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What is Destiny Tuning

Does Destiny Tuning Steps

One of the Law of Attraction techniques for conscious creation of your life is called “Destiny Tuning. “ With this technique, you will fine-tune your vibration (move your vibration upward on the emotional guidance scale). And you will align with all your wishes, dreams, and desires. In short, you will consciously create the life of your dreams.

Destiny Tuning means removing, transforming, or letting go of your negative beliefs, blocking you from attracting and manifesting your dreams, wishes, and desires.

How Can You Apply Destiny Tuning to your Life?

Letting go of your blockages is essential because your beliefs are creating your life according to the Law of Attraction. Your beliefs, or better yet, your thoughts are causing the feelings inside you and vibrating. If your deep belief is that you don’t deserve to be happy, that belief will reflect on your emotions- you will feel that you don’t deserve to be happy, and you will vibrate the same way.

When your vibration is the frequency of a person who doesn’t deserve to be happy- you will witness that in your life. If your thought is that everybody is capable of earning a lot of money except you, it will create feelings that will affect your vibration. You will vibrate as a person who isn’t capable of earning a lot of money. And the Universe will give you more and more of situations where you will experience the lack of funds.

You can transform your thoughts on money with the help of visualization, affirmations, etc.). And if you make your thoughts positive, those beliefs will reflect on your emotions. For example, if you apply the affirmation, “money comes to me from expected, and non-expected sources.” Your money beliefs will eventually become positive.

Your positive belief will make you feel positive emotions, and those positive emotions will raise your vibration. When your vibration is high, you get more and more of the things that will make you feel the same way. When your beliefs, your emotions, and your vibration are transformed, your destiny also changes.

Also, it is crucial to release your resistance for Destiny Tuning can be effective. A method to release this resistance is the use of affirmations. Here are a couple of examples of that could be helpful in this process:

“I am ready to release all the resistance that I once had. ”

“Releasing the resistance will bring so many good things to me. ”

The key to being successful in Destiny Tuning relies on you letting go. Specifically, negative beliefs and resistance that have blocked you from manifesting in the past.

How To Do Destiny Tuning

Step One: Do only the things that are putting you in a good mood.

When you are doing the things that bring you joy, happiness, or any other “positive “emotion, you are raising your vibration. You are bringing yourself into the state of so-called “receiving mode. ” When you do the things that you like, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are vibrating high. And when you vibrate high, that is when you are allowing the desired thing to enter your life.

Step Two: Listen to the Guided Meditations.

Meditation is a wonderful Law of Attraction tool, which is very helpful when it comes to releasing the resistance. During meditation, the resistance from your subconscious mind may transform or disappear. After the blockages and negative beliefs are removed from your subconscious mind, you will “get in the tune “with your destiny.

Step Three: Choose Your Thoughts Carefully.

Your thoughts are determining your life. Your thoughts are determining your destiny. Choose only the positive thoughts, the thoughts that are making you feel good. And make sure that you notice when a bad thought comes to your mind. When you can recognize it, you can easily remove it with any of the Law of Attraction technique.

Step Four: Spend Time in Nature.

As human beings, we are connected with the sources of everything existing on this planet. But our strongest connection is the one we have with nature. When you are outside in nature, you are filling your body and mind with positive energy, and in turn, cut accumulated stress and negativity. Take the benefits of nature and take all that positive energy.

Step Five: Just go with the flow.

Believe that everything always happens in the best possible time for you. Tune in with your destiny and believe in the Universe. The Universe is your best friend, and you two are working together. You and the Universe are together, creating the life of your dreams!

How to Use Destiny Tuning

Don’t forget that you can change your life and your path. And if you want to tune with your destiny, you have the signs on your path telling you if you are “on the right “or “in the wrong way. ” And those signs are placed inside you- those signs are your emotions. Your navigation system is always telling you, are you in tune with your destiny. Or there something that you should change to get in tune with your destiny.

So, listen to your emotions, and whenever you don’t feel right, that is the sign that you are on the wrong path. Same for the opposite, whenever you feel good, that signifies you are on the right track.

The Law of Attraction says that you are the creator of your life. That means that you can transform your destiny and your life. With the transformation of your thoughts, feeling, and vibration, you change future experiences. With the transformations of all those things, you are changing your destiny. You are, by yourself, choosing to tune in with your destiny!


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