have money because it is the right energy to attract money from the universe. AKA being a money magnet.

As you keep a positive feeling, thought, and desire to attract money, you are already bringing the law of attraction into play. The law of attraction is all about attracting what you desire. If you think positively, then you’ll attract positive reality in equal measure and vice versa. For this reason, you can start attracting funds into your life effortlessly. All you need is to learn and practice money magnet manifestation, as explained in this article. 

What is a Money Magnet? 

Simply put, a money magnet is a manifestation procedure that helps you attract money into your reality. All it takes is to use a positive belief, attitude, and emotion. You don’t need to purchase a thousand-dollar magnet to attract money; the mind is powerful enough to attract a considerable sum into your life.

Most people become poorer, not because they are not hardworking. Instead, it is their negative belief and thought about money. When you believe that you can never make a particular amount of money in life, the universe will agree with you. You’ll keep attracting the meager amount that you have always believed that you can earn. This situation usually occurs when money controls you.

However, the good news is that you can change your financial situation starting from today. First off, you need to take control of your life, clear your mind, and start believing that you deserve abundance and money. That aside, you need to think that your life direction depends on your beliefs and choices. By so doing, you’ll start feeling good about yourself, knowing fully well that abundance is coming your way.

After believing in yourself with positive energy to become successful, you need to start working towards your goal. All negative presumptions are no more; you’ll have only positive energy and the right motivation to chase your dream money. By working towards your dreams and keeping a positive mindset about it, you’ll have a better chance to get your dream funds in due time.

12 Tips on How to Be a Money Magnet 

While becoming a money magnet may sound unbelievable, it’s entirely possible and useful. Also, it is an effortless technique that works like magic. All you need is to follow the tips explained below.

1.      Be conscious of your negative mindset towards money

Regardless of your effort or approach towards earning considerable funds, a negative mindset will always be a stumbling block. If you adhere to all the tips of becoming a money magnet, but you still keep a negative thought about abundance, it’s more likely to waste your effort. Therefore, you need to check your mindset about money. If you hold a positive mindset to become successful and have money in abundance, you are already on the right path. If not, then you need to correct your state of mind, then start thinking positively. Remember that a positive mindset is an essential thing that the universe seeks from you. So, check your mindset.

2.      You deserve to be a money magnet.

The next important thing is what you believe about yourself. People that think they deserve less will always get less from the universe. And if you think otherwise, then you’ll get even more from the universe. Bear in mind that anyone can attract considerable money into his/her life, including you. Thus, regardless of the amount of money you genuinely desire, you should keep the energy as you can attract it. Always remember that you deserve to be a money magnet, and you can attract every positive thing in the universe. The moment you start believing that you deserve it, it’s the beginning of your abundance journey. So, stop settling for less and start aiming higher with belief and courage.

3.      Use positive affirmations to develop a mindset of a money magnet.

Given many unfortunate situations in life, developing and sustaining a positive feeling and thoughts can be challenging – not to mention a money magnet mindset. However, it is possible. Since you already believe that money magnetism reflects your beliefs about abundance and desire to have money, you simply need to keep positive thoughts. And to keep a positive feeling, positive affirmations will always come handy. Positive money affirmations will help develop a new positive belief and maintain it. Here, the crucial step is to create a robust list of money magnet affirmations for yourself. Try to tailor phrases to what you desire. With the right statements, it will help reprogram your subconscious mind and conscious mind. In other words, you’ll start having a positive money magnet mindset consciously and unconsciously. 

4.      Try to visualize your abundance.

Another vital tip to keep in mind is visualization. You need to develop your ideal life through imagination. While visualizing your abundance, try to be clear about your desired success and happiness. Feel free to imagine what you desire while believing that you deserve it. During the visualization, you should see every detail of your dream. Visualize how massive the money that you want, the kind of car that you would like to have and maybe, a mansion is even in your dream future. Don’t shy away from it. Allow the feeling to arouse in you and enjoy the imaginations. Now, you should keep the dream and feel the abundance every day. It will come handy, letting the universe work its magic.

5.      Connect with Wealthy Individuals

If you ever get the chance to meet and greet wealthy people, take the opportunity. Networking with rich people is not about begging for money or seeking their power; what you need is tapping from their aura. When you surround yourself with people that match your desire and aspirations, you’ll have more positive energy to release into the universe. Consider connecting with rich people as increasing your vibrations to match prosperity vibration in the world. When you know more affluent people, it will help change your thoughts, mannerism, and attitude about life. You’ll have the right motivation to consciously and unconsciously dream bigger. So, always network with great people when you have the opportunity. 

6.      Be happy about your bills.

Although this tip may sound unconventional or absurd, it’s an important tip to become a money magnet. Here is the explanation: When you feel sad and down about your bills, you’ll start having negative vibes and thoughts about how you lack money. As you dwell on lack of money, you’ll be releasing negative energy about money to the universe – and remember that; you’ll only get similar energy in return. For this reason, you should love your bill. Whenever you have bills, you should be happy and grateful about it. Start seeing a bill as a source to get even more from the universe. As you keep a positive approach towards the bill, you’ll be raising your money magnetism power unknowingly. 

7.      Be happy for others.

Money magnetism grows bigger when you celebrate other people’s achievements, luxury, and abundance. When your friend, family, or colleagues become successful, you should be genuinely happy for him or her. By so doing, you’ll be generating more money magnet vibrations. Understandably, not everyone gets to be happy for others. However, you need to reprogram your mind to do so.

For a start, you can stop developing negative reasons for their success. Always think and feel that their success is out of hard work and drive to be successful. That aside, you’ll start developing happiness for others’ achievement when you continuously remember that being happy for others will increase your money magnetism. So, be excited about other’s good fortune.

8.      Acknowledge prosperity whenever you see it

The same way that you identify a poor person or someone without food, you should recognize a wealthy person in the same manner. When you recognize prosperity, you are merely acknowledging the magnificent creation of the universe. Recognizing more prosperity will skyrocket your motivation, passion, and drive. You’ll be willing to do more to earn more. While acknowledging luxury and greatness, you may even refine your dreams and aspirations. More importantly, money magnet vibration from your subconscious mind will be greater than ever. And consequently, you’ll have more energy to attract abundance into your life. For this reason, whenever you see prosperity, luxury, abundance or wealth, recognize it and be happy about it.

9.      Apply oriental knowledge

Oriental knowledge is good behavior and attitude that shows respect, value, and greatness. Understandably, many people often unconsciously fail to apply oriental knowledge. However, if you want to become a money magnet, you have to be meticulous, considerate, and value everything that comes your way. The laws of oriental knowledge help generate good things in a balanced way. So, it is a practical approach to raise your vibration and become an active money magnet. Some simple oriental knowledge includes wearing neat clothes, receiving cheque with both hands to show respect, giving money with a smile and happily, closing the toilet door after use, among others. All these attitudes and behaviors are symbols of abundance. So, always practice them.

10.  Give in abundance to receive in abundance.

The power of giving is quite magical. However, as you give more, you get to receive more. Giving is an effective tip to increase your positive vibration. Understandably, some might feel that they don’t have much money to give out. The truth is that the act of giving doesn’t have to about money. Spending your time to support others or even making them happy is a commendable act of giving. At work, you can decide to assist your colleague, who has a lot to do for the day. Or, you can help a customer with their demands without charges. Assistance and kind gestures are all acts of giving. And importantly, they are as valuable as giving money. So, next time you have a chance to assist, always do it happily. It will increase your chances of becoming a money magnet, and the universe will reward you.

11.  Always be happy to receive

Understandably, everyone is always happy to receive good things. But what many people don’t understand is accepting kind gesture and gift can also help raise money magnetism. For instance, if you enter the same cab with someone and the passenger decides to pay for both you, you should accept the gift and be grateful. If you are surprised with a birthday cake or gift, accept it happily and show gratitude. All surprises are positive signs from the universe. It means that you are about to receive more. By saying yes to gifts and positive things, you are telling the law of attraction to bring more. Even when you receive lesser than expected, you should focus on the joy of receiving and be thankful. Keeping such a positive attitude will increase your vibration. Thus, always stay in a receiving mode.

12.  Be grateful always

While gratitude is a level of courtesy that everyone should always show after receiving, it’s a path to becoming a money magnet. Whenever you show gratitude, you are more likely to receive more. Before you can become a genuine money magnet, you need to accept that money is linked with gratitude. And more importantly, you should practice gratitude. The reason is that when you appreciate and feel positive about receiving, you’ll feel good and think positively about money. In this way, you’ll be releasing more positive energy to the universe. In simple terms, as you become more thankful for what you are receiving from the universe, you are encouraging the universe to give you more. Gratitude is a magical effort that costs nothing. Be grateful.

Money Magnet Conclusion

Money magnetism works, and you can become a money magnet. However, you cannot receive abundance from the universe by dwelling on your lack of money. If you want to get the attention of the world, then you need to start believing that you’ll soon have in abundance. When you have a positive mindset about life and becoming successful, the universe will treat you as such.

To develop and maintain the positive mindset that you need to become a money magnet, you need to practice the tips stated herein. The most exciting thing is that as you spend more time practicing the tips, they will be ingrained in your subconscious mind. Ultimately, they will become a norm in your feelings, attitudes, thoughts, and, most importantly, approaching life. So, try to start today.

Money Magnet FAQ

How do you attract money? 

Attracting money into your life doesn’t cost a thing. The most important thing to do is to believe. You need to believe that you deserve money and abundance. Change your mindset positively and focus on achieving your lofty dreams. Be free to visualize and imagine greatness. Show kindness to others and be happy when your family, friends, and colleagues are successful. Recognize prosperity and feel how happy you’ll become when you finally get your own. Acknowledge successful people and add them to your connection. Be open and willing to accept favors and gifts. Finally, when you are thankful, you’ll receive more.

Does the law of attraction work for money? 

Yes, the law of attraction works for money. As long as you can keep the right mindset and release matching energy to the energy for money in the universe, you’ll start having abundance. Simply adhere to the tips of becoming a money magnet. Before long, you’ll begin to have reasons to be grateful.

How do you write affirmations for money?

Writing affirmations for money is quite easy and straightforward. First off, you should get a pen and notebook. Now, write down what you wish to have. Don’t be shy to write out exactly what you want to attract from the universe. Then, write the affirmations in the present tense. For instance, “I deserve to have in abundance,” “I am making xoxoxo amount soon,” “I am thankful the new blessing.” Try to personalize your affirmations according to your dream money

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12 Tips to Becoming a Money Magnet



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