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Vision Board Party [Why & How to Host One]

Vision Board Party [Why & How To Host One]

When each year comes to an end, people become panic-stricken as they try to figure out their goals for the new year. Instead, you should look forward to starting the new year on the right foot. And hosting a vision board party would be an excellent opportunity to help you to be more creative in the fleshing out of your ideas and setting new goals.

What is a Vision Board Party?

A vision board party is simply an event that’s focused on the setting of goals through visualization. Typically, in this kind of an event, people come with magazines as well as poster boards. Then, as a participant, you’ll go through the magazines looking for pictures and quotes that symbolize your dream future.

Having found your ideal quotes and images, you’ll then cut them out from the magazines and glue them onto your poster board. Once completed, it’s essential to place your vision board somewhere; you would be able to see it regularly, as it will serve as your inspiration all through the year.

Types of Vision Board Parties

Friends and Family

It’s not a must for a vision board party to be huge. You, your close friends, and family members can organize one. Besides, you don’t have to get lavish; with such a small group, you can decide to limit the party to just talking and creating.


You don’t have to provide everything that the attendees of a vision board party will require. You can go the potluck way, whereby every participant is supposed to contribute something towards the organization of the party. For instance, you can agree together that everybody should come to the party with his/her own bottle of wine or food. Also, encourage the participants to come with their own magazines as well as poster boards.

Community and Groups

You don’t have to limit your vision board party to your close friends and family. You can also host one that brings your community members on board as well if you like. Various community groups tend to host this kind of a vision board party, and they include:

  • Groups for empowering women
  • Women’s ministries
  • Groups for goal setting accountability
  • Non-profit groups helping the community
  • Culture clubs

A vision board has unlimited uses. Therefore, you are at liberty to bring up this idea during your favorite informal meeting or gathering in your locality.

An Activity within a Large Event

If you are planning to hold a larger event, for instance, a leadership seminar, an inspirational retreat, or an entrepreneurship group meeting, you can include a vision board party as one of the activities of the event.

Advantages of a Vision Board Party

Apart from a possible meal or an alcoholic beverage, what other benefits do you stand to get from the party?

Concentrate on your goals

In the course of the year, you’ve had different things that might have distracted you from keeping your eyes fixed on your goals. The distractions could be:

  • A demanding job
  • Friends and family
  • A relationship or marriage
  • Lack of motivation or inspiration.

When you attend a vision board party, you get a quiet and distraction-free time to concentrate on your goals effectively.

Gives you time to share your thoughts

In my view, this is the main advantage of attending a vision board party. When you are seated somewhere focusing on your goals with people who you are compatible with in terms of thinking and life goals. You’ll realize that the conversations that you’ll have will touch on how you can develop your goals more rapidly. Besides, you will get exceptional chances of connecting with other people in your work field. Also, you can also learn various new tips for tackling your goals.

Time to get yourself ready for a productive year

Vision board parties are normally held at the end of the year (December) or at the start of a new year (January). As such, the event gives you a great time to get yourself ready for the activities you’ve planned for the new year.

The moment you are done with the party, you’ll be feeling super-inspired and very energized to work effectively on your goals. The motivation you’ll get from the event will help you to persistently build upon your goals in the course of the year. You’ll create new friendships and develop a new network of supporters to rejoice with you for your achievements in your growth journey.

How to host a Vision Board Party

A vision board is an effective way of helping you smash your goals since it gives you a visual outlook of the future you desire and dream of having. And having seen the benefits of having a vision board party. Let’s talk about how you can host your first one.

By holding a Vision Board party, you create yourself an opportunity to have some quality time with buddies and make long-term connections as you create the party through a group effort.

The following are top tips for planning a Vision Board Party:

Come up with the appropriate guest list

As it is the case with any other party, the most crucial aspect to consider is the total number of people to attend the event. Guest interaction is what sets a grand party, whereby people are meeting new friends, from that uncomfortable wallflower party where every attendee is on his/her own board without talking to anyone.

First, it’s advisable to send the party’s invitations to people with different backgrounds. For instance, all your guests shouldn’t be your business friends or the people you work within your side hustle. Instead, let your invitation list cover people with as many different backgrounds as possible, from students, entrepreneurs, senior management, to humanitarians running a non-profit organization. Having done this, you’ll rest assured that the ideas that will be shared in the party will be diverse as well, having been contributed from different perspectives.

Normally, new ideas trigger further conversations, and that should be one of the key objectives of your event, in order to keep the guests engaged.

Besides, don’t shy away from inviting people belonging to different age groups. As your super experienced, seasoned friends may offer you nuggets of wisdom, while your more youthful friends could bring cheerfulness the older folk may lack.

Lastly, invite those friends that you are convinced will be glad and willing to share ideas with other people. It’s not a good idea to invite friends that won’t be comfortable sharing their experiences or strategies they use to achieve their goals, with others.

Have plenty of givers (instead of takers) to ensure that everybody who attends the party benefits from other attendees. This will also help in keeping the conversations flowing.

Get the Right Vision Board Party Supplies

I believe that whatever you eat when attending a vision board party isn’t of much importance. It’s all about the fantastic memories characterized by laughs and battle story swapping.

However, having some type of alcoholic beverage may come in handy. Say something like wine. The wine not necessarily be fancy, just good. A crowd-pleasing wine will keep you and your party guests drinking while talking.

Pro hint: Put the wine in the middle of the table on which you are making your vision board. Don’t try to be classy by putting it on a designer table stationed on the other room’s side. Nobody will have to get up when the wine is placed near them, and this will help you and the guests to be engaged all through without having to skip a beat. Simply sit back and watch the miracle happen.

Find the appropriate materials

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You can find the materials you need to build your vision board pretty much anywhere. It’s unbelievable how the majority of the things you see simple in life can be a resource if you use them properly.

The first thing you need to do while creating your Vision Board is to establish what will serve as the foundation. If you intend to hang your board on the wall all through the year, I’d recommend that you use a corkboard featuring thumbtacks as the foundation.

Alternatively, if you want to spend even less on a vision board, you can hand-make yours using a poster board, glue, and a pair of scissors.

Another option is to glue your vision inside a journal for inspiration while writing in it.

After that, you’ll require some magazines. However, don’t get any old magazines. Be strategic concerning the kind of magazines to use for your vision board. Because some magazines are better than others for certain quotes and images.

Having the right people, drinks, food as well as materials, you’ll be well on your way to creating a memorable vision board party.

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