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How to Raise Your Vibration [10 Tips]

How To Raise Your Vibration

This article’s purpose is to learn how to raise your vibration. However, let’s start from here. Whether you belong to the elite group or the average income earners in society, you must have experienced one or two lucky days. On these days, everything would seem perfect; our goals often appear to be realizable more than ever. Lucky days may include getting promotions unexpectedly or hearing good news from a family. In short, you’ll never want the day to end.

However, have you ever asked yourself the reason behind such a pleasant experience? Or better still, is it possible to experience more lucky days? The answer to the first question lies in understanding the law of attraction and vibrational reality. As for the second, the answer is yes, it’s possible.

The law of attraction states that “likes attract likes.” In other words, the vibration from our subconscious mind attracts similar vibrations in the universe. This means that when we focus and release vibration for positive reality, we experience positive reality – and vice versa. Thus, by keeping good thoughts and feelings about our desires, we can experience more “lucky days.” Advisably, you should peruse this article to learn more about how to raise your vibration.

What Does Raising Your Vibration Mean?

The energetic quality of an individual or our state of being is referred to as vibration. In a layman’s term, it is known as “vibes.” Perhaps, you must have heard people saying, “Oh, she has positive vibes, or he’s a great guy with positive vibes.” These statements tell a lot about the kind of energy that will release towards people. 

A human’s vibration can be low or high frequency. In other words, we can generate positive or negative vibes. When we emit low-frequency vibrations, we often become less concerned about our lives, goals, and aspirations. And most times, it’s evident enough for us to determine. Some indications may include the reduced inflow of funds, poor health, and a bad mindset. Consequently, you’ll start attracting people with similar low-frequency to yourself. 

On the contrary, when we release a high vibrations level, life will look beautiful with positivity everywhere. You’ll wake up daily to inspire yourself and the people around you. Optimism will surround your feelings, and you’ll start experiencing progress in all your dealings. Ultimately, people with a positive mindset and good realities will begin to find you.

These two scenarios are possible because everything in life is made of a molecule with different vibrational energy. From feelings, thoughts, emotions, trees, animals, rocks, to humans, everything vibrates. Harnessing human vibrational reality depends on how we think and our feelings. For this reason, it’s essential to keep a positive mindset, thoughts, and emotions to raise high-frequency vibrations. By so doing, manifesting our desires and attracting like-minded people to our life will become easy – ultimately, we can start to experience more “lucky days.”

10 Tips to Raise your Vibration

After understanding the concept of vibration and how we can use it to our advantage, learning how to raise our vibration becomes crucial. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to increase your vibrations. All you need is to implement the simple practices discussed below:

1.      Awareness of thoughts

Arguably, the most important practice to raise your vibration is to be conscious of your thoughts. The reason is that your reality manifests from your thoughts, feelings, and speech. So, it would help if you put your thoughts in check. Understandably, some unwanted thoughts might want to creep into your mind every now and then. This usually occurs in the face of adversity and life challenges. However, you don’t have to fight them; see the thoughts as friends taking a walk in front of your house in the morning and saying nothing but hi. Allow the thoughts to pass through your mind and return to thinking about good things. As you focus more on positive thoughts, thinking positively will become less challenging with time.

2.      Appreciate beautiful things

If we want to be honest with ourselves, there is always a beautiful material or moment in our daily lives. And we should learn to take a moment and appreciate them. Whether it’s your spouse that calls to say hi and make you smile or you encounter a nice building on your way to work, reminisce about the good things and smile more. You can even visit the internet to look up your dream car and appreciate its impressive features. Also, you can appreciate nature and several wonderful creations in the universe. By focusing on the good side of life, you’ll spend more time thinking positively and subconsciously, raising your vibration.

3.      Be conscious of your water and food consumption

Perhaps, you don’t know; what goes into the human system plays a crucial role in our thoughts. After all, it’s only an individual who possesses good health that can keep positive thoughts. More so, foods also have their specific vibrations. And as expected, some vibrate at higher frequencies than others. If you focus on eating foods with natural ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, and others, it will help increase your vibration. Contrarily, consuming inorganic foods or those within plastic packaging is never a welcome idea, as far as raising your vibration is concerned. 

Also, it would help if you took your time to drink water more often. When you drink enough water, it’ll help detoxify your body, and you’ll feel calm and refreshed. As you release the toxic wastes from your body, you’ll be capable of emitting vibrations with high frequency. So be mindful of how much water you drink and what you eat.

4.      Meditation

By meditating, you have a great chance to raise your vibration. It helps focus on your thoughts and harness the power of the subconscious mind. Interestingly, meditation is not as difficult as you imagine. All you need is to find a serene environment to sit for a few minutes. Take a comfortable sitting position and breathe naturally. As you breathe in and out, it’ll help you feel relaxed and calm. Meditation will ease out your worries and anxieties. Ultimately, you’ll have a clear head and mind to focus on what you really desire. By spending at least five minutes on what you wish, you’ll emit considerable vibration to manifest. Try to practice meditation frequently to sustain a high vibration level.

5.      Love and show kindness

Showing love and compassion is a surefire method to raise your vibration. For this reason, it’s advisable to spend more time with your loved ones. Besides your spouse, which is ordinarily expected, you can also show love to your relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances through kindness. Whether your kindness is in kind or cash, it’ll go a long way in experiencing genuine happiness and satisfaction. With a happy heart and a loving soul, you’ll feel light. A happy mind and clear head will come handy in emitting positive vibes and thinking positively. So, endeavor to train your heart to love more often and be generous when necessary. It’s for your own good and people around you.

6.      Reduce alcohol consumption and eliminate toxins

High alcohol consumption is inadvisable if you intend to raise your vibration. Alcohol will only make you feel good only for a short time as it is a depressant. In other words, it reduces vibrations in the long run. Thus, keeping a clear head, positive mindset, and spiritual connection demands staying away from alcohol as much as possible. Also, it will help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, it would help if you tried to get rid of toxins from your body. In this regard, drinking enough water daily is an excellent way to start. More so, consume healthy foods and take other measures to maintain a healthy body. Remember that your state of health is vital to raise your vibration.

7.      Forgiveness

Here is another crucial practice that you must keep in mind always. Blaming yourself or others for a specific situation helps focus on negativity and release low vibration. Thus, when you forgive more often, you stand a better chance of raising your vibrations. Perhaps, you have made some wrong steps in the past; try to learn from it and let it go. With genuine repentance and forgiveness towards yourself, you’ll have the strength and inner peace to progress in life. In this way, you’ll focus more on your growth and development, and ultimately, keep a positive outlook on life. Remember that forgiveness and gentleness are non-negotiable qualities that you should possess in life. Don’t just forgive others; forgive yourself as well.

8.      Perform exercise

Getting your heart to race and pumping your blood are little tricks to maintain a clear mind. After a good jog or run, you’ll notice that your mind and head are usually clear with no thoughts. Thus, exercise is useful in getting rid of negative vibes from your life and replacing them with positive thoughts. For instance, after completing your fitness goals for the day, take a moment to appreciate yourself for a job well done. Now, keep the positive attitude and feelings for the rest of the day by exercising some of the practices discussed herein. Performing exercise will keep your body and mind fit, and most importantly, raise your vibrations.

9.      Listen to high-vibe music, watch interesting movies, and read exciting books

Aside from food and water, what you spend your time on is essential. Starting with music, you should listen to music that excites you and give you the high-vibe. Understandably, various kinds of music make different people happy. Thus, you should know your preferred music that helps raise your mood. Also, it would help if you avoided movies that make you feel insecure as much as possible. Does watching horror movies frighten you exceedingly? If so, you should spend more time watching comedy or drama. Again, the choice is subjective, so feel free to watch any movie that makes you feel pleasant and happy. And lastly, you should read books that keep your mind and head active as much as possible. Besides the knowledge you’ll gain, your ability to put things into perspective will considerably develop. And who knows whether you will find something new to desire in your next book.

10.  Gratitude

And lastly, you should be grateful. Learn to appreciate yourself, the people around you, and the universe. If you want to maintain a high vibration through gratitude, try to create a list of achievements. By focusing on your abundance and success, you’ll focus more on positivity and think about progress. When you are thankful for how far you have come in life, it’ll be almost impossible to create room for a negative vibe. Another useful tip for sustaining the spirit of gratitude is to thank people around you daily. Undoubtedly, being grateful is a great practice to raise your vibration.


Hopefully, you have learned about the law of attraction and vibration extensively. A more vital section to bear in mind is the practices to raise your vibrations. As a beginner, you don’t necessarily have to implement all the methods in a day. Instead, you can focus on a few practices for a start. Then, with time, you can add more practices during your daily activities. In the long run, you’ll be practicing the methods effortlessly and subconsciously as you get familiar with them. Ultimately, your “lucky days” will not be farfetched anymore.

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